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    So unfortunately those last couple chilly days did indeed move us out of the Top 5 for historically (1894 to Present) warm Octobers here in Chester County PA. We ended up with an average temperature of 59.2. Highest temperature was the 78.2 on the 7th with the lowest being the 37.1 on the 17th. We did experience a couple patchy frost mornings in the township however none at my station level. This morning the 1st was the chilliest morning so far this season with an AM low of 36.2 I am actually down in Aruba where I can report no frost.....uh ever. Beautiful place - not a bad view..
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    We will try starting next week if our scheds mesh. We are gaining quite the reputation. Have to keep the date/course under wraps because of threat of data breaches. Haven't talked to Tom about temps. 2014-15 outlooked 30", 27" fell 2015-16 outlooked 30", 27.5" fell 2016-17 outlooked 20", 15" fell.