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    Yup. I will gladly take temperatures in the 40s with ample sun. I have already noticed my yard starting to dry out considerably, which makes things much more enjoyable. I am headed down to Mobile to visit my mom and sister this weekend. Temps forecast to be in the upper 60s, mostly sunny. Can't wait!
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    It was 128 yesterday at Golden Pheasant. Thankfully that was not my score.
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    Best part about this current/upcoming stretch is the relative dry period ahead with the exception of a few quick frontal passages.
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    Today's thermals aloft are showing upside potential over MOS guidance. Mid to Upper 60s look doable. A 70 in interior Delaware or SNJ wouldn't shock me.
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    Well if the Euro skillfulness at forecasting nothing holds, that would be the Monday outcome. Ensemble mean 0.03". That is snow, not water equivalent. OP is way north with any mood flakes: Mitch's house and the Catskills. GFS is on an island with Monday as of now. They have all pretty much dropped anything after that. EPS can kicked a sniff of 2" or more to March 28th. What Tom posted earlier with this week is still holding for next week, trof axis beyond Monday is too east and the NAO is outlooked to be positive, not a good combo.
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    Wood frogs out today. We' go to the Adirondacks every summer. Your pics have me thinking about a late winter trip next year.
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    Tom would be the person to answer this. I am the person who reseeds the same spots every spring because the grass didn't take in the fall and the re-seeding from the previous spring died during the summer or gets choked out by weeds. From what Tom has said IIRC, if you seed in the spring, you have to really baby it, get it through the summer because the roots wont get well established by the time the hot (and sometimes dry) weather arrives.
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    I would like to hear recommendations as well. We had some renovations done over the winter and have some areas of the yard that are completely chewed up. I'll need to get them passable this spring and fully addressed this fall. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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