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    Lightning got one of the oak trees at the course
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    Just got internet back. A good pounding this PM with at least one more round to go. Gusty wind, a few close strikes, and prolonged heavy rain. Never seen the little creek behind us so high. 5.40" today - 7.16" 2-day
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    Not quite sure in which thread it is most appropriate to post this... Some pics of yesterday’s (8/14/18) storms taken in Newtown. Some good visuals considering that, to my knowledge, these storms were not severe-warned. The first one was a pretty cumulonimbus flaring up in the early afternoon. The others were the second line of storms that came through around 5pm. The last one almost looks like a supercell with a tail cloud but of course it isn’t.
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    My younger daughter was super excited to help make a fresh from the garden tomato/cucumber feta salad today. Doesn’t get much fresher. Its great for her to see what can come from planting some seeds in the spring.
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    I made this sim/ob radar tool a few years ago and decided to revisit it. It's pretty good in determining how the short term hi-res models are doing compared to reality: And here's the (quantitative) difference between them: I used to host a website that had this updated every 5 minutes but stopped hosting a year ago. If there's any interest here I may look into reviving it fully.
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    one from drive home, last storm till Friday
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    couple of jets came through like 90 minutes ago. You can see where the hot air burst through that altocumulous layer. Love seeing nerdy stuff like this.
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    I guess WPVI has the expectation that if you’re watching Jeopardy, then you must be a speed reader.
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    Back in the hood after another awesome vacation on Oak Island, NC. Despite the 8.09" of rain over the 10 days there was more than enough nice breaks for beach, biking, Wave Runners & amber refreshment by the pool. Interesting pattern as the vast majority of the rain fell between 4:00am-10:00am leaving the remainder of the day open for activity. Golf did take a serious hit this year as I was only able to sneak in 9 holes at the local island course. 4" of rain to open AUG on top of the 17" in July was the nail in the coffin for many courses in Brunswick County. When open playing on cart path only swamped courses is not my idea of fun the way I spray the ball around.
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    Was debating yesterday whether to make the hour drive east (plus hour prep that three kids requires) for my first family day at the shore all summer, and with Tony’s guidance in the morning I decided to go for it. Actually had a pretty close to perfect beach day at Manasquan. The clouds did not stick around as forecast and it was actually mostly sunny until around 5pm. Calm winds, although no sea breeze ever got going so it was pretty hot. Only trouble is the water was quite chilly - it was posted as 68 degrees and I guess that’s about what it felt like. I was surprised because i kept hearing about how warm the water was this year, and in any event it’s late summer and the wind was SW so there should have been no upwelling unless it was still cool from the more southerly winds the day (days?) before? Anyway as a weather geek what better way to cap off the day than by viewing the severe storm that moved east across NJ from Philly to Toms River; these pictures were taken from Manasquan Inlet looking south toward Point Pleasant. I included a couple radar grabs from throughout the half hour or so that I watched it. I thought it was odd how the bottom pics almost look like a flanking line sort of structure but on the “wrong” (east) side of the storm - almost looks like an LP supercell shape - but I guess I can’t try to interpret relatively unstructured multicell storms within the conceptual model of a supercell.
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    100 percent fringed here. Great light show looking north.
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    Got the lawn mowed. Put rice tires on the lawn mower and wore a life jacket just now, but got it done without incident.
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    Some photos of upper Darby today. Very fast buildup of flood waters and the usual spots succeptable to flooding did just that. Some areas just pond, while other areas are rapids. Roughly 5-10 people needed to be rescued. Things got dicey for a couple mins. Goes without saying, but Turn around and don’t drown!
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    Got hit pretty good here. C1E8431F-B9FE-429E-9549-C84833B6ACA0.MOV
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    Steady rain with sun shining =
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    Watch issued for SEPA. perkasie cell from West chester about 20 mins ago. And a failing updraft above me
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    Tomatoes are kicking in, just this week's picks & doesn't include the 10 or so we used with meals. Not bad for potted plants. Picking a little early because of the heavy rain threat & the birds have been taking liberties on juicy fully ripe ones.
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    84 / 59 for the mid July win today New unit is up & running
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    Looking southeast this weekend: Wow, your leaves are already changing colors.
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    I think this is the same cell as seen from my house in Sellersville.
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    Pileus cloud over the Trenton storm...quality sucks.
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    Saturday marks the last of the 8pm sunsets, fall and winter is coming ladies and gents
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    Nice week in the Adirondacks. Some late-week rain but mainly at night.
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    Finally a nice afternoon and evening to get the family out for an extended period. Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster Co., this evening....
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    OCNJ, moonrise on the left, Mars on the right (brightest object on the right side).
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    For those of you with Direct TV - the Accuweather Network is now on air 24 hours a day. This change took place today Aug 1st. (I'm a little partial as my son, is one of their on air meteorologists.) They have made some significant changes with much more live coverage and several new severe weather reporters running all over the country to cover big weather events. He is from Montgomery County, Pa and loves severe and winter weather reporting.
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    I decided to bring back my on again / off again website jmmweather.com You can see the live HRRR sim radar comparison here: https://jmmweather.com/hrrr/
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    Pics from my recent trip to the Shenandoah National Park region in VA. The weather wasn’t too cooperative much of last week (probably had 2-4 inches total during the week with downpours and storms) but I took advantage during tranquil periods. Last 2 pics are a radar grab and shot of a sweet storm over the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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    Bridge at Corson's Inlet, NJ. I used a slow shutter speed (I believe it was eight seconds) to capture the water. It's just water under the bridge, right?
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    Conowingo Dam with about half the flood gates open - roughly 400,000 cu ft per sec.
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    Well it was summer there in Tierra del Fuego when this video was shot (it is in banter), pretty wild not only do oil and water don't mix, but neither does the Atlantic & Pacific initially:
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    I saw this on a Star Trek episode in the 1960s. Such foreshadowing on their part....
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    Pretty bright sun dog tonight. Added filter so it popped on the second image Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
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    Some damage on the course here at Southmoore. Think straight line wind damage is the cause. Some are saying tornado.
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    Super bright and long rainbow tonight. Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
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    0.18" last evening for total yesterday of 0.48" 0.29" today 2.43" for the month approaching the late afternoon storm on 195 in Southern Mercer County
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    Heading out the 30 bypass towards that line (not driving)
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    20”-25” 90 day totals for parts of our area now.
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    Yup, about to get it here.
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    We drove through the massive downpour through coopersburg rt.309, crazy rain, flooding. Pic heading out of it, south rt.309 into quakertown
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    Drip, drip, drip.....had a sunny SAT afternoon however since that time it's a rain forest vacation. 2"-3" on the Island for the 24 hrs. ending at 7:00 & since 8:00 it's been an absolute monsoon with another 2"-3" of rain. Flash flood warning up, the amount of standing water is crazy right now. Pics from the parade of storms yesterday
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    Pretty cool butterfly in my backyard