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    Turning off AC now. It took a while because it didn’t like my card, but Tom I have joined the radar pro generation.
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    Nice afternoon on the deck at Roadies restaurant at Penns Peak.
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    The new car I am ordering with my pay raise:
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    I thinkTom needs to give you a raise.
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    Life's a beach but today is a endurance test after a 9 hour drive on 2 hrs. Sleep. Incredible dew points on the grand strand with temps around 90 & DP'S in the low 80's. Oak Island peaked at a 80 degree DP & a H.I. of 108, North Myrtle Beach maxed with sick DP of 83 & a max H.I. of 113.
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    This is a thing of beauty, Parasitoid wasp eggs on a tomato hornworm. All six I have picked off plants had them.
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    All these changes in your life, a smart phone, now Radarscope Pro... What gives??? 👍
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    88/50 today.. pretty awesome. (A touch warm, but can’t complain!). Let’s enjoy the next few days, we worked hard for it!! Haha
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    talk about the rubber band snapping..... https://www.weather.gov/ilm/ILMDriestYear
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    If this was the middle of November, I'd be ecstatic about the time of sunset.
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