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    Meanwhile the cold outbreak for the second half of next week is entering higher confidence territory, even on the NAEFS:
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    Lol, you know that is where exactly it will be. Day 13 future cam of me:
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    Currently the 6th wettest year on record at Phila., good chance to finish #2 when all said & done.
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    Another flood watch for tomorrow. Why can't we have winter storm watches instead??
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    Love the headstarts.
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    In the city for Thanksgiving Part II Losing the skyline.
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  8. 1 point
    I think VAY is winning the race to the bottom. I misread our link, it's "only" 0.83" .
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    That would change the month of December for sure. Shows how uncertain things can be.
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    Frozen fountain in New Hope Saturday morning
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    can see the 10mb winds at the pole really start dropping off with a strong wave 1 displacement
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    Nothing different here from other outlooks, so move along and keep up with the group in front of you: I'll add maps later.
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    A few pics from Thanksgiving back on LI. Pictures looks much warmer than it actually was with the cold, gusty wind.
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    Eps continue to build that -epo signal and solid high lat blocking in the 7-12 day period. The end of the run is hideous, goes right to the weeklies idea of putting vortex over AK. If that happens you can pretty much cancel the next week plus of December, ugly look. As stated yesterday though it's been stuck post day 13 for while.
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