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    Here he comes again, some Gigi cold with some Barney thrown in off the euro last night
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    Better yet he can get into the Nws office up there, I'm sure they could use him to work some MIds.
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    Well now that it is rounding into cold season form, might as well say, you will hug the GFS and like it.
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    Here comes some more Barney and man cold for Tony Sunday into next week on the gfs
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    Again off the 6z gfs, this is for my Thanksgiving chance. But this is pretty solid right here. You have your pna spike. a huge sprawling 50/50 low caught under the west base -nao. In that situation that h5 low would either have to go underneath it or phase with that 50/50 low and just become a massive cut off closed low underneath the block. It could also get sheared out as it's moves east.
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    A day like today is why November to me is the worst month of the year. It's an obvious transition month filled with bleh.
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    Just looking at the placement of that low over the lakes, it makes me think of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Superior is going to be impassable of that verifies!
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    Bucks Club in Jamison today, frost delay till 9:45, best day driving the ball all season, cold weather is my golf aid
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    First creek ice pic of the season. Took this about noon. Still there
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    leaf cleanup and grass cut today, good till next weekend