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    Cute little gust front moving through Far Northeast Philly. Absolutely divine breeze with it.....I actually felt chilly standing outside watching it.
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    Round 2 similar here, best part was the shelf cloud.
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    On the other side of Mount Laurel. This is near the East Gate Square Shopping Center at the border with Moorestown.
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    Been following this site for years. Don’t think I’ve ever posted. First, thanks to whomever created this site. Big step up from American. Also, thanks to all who have posted here in expanding my weather knowledge and awareness. In regards to the “wet rag” discussion... my wife was recently saying that the humidity in New Jersey has gotten to the point where she might actually consider a move if it continues. While I know we’ve had warming climate, and that nights have been substantially warmer, is there an easy way to find what dew points have done over the last 30 years?
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    Nice map Tombo, Thanks for this and all you do for this site. I was not paying attention and never posted my snow totals. Frank lives a few miles from me, and while my total was a few inches lower, I will go with his total as he might be more representative of snowfall in our area. This area drives me crazy sometimes, because only a few miles can mean more snow. I am at a lower elevation
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    A thread about summer mins and dew points was started to preserve that info instead of having it buried within this thread.
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    Thanks for the Mt Holly write-up. Wonder what the critical wind speed is to dislodge a ceiling tile?
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    Was driving home when the earlier storm was overhead in Swedesboro. Did not see any wall cloud feature when approaching despite some lower clouds and striations visible. TPHL did not show much in terms of low-level rotation, and not for the Burlington storm either. Looked like an odd storm merger may have allowed that ultra-brief landspout to form. The numerous warnings thereafter looked like the classic "warning of every mesocyclone after an early miss" scenario. Did not see much on radar at low levels on any of the warned storms. At least the Doylestown storm had a fair amount of wind damage with it. Not sure if any other surveys will be done tomorrow.
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    I'll take 92 with a 65 DP over 88 with a 76 DP any day. The last few days have been atrocious.
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    More bark than bite. A nice soaking for the yard though.
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    I think it might have ended being (or including) the office area near the shopping center (Gaither Drive):
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    Likewise, no rain or perhaps barely a drizzle. I will have to I will have to water my potted dwarf Japanese Cedar later this evening if no rain
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    Make that 1.43" . Another week or two dry spell locally comes to a ponding in poor drainage areas end.
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    Nearing 1.00" in Mount Laurel, rate is legit; that fell within about 15 minutes.
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    McGurie/Fort Dix dew point is 81F. I don't remember those horrible summer dew points in the mid 90s when we just moved south from NYC, it just seems like these horrendous dew points on pre cfp days have become the new normal this decade. As for the ILG dew point itself, it is in line with neighboring mesonets. I was surprised to see Dover's current dew point looks representative, was half exepcting to see an 85F.
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    When in Paris, drink cheap Belgian beer
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