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    Alta Utah today, big snowpack
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    Fantastic-looking day outside. Not a cloud anywhere
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    Obs today, snow and blue sky
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    Evening search for woodcocks and wood frogs at Fair Hill was a failure. Soon.
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    The Post St. Patrick's/Pre St. Joseph's Day GFS Snow, Never Forget!!!
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    Obs today, snow and more blue sky
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    I'm rolling out "Solar Vortex" for the first heatwave
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    I feel like mud season has lasted for 7 months. Second summer seems to last a month now.
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    Seed will not do anything right now, so IMO its pointless to seed and definitely fertilize. Why put fertilizer down when nothing is growing right now to even absorb the nutrients? It will just run right off, so it's a waste. Once you do your first mowing of the year then it's time to start seeding. So we are looking at probably 2nd week or so of April. If you're going to do seed you have from Mid April till mid May to get the seed established. You have to put crabgrass stuff down before Memorial Day and that stops any seed growth that didn't take hold. You are most likely going to have weed issues as well in any area that doesn't take that good due to the disruption of soil bringing all the weed seeds to the surface. If you still want to go ahead and do it, if you have a sunny yard go with a blend of tall fescue, bluegrass, ryegrass, then some fine fescue. When looking at the seed bag, make sure the highest percentages are in the order I gave you.
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    I think they are really calling this one the TonyFV3, twice as snowy as Tony 1.0.
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    you know prospects weren't high in people's minds when Tony is the only one posting in here lol. A for effort Tony.
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    Just remember to say I do on the big day and always remember to say you are right & I am wrong and you will do fine.
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    Currently up in Lake Placid. It’s 27° and snowing, expecting 2-4” tonight 👍🏼❄️ Tmrw Mrs WMW is going hiking, I’m hiking to the UBU brewery 🍺 😁
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