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    Evening search for woodcocks and wood frogs at Fair Hill was a failure. Soon.
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    7:30 - 8:20 am sunrises for a third of the year - not my cup of tea
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    Would you buy 60 consecutive hours of wintry pcpn instead?
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    I'd prefer to stay on standard time all year long since I don't need sun after 8 PM in summer. That being said, I'd vote for a permanent switch to daylight saving all year long as opposed to the current spring forward/fall back silliness.
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    In VAYland the fork was stuck in it on November 16th. In a backhanded sense it is amazing it has snowed as much as it did given how lousy the teleconnections were most of the winter. The stand-out event that we could have done better was December 9th.
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    I'll take it because my work switches to "summer hours" from this week until we turn back the clocks in November. Half day Fridays!
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    Some very odd things going on in upper levels after 3/17, so for now anything is on the table. Heisi is doing his best to channel some snow weenie energy on our behalf, meanwhile the first flowers are popping up and the forsythia can't be far behind. Smarch is a great month.
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    Yup. Only 1 of the 51 EPS members has two inches or more of snow at PHL. About a dozen have some snow falling. Time of year where if anything were to happen it almost sneaks up on you at the last minute.
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    Snow pack fought back hard today here in East Nantmeal Township in NW Chester County PA as temps never escaped the mid-40's and plenty of fog all day - high today was 45.0. Snow is gone on the slopes of my property but hanging solid with still 3" across most of my backyard on level surfaces. Should be gone tomorrow but a solid 10 straight days of snow cover so far here in March and of course temps averaging a whopping 6.2 degrees below normal through the 1st 10 days of the month.
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    Mixing is not that good today. Yesterday kind of surprising, then again I guess there wasn't much wind either.
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    @mshaffer526 I would love to spend an entire winter in that area tbh. Preferably in a remote cabin. Just some innate urge that I have.
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    My post in the other thread made me think about this; one of my friends from Altoona Area High School actually ended up living in Fort Kent, ME as of last year. He has posted some awesome pictures over the winter, here are some of the good ones. This is their driveway: Can-Am Dog Sled Race: Their airport in Presque Isle was recently closed due to an airplane completely losing the runway. They are lucky it wasn't worse. I learned this week that Newark actually has commuter service directly to Presque Isle.
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