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    Sorry I’ve been mia, as in Scotland and Ireland for the last 2 weeks!!! Only 1 day of rain, and every day was sunny with 55-65°. Just stunning and extremely lucky! Sadly, no golf though. Too much stuff with the wife to do and my cousin as well. Ireland was a family reunion/ my sister’s wedding. Sorry @tombo82685 scottish highlands!
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    Nice rainbow at work this morning
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    Near miss if one touched down. Coopersburg had a burst of hail.
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    Today was Nooch's (he still loves snow and cold weather) graduation from Rowan. This is needless to say, but his parents are proud of him! Picture of Nooch and a couple of his high school friends that he shared a house with the last two years in Glassboro. I think Sean (left most person) gets to keep the Eagles flag.
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    And the finish product. This was done a week or so ago
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    My wife and I took our daughter to see Double Dare Live in Lancaster last night. She was too young to get called up on stage...but we weren't Living a childhood dream, Marc Summers picked us to come up on stage and do a physical challenge--we beat the "yutes" for the adult team.
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    I happened to be near Route 77 at Pole Tavern when the line was moving through. I was following it across from Cecil and New Castle on radar, and was wondering why a SVR was not issued for the powerful wind signature near Salem City at the time around 7:45 PM. Thought about heading into the open fields to watch the line cross, but did not want to risk not having a place to get out of the way in case of the damaging winds. Stayed in Pole Tavern and got the alert for a tornado warning, so decided to head back north on 77 after the rain stopped. The videos I have are from one mile south of the Gloucester/Salem border on Route 77. One is looking north toward Mullica Hill, which was about five to eight miles north of the location. Video #1: Pole Tavern 8:12-8:13 PM Video #2: Route 77 Eight miles south of Mullica Hill 8:16-8:17 PM Video #3: 8:20 PM Video #4: 8:24 PM Pole Tavern.MP4 Meso.MP4 Sky.MP4 Rainbow.MP4
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    Whew! Had a couplet come right over West Chester and I was able to get this video. Definite rotation in the clouds, although hard to see in the video. And that eerie green color.
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    Wayne is a member from Cape May. Spoken to him many a time at Mount Holly. Congrats Wayne!
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    Well, most overcast all day with some drizzle doing the first look/bridal photos. Sun broke out a little for our ceremony. Not too shabby of a day. Thank you to all of you who reached out with congratulations (and helped with the forecast/easing my nerves!)
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    Had some incredible views from the plane as the sun set tonight. Some nice anvils off in the distance.
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    My view from Upper Darby looking west
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    Beautiful shot of the eastern US this morning
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    Alta Utah today, big snowpack
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    My daughter just sent me this from Citrus County FL late this afternoon (sorry, out of area post)
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    I wasn’t home when the tornado warned cell hit my area around 3:30 p.m. but here are a couple hail photos from the emmaus, pa that friends took. Lots of flooding in the area from the heavy rain that fell from 5:30 to 6:30.
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    0.33 ytday OC md, this am before the clouds rolled in.
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    Fantastic-looking day outside. Not a cloud anywhere
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    Took this photo looking west in Newtown yesterday, at the same time as radar image. This was after the main line had already passed through. Nothing severe or impressive, but I just thought it was cool to be able to photograph an isolated storm with an unobstructed view - those opportunities do not present themselves all that often around here.
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    Cool look to the sky this evening.
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    Looks like I picked a good week to head south.😎
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    The continuous snow cover portion of winter 2018-19 has ended at NWS Marquette. The snow that fell November 9th finally melted this past Tuesday. Those 165 days make it the second longest snow cover streak at the office since records began there in 1961. (All records are unofficial blah blah blah...) The season total snowfall to date is 221.7" - only slightly above the 1981-2010 normal of 203.3" Our peak snow depth occurred AOA February 25th; it was 55". By that point our Observations Program Leader had added extenders to our snow sticks (they only go to 60" so we had to be prepared) and raised our rain bucket up about two feet to stop the snow from drifting into it. (Our 10 m anemometer also froze in place for about three weeks following an ice storm - but that's a story for another day!) I've attached a picture of me on the sidewalk out to the instrument shed, where the snow had drifted against the building a little bit. (I'm 5'6" for scale, so the depth behind me is only a few inches greater than the ambient depth.) A rain/snow mix is in the forecast for Monday, so winter still isn't over up here!
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    Beautiful evening at the in-laws out in Chester Co.
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    My prediction of how the TonyFV3 snowmap will look for the Thanksgiving 2019 storm.
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    Obs today, snow and blue sky
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    Evening search for woodcocks and wood frogs at Fair Hill was a failure. Soon.
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    Took a nice hit on west goshen. Storms congealing as it approached. Had 2 rounds of hail (pea to nickel size) lots of lighting and an abrupt wind shift at one point under that tornado warning. (Inflow , was going into the base. Bottom image is currently looking at the Kenner square updraft
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    What a show! I've never been able to get a good bolt shot before, but I got tons tonight. Totally overexcited.
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    Got a chance to play Radley Run on their community day yesterday. Nice course, scenic with spring flowers in full bloom. Played long in the wind Lots of elevation change.
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    We got the garden done along with 3 yards of new top soil (most of it in front which was a walking mud bath) before the rain can wash it away. I can see the new low lying area for next year's project already.
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    oak tree leaf shot today
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    Im getting married, and I’m abusing my moderator powers to open this thread for selfish reasons 🤣 Sooo yea, I’ve been following Friday like a hawk ever since it showed up on day 16 on the gfs. Need some reassurance that this warm front isn’t gonna slow down and put me on the wrong side of it. If it does, gotta love the wedding from inside to outside. (60-65 is the cut off) Saw the euro last night . Reduced the warm front : Ps, I’ll delete after Sunday
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    I’m out your way, clouds are putting up a battle but still 70+.
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    As an indication of the strength of the storm, yesterday evening in Middletown, DE, I saw the most intense rainbow ever and a double to boot! The photo doesn't do it justice.
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    The Post St. Patrick's/Pre St. Joseph's Day GFS Snow, Never Forget!!!
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    Obs today, snow and more blue sky
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    Was not expecting a rogue shower to come through at sunset, but it made for a great view.
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    Nice shelf that came through there in Delco. More bark than bite, nothing wild. Little finger of storm zapped our energy. Pretty lackluster day for my backyard. Decent event for the region though.
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    Well, my wife and I had our 20 week ultrasound appointment on Tuesday...and I found out I'm going to have a son!! Our daughter will be six on October, and the baby is due in September. Needless to say, pretty excited.
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