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    (3) 99 days in AUG 2002, there was also a 99 day in JUL 2002, talk about close bu no cigar that summer. Best I can remember 2002 was last year we had a real drought in this forecast area. Beginning in 2003 PHL is averaging 47.25" of precip annually, over the prior 16 yrs. from 1987-2002 the annual average was 39.11". That's a healthy 20% bump.
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    Anomalous closed low and then trof traversing across the Central/Eastern U.S. = more rain. Round one there is modeling consensus of a soggy period from Sunday night into Tuesday day. There is decent potential for another soggy round centered around Thursday. Modeling qpf in scenarios like this will overextend the duration but underdo the actual precipitation amounts. Not that they will be high everywhere, but with convection, twice what the GFS is selling is easily doable within our area. Here is the WPC prediction:
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    I'm sure there's an observational bias here, but I'm 38 and I definitely recall a youth of hot, humid and dry summers interrupted by pop up thunderstorms. Human influenced or not, it definitely seems as though the climatic pattern has shifted into a wetter phase during the summer.
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    Phase 5 of the MJO will be coming later this month and statistically there is decent correlation of it being a dry phase for us. Phase 3 which we are in now is a wet one.
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    The mud has cracks in it because its too dry now. We need about a foot of rain to correct it. NOT!!!!!
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    Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, there were dry, hot summers. Now we get flooding rains briefly interrupted by a dry week or two.
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    With the caveat that one can't verify a forecast with a forecast. But from the same model that brings you non stop rain, once the rain ends:
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    It is the gift that keeps on giving. 48 consecutive hours of measurable rain in June, riiiiigggggghhhhhttttt
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    High pressure right overhead of us. Basically be in the center of a trough of center of a ridge. If you're on the outer periphery of a ridge, you get ring of fire. With troughs, being on outer edges thats where storms track.
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    I noticed the first fireflies of the season last night.
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    Once we dry out in TTN can he come cut my grass for nothing?
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