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    Back from the Adirondacks, warm with daily storms till thursday.
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    Last night’s shelf cloud passing over OCNJ last night forced me to run to the beach with my camera as others were fleeing it 😂
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    Amish Country never disappoints. Faint rainbow through massive storm clouds, then a stormy sunset.
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    Autumn-like in upstate NY this weekend. I flew back today with beautiful visibility for this time of year.
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    We arrived in Nags Head yesterday and we are here until Sunday. This is my happy place. First day the rainfall chance dropped from 80 to 30: overnight. That's a good sign 😁
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    I was working (of course). This had to be the worst severe thunderstorm to affect Mount Laurel since we moved here. One third of the township is without power. Right up the block a downed tree blocked Union Mill Road. Judging from some of the other photos in the township, we were lucky in our area.
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    Interesting clouds this morning, like two sheets colliding into each other.
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    Storms fired all around Delco last night, but nothing hit here. Stuff from the S& W died, and the back-building storms to the N&W met the front and did an abrupt turn back N&E. Good light show from a distance though! Continuous flashes of lightning. Managed to grab this **** from my iPhone looking from Havertown at the cell across the river. The orange orb between the telephone poles is the moon! Those gust fronts were solid though, felt refreshing, even if temps were still in the 80’s around midnight!
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    Cool rainbow (if you squint you can see it) and cloud formations over the Linc last night...even better than the game
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    Gentlemen, far be it for me to speak out of turn as I'm not an administrator, but I think at this point the best course of action is to agree to disagree. I enjoy the collegiality of this forum and don't want to see that dissipate. Thanks to both for being civil to this point. My fear is that perpetuating this circular conversation has the potential to become otherwise.
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    You could tell that cluster was the real deal in NEMD when the velocity scans were lit up like a Christmas tree, and not just a pixel or 2. the 3rd picture in this set, with sun to the east, you can see the outline of the heavier rain shaft/microburst possibly? You can see how it not only comes down, but bellows our at the bottom. That was the storm after it came through Delco, and I took the photo as it was heading to Philly/Camden. Maybe @Rainshadow can check it out . This is one here below.
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    Just a few pics from Delco. We got rocked, especially the lower End of the county. 476/route 1 to 95 corridor. Lost power to house.
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    wow major soup outside this am, ugh. need to fast forward to deep freeze. meanwhile in the Canadian Rockies....
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    Pretty windy here when it came through now I’m being watched from above.😊
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    Should be early morning look several times a week instead of a couple times a month. I'll get there some year....
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    Kids took me for a hike at Green Lane today for my birthday. Not too bad where there was a breeze.
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    Rounds of showers & storms rolling in off the ocean in Oak Island, NC since the early morning hours. DP's around 70 are refreshing down here, had 80 degree DP's on Saturday & Wednesday.
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    Well that lasted like <5 minutes.
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    Bearable 15 miles offshore. Manasquan Inlet was a furnace on the return. 94 high/76 low at home
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    Absolutely VAY’d at work in Wayne. 2.03. Transformer by the course blew up. Can see the water running down 18 fwy.
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    Turning off AC now. It took a while because it didn’t like my card, but Tom I have joined the radar pro generation.
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    Your posts sound smarter already 😎
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    Left office in Yardley for lunch, left my window open about 3 inches, and came back to find water all over my desk and floor, and a pile of papers ruined. Was looking at radar at lunch, a narrow band of storms looked like it would train to the NE just east of me, but the storms expanded to the west and the cluster ran through Yardley. Was driving into strong winds approaching the office and my window was facing into those winds. My colleague commented on the irony of the office “weather expert” going out to lunch on a sunny day and coming back to a flooded desk.
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    Round after round of activity since 4:00am here on Oak Island. Nice storm rolling thru now.
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    Last 8pm sunset of the year is today, WHAT A THING OF BEAUTY!!
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    I think I'm selling on tomorrow severe wise. Just don't think we are going to clear out enough to really get instability going. Trend over last 24 hrs has been for the area of low pressure to track a bit further south which would cause more cloud debris as we get into more of the stratiform type rain. Heavy rain threat is there though, PWATS over 2"
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    55.4F for the low this morning. Sitting on the patio watching the hummingbirds chase each other and start hearing a blast noise and this is what I saw. Nice day for a sunrise cruise.
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    Nice afternoon on the deck at Roadies restaurant at Penns Peak.
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    Back side of the cell that just passed.
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    I am quoting a wise man named Tom on this who told me alot of these climate rules of thumb just are not working anymore. I don't want to go down the climate change rabbit hole because it becomes political in 0.00002 seconds and anyone can debate me on cesspool Facebook about it. Arctic sea ice coverage isn't what it used to be regardless of the cause. I don't know if that is the reason for the switch, but extent is down from when this correlation worked better. It is the same thing that is happening to Cohen's Eurasian October snow cover extent / Tony's October temp correlation: if every October is now above average, it no longer tells you anything.
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    Only one way to settle this. Tombo has to plant his own WX station in paul’s Backyard 😂😂😂
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    Maybe in NW ChesCo. My elevation would negate it. Let's just say thermally the Euro leaves plenty of wiggle room at this point.
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    I know many dislike boring weather but I see August 15 - October 15 as the nicest stretch of the year weatherwise. The gradual (sometimes stubborn) transition into the start of autumn. Still enough daylight to feel invigorated but gradually cooling overnights with beautiful mornings. Looking forward to it. Then comes the misery of November with darkness and false hope of cold and early season snows.
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    1.33" in less than 30 minutes from a localized violent pop up T-storm yesterday. Quite the impressive wind gusts. My station only registered a 10 mph gust, but for a moment my silver maple was really whipping. A nearby station snagged a 40 mph gust. That feels about right. Temp dropped from 92 at 5:30 and 84 at 6:15 to 71 at 6:30. For the kicker: I still managed to cook some burgers on the grill.
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    This is what I mean. This is the 12z man sounding today for Philly. Notice the spread between dew pt line and temperature line as you go from 850 to 650, not much distance apart. now look at 18z nam from yesterday for last night. Notice much larger spread signifying drier, cooler air aloft which helps transport winds downward easier. Has that V look with dew point bent back to the left not saying no wind damages but I don’t think it will be as widespread as yesterday. It will be harder to transport the winds down due to more duration aloft
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    87 at 9am obs. NE philly at 91 lol. Someone needs to fix that thermometer then go to east nantmeal and fix that one
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    Who the heck knows. Seems like the thermometer knows once it gets close to 90 to start putting the breaks on
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