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    iPhone pics through my glasses
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    This was at peak In Delco;
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    My son took this with his phone through a telescope eyepiece
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    I had a pair of eclipse glasses so I just covered the lens with it to get a few pictures. Clouds got in the way a bit, but the best one I had I cropped. The others you can zoom in on.
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    unfiltered cell phone pics, my girlfriend & I have little regard for our phone cameras, GF's iphone my Samsung Galaxy, somehow the sun came out blue
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    one more from the office, only some high clouds in C. Jersey during peak
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    Looks like the worm had a bad night of drinking. That's usually how I'm found after a night of drinking.
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    The eclipse was just too much for this tomato hornworm, not terribly saddened by it.
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    18z GFS had its usual and customary 18hrs of consecutive convective precipitation at Philadelphia starting at 2 pm, to which I say:
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    Combination of clouds rolling in and the eclipse, temps have dropped 5F from the high.
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    Even without totality, interesting experience. Clouds were broken enough to see the peak.
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    Big fat BUST here IMBY. Thanks, summer of cloudiness.
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    when the sun starts to come out after the full eclipse is absolutely amazing
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    I am guessing the internet is getting overwhelmed, losing alot of links, well I will go hit cheesy golf balls in the dark.
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    From pic I posted https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive/#Exploratorium+Telescope+Sonification
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    You have to play the wind and the additional gravitational pull...
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    Playing at Turtle Creek this afternoon and using the eclipse as my excuse for when I play poorly
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    Saw this image in a business insider article. Welcome to sun life on Mars/Ceres locally.
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    best of luck to all who traveled for this event
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    Good call on this, I think you're in the wrong line of work, although I did drive by your course and it looks amazing
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    Just a beautiful day out in "your" countryside. Sun was still potent, but the shade was perfect.
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    The die zone looks about right. I think the RGEM brought things a bit further east. NAM fizzled it out perhaps a bit early. All in all the idea to be on the lookout in the Susq Valley was right even if rain totals were minimal (winds surely weren't).