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    Whatever happened to the clippers that would drop 2-4/3-5 inches regionwide? Maybe I’m hallucinating...
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    ...lurker since ne.weather I graphed those record lows (from http://www.stormfax.com/phlminmax2.html) by decade. You can clearly see the early 20th and 21st century warmups.
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    They are hiding: BTW Nick Stefano texted me, -18F in Walpack in Sussex County NJ.
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    The shredder solution has knocked this down a peg (not that the peg was that high outside of the FV3 world). Looks like Chester-New Castle-Salem-Atlantic line has remained in/near the sweetest spot. At this point, I think one has to be within a county of this axis to get the most out of tomorrow. The narrowness of it has not changed much last couple of days.
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    it's been years since the last good one.
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    You and I are like:
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    -5.2 coldest it's ever been at my time in gilly
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    Thanks to all for answering my questions. I really appreciate it 👍
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    12z runs were same or better, so you should get some scraps. NAM looked like the most bullish.
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    It was the cheapest record low for the month. Now 1/30 is tied for cheapest record low with 1/2. Here are the record lows for PHL, not too many 2000s in there. Highlighted was the latest (closest) year for each month.
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    -7.3 @ 7:30 AM this morning. Tried, and was unsuccessful, to get my wife to go in the hot tub with me this morning. I told her its 100F and she wouldn't do it. 😁
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    Well we did it - made it down to 4.8 degrees below zero (see below) - the lowest temperature in almost 23 years since the 5 below recorded back on February 6, 1996 and a new daily record low for the date beating the old record low set way back 114 years ago when it hit 4 below zero on this date in 1905. It looks some lower spots nearby like in Elverson are at 11 below and at lake level at Marsh Creek almost 10 below. Impressive cold for sure!
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    Decent squall line here in Flemington area between 2:40 and 3 pm. Whiteout conditions for about 5 minutes. Hard to measure in the wind, but I did try just after it stopped snowing and measured 1/10th of inch, but should not be relied upon. 😉 Oh, it is 6F at 9pm
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    ruptured water main weather, one broke in the development just a couple of blocks away during that quick temp drop, hopefully the pressure holds because they still can't find the source of the leak at this hour down to 9 degrees high at Chicago today was -10, previous record low max was 3 a couple of squall pics at work in Piscataway
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    OT: Huge Fire in NNJ causing those Radar returns https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/news/2019/01/5-alarm-fire-at-marcal-paper-plant-as-firefighters-brave-blistering-cold-to-save-factory.html%3foutputType=amp poor firefighters battling that in the bitter cold
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    I spy a squall line in the distance. (A few other shots from the backroads up here). An extra 100-200 feet made a huge difference.
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    Red shoulder hawk visited yesterday.
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    Not too shabby in the midwest - here is an obs for Tom CITY SKY/WX TMP DP RH WIND PRES REMARKS MOLINE SNOW -3 -9 75 E13 30.30F VSB 1/2 WCI -22
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    I believe...that it's colder at night in lower elevations because fresh arctic air is dense and it sinks. At least that's what I've read.
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    Made it down to -3.7 in Spring Mount, PA. Clearly, my earlier guess was wrong.
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    Went the same place that a sustained wintertime -NAO has gone.
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    I still see things getting better once after the 7th of FEB. EPS look pretty good for some snow chances to work back in after that timeframe. It looks like a prime overunning pattern. Obviously right now they look good but who knows how they will look this time next week. Deeper the trough in the west the more the se ridge will pop and storm chances are west. Though, weaker trough in the west and less of a se ridge and it turns into a pretty wintry look. NAO domain they are trying to run negative but we have been down that road before. Till that gets inside 7 days I will start to believe it.
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    My one station was -0.6, the other +0.3, so I'll go with -0.3 haha.
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    Went up to -7 so -8 was the low for me. I don’t see it going down now
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    Trends last 24hrs is for the mtns to put this through the blender. Still looking like coatings to an inch. Best shot of inch would probably be south of town through south jersey
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    -10 at 4:50😲 currently -5
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    Looking at the 850mb temp anomaly maps on the Euro, we get a three to four day break from real winter weahter next week.
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    This is how winter should be. Arctic cold, ground blizzards, biting winds.
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    My snowboard might get its official 1st use for Met winter 18-19’ by this afternoon .... 😂
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    It approaches. Doylestown area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    it's going ot be pretty tough. Have to find a very sheltered area
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    Is it really even possible to take an accurate measurement with anything above moderate wind? I feel like the drifting would make it impossible.
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    I think my snowboard is going to be useless in this event with the wind. Going to just blow it right off the board
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    Once this cold shot leaves it's pretty much close the doors till feb 8th Which has been my expectation. Can't rule out something around the 7th if we get more HP building over se canada but think there is going to be a parade of cutters.. After that the eps look pretty damn good from the 8th on. EPS has a pretty nice -epo/-ao/-pna/-nao look. Though we all know how the -nao's have been verifying so keep that in mind. Depending how strong the -pna is will determine if we get into a nice period or we cut away again. I'm still leaning cold after next week.
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