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    I love fall weather, on the fair days, but for anyone like me that loves storms it’s also the most boring time of year from that perspective. No thunderstorms, no snowstorms, pretty early for nor’easters. With the exception of the occasional tropical system to follow, there’s just not much going on. But a fair day in fall is better than a fair day just about any other time of year.
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    Anyone looking for a hidden gem in the area filled with beauty and peace within driving distance I recommend Rock Hall, MD area on the Chesapeake. We’ve been there the last 2 summers and it’s a great escape from the grind. We did several days of hikes around Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. Beautiful area. We’ve stayed at different B&B’s/Inn’s nearby.
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    Sean Connery survived this at 89 years old. OO7 lives. https://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/goes/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/190901_190902_goes16_infrared_Dorian_anim.gif
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    FWIW, Cansips latest monthly forecast starting with DEC. The rest of the winter looks similar. I know I'm not supposed to look at the surface maps, per many out there, but I prefer seeing the 5H maps jibe with the temp and precip maps. It does a bit with temps, but not so much for precip imho. Anyway, it's early and this run is at least fun to look at. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=cansips&region=nhem&pkg=z500a&runtime=2019090100&fh=3
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    Lol Euro has two 90 degree days this week, which adds up to, let me think, think, think. Oh yeah, 34 days.
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    On this early September day my pilot friend took me, a non-pilot aviation enthusiast flying to the NJ Pine Barrens. Being in the air is very special to me, and I am thankful for my pilot friends who make it possible. For those who are interested, I posted some photos in the NJ Pine Barrens thread I the outdoor photography section.
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    My pilot friend took me, a non-pilot aviation enthusiast flying today. We flew to the NJ Pine Barrens. In the first photo we are in the Pine Barrens approaching Coyle Field (NJ Forest Fire Service Air Base. The next two photos are over the burn scar from the Spring Hill Fire that burned 11,000 acres in Penn State Forest in the Pine Barrens. Yes there are lines of trees that the fire did not burn. I have heard that may have been due to the characteristics of the winds when the fire was burning. I posted some aerial photos I took on a flight with my pilot friend several days after the fire in a an early April 2019 blog post. If you read my blog post you will read a quote from the NJ Forest Fire Service with their explanation about the winds. I have driven on some of those sand roads approaching Penn State Forest and walked on others in another area of the Forest. A special forest were there are some dwarf pitch pines. The fourth photo is of Coyle Field with the burn scar in the background. The last photo are of some interesting rectangles. Anyone know what they are? Tyler
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    For anyone following #Dorian, I’m sure you know @iCyclone (Josh Morgerman) and @ExtremeStorms (Jim Edds), if not personally, from our days at AmWx and EUSWX. Both chased the storm to the Bahamas, Josh to Abaco and Jim to Hope Town, and both had successfully intercepted the core. Jim recently tweeted out these photos. As a note, the watch he’s wearing calibrated and matched the reading of a calibrated Kestrel. The other image is an all time Hall of Fame weather photo, and speaks for itself. Fortunately both Jim and Josh made it home safely...
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