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    We spent the day yesterday harvesting the late cut of hay from the neighboring Vermeil farm in East Fallowfield. The weather sucks for early archery deer hunting but it's about perfect for a late season hay harvest. A few pics
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    Obs, cliff's of moher yesterday, Sun!
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    How I see it right now. All dependent on Jose's track.
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    Lol at that map. Warm at times in the southeast. Snow and ice in New England. Arctic blasts in the upper plains. Tomorrow accu weather is predicting the sun will rise in the east
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    Galway last week
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    Got to play Concord CC today. Beautiful course and lay out. Greens were really nice and challenging. Went pin hunting the first few holes only to watch my ball roll off the green. Finally figured it out to just aim for middle of green my first go around. Opened up with an 8😁. Not my best day, ended up @44-41. Opening hole and last hole pictured.
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    Obs, galway ireland, somethings are on the other side
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    Sometimes its great to not have frost, this was the morning harvest & I never picked good beans this late before.
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    Nice to see everyone again this year, enjoyed the round the with Shawn & the Derek "the natural" Great to finally meet Paul today, don't let his posts fool you as he's really not opinionated in person....if you don't believe me ask Charlie I nominate Bensalem for the next outing, course with character, challenging back 9 & great central location for our group
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    Nice day on Octararo Lake along Chesco/Lanco border.
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    Played Deerfield near Newark De today. Fun course in great shape. Hilly with few level lies or straight putts. Miss a green on the low side and down the slope you go.
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    Just got back from the poconos, my annual golf trip up there. Played 4 different courses: Jack Frost National (my favorite up there) shawnee golf buck hill Great Bear (nickluas) Highly recommend these course to play if you're ever up there. We also rented a house by Lake Naomi/Timber trails development. Awesome little lake front property! side note - pretty weird how "green" everything still was, especially since we are used to some color change up there. With the weather, we didn't have to worry about frost delays like most years!
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    Light rain and windy in OC. The tide is similar to last night but the surf is more powerful.
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    Great to meet everyone today! Thanks to Tony for organizing. I had a fun time even if I didnt come close to 5 under. I promise to post more in the next year, especially fantasy snowstorms on the 384 hour panel of the GFS. Derek
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    I can't thank all of you enough for putting together a great day today! A memorable day for me to 1st get paired with 2 MET Professional Legends in Jim and Tony....and then be included with both of them and Tom (Tombo) as they brought me along for my personal best round ever in golf (5 under!) It was great seeing all of you and putting some faces to the names that make this such a great site! Really enjoyed the conversation and sincerely hope I did not upset anyone with some of my more controversial views or strong opinions.... Thanks to all of you and hoping we can do it again...even before the next golf outing....maybe a get together for some drinks and dinner over the winter to discuss the latest winter storms....or if Chubbs is indeed right....memories of when it used to be cold! Thanks again! Paul
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    Here is another from Brett Brettschneider.
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    This must have been play a round of golf day, played a scramble format (38-34) with Jim (he will be there on the 14th) and Cherie at Mccullough’s Emerald Golf Links. This is the front tee box on the 9th hole. Some interesting holes. Course has the highest point in Atlantic County.
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    I spent 2 weeks in Ireland for work many years ago and I still say out of every place I have been including tropical spots....nothing holds a candle to the Emerald Isle. It's not just the scenery and golf....which are spectacular - but the people are so friendly and love to meet folks from the US and have a pint with them!
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    Recognized White 9 & Blue 5 (Stone Gazebo) & 8 from Buck Hill. We havent played the other courses, but Buck Hill IMO is a fairly reasonably priced hidden gem. The course has always been in fantastic shape. I am sure the locals are not, but I was disappointed they finally knocked down the old haunted huge hotel near the course.
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    We raised a few Monarch caterpillars again this year. This guy got released the other day: Monarch by Josh, on Flickr
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    Attercop, attercop...
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    What a thing of beauty that euro was after day 7. Love seeing all that blue and purple in the eastern US
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    Shot of green trees, brown leaves, and leaves laying on the ground at Great Bear.
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    Bucks County?!?!?!?! Woo Hoo!!! I might be able to make it! I would have done today's outing but today is my birthday (for real) and my wife said no because she want's to to take me out for dinner and she was afraid she would have to drive to NJ to pick me up because I'd be too drunk. She's no fun...
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    Great day and thank-you everyone for braving the drizzle and playing today. I think this was the greatest PhillyWx number of members we have ever had. Next year we will be looking into moving the outing to Bucks County with more details to follow! Yes Carl did finally get his gently used Kirkland ball.
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    I'm about as anti-Disney as they come, but I sucked it up and went with the family for a week the final week of summer/start of fall. It was 1 week after the hurricane had hit. Noticeable yet sporadic uprooted trees had been cleared. That was about the extent of it on the property. We stayed at the Beach Club resort which was very nice. (Of course grossly overpriced).
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    some have compared this season to 2005, locally after a bone dry torch SEPT the floodgates literally opened that OCT A cold front absorbed the remnants of Tropical Strom Tammy & interacted with a Subtropical Low off the East Coast. On 10/7-8 PHL recorded a storm total of 6.04" which included an OCT calendar day record of 5.53" on 10/8. Also yes due to the tropical interaction dew points peaked in the low 70's before the frontal passage, remember my AC running & mud slides closing the Schuylkill Expressway.
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    For those of you that wake up early, this is my favorite time of year to go outside before dawn and view the morning sky. The winter constellations are stunning, especially if you have a relatively dark sky. The dry, cold conditions make the sky pop so much more than it does in the summer.
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    Wow, I'm beginning to feel like.... again...
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    Nice! You touring the whole country? That was one of my favorite trips several years back. Cliffs on the west side, Cork on the south end and Dublin/Howth on the east side.
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    Last week's +10F was good enough to produce the biggest week one busts of the year for the Euro Weeklies and tied the worst Monday CFS2 week 1 bust of the year from mid April. YTD:
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    Beside the garden, I give up, you are on your own "grass".
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    As we see every year, timing, timing, timing. Granted this winter may overwhelming be above avg. But in terms of snowfall it's all about timing.
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    This was the San Juan Doppler Radar. Courtesy of Andy Woodcock's Facebook post.
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    Not sure if you guys are already using Brian Tang's ensemble probability site, but I like it: http://www.atmos.albany.edu/facstaff/tang/tcguidance/ Wow is that a dramatic shift in the GEFS over just three cycles! And right after I had mentally written off Maria, too! (I may or may not have also called for Irma to be a miss out to sea. No comment on that...) Now to look at our ensemble sensitivity analysis again you can see the GEFS highlighting the Great Lakes/Canadian prairies ridging as a big source of uncertainty - more than 50% of the variance explained by EOF1. You can think of this as saying: If there's more ridging west of the ridge center (in other words, the ridge is displaced west of the ensemble mean), the weakness between it and the Atlantic ridge is larger and/or also more west, allowing Maria to come closer to the coast before getting absorbed into the mid-latitude flow and sheared to hell by all the confluence downstream of the ridge in question. Use the mouse-over slider from right to left, time-sensitivity: http://breezy.somas.stonybrook.edu/CSTAR/Ensemble_Sensitivity/Main/buttonR2D4E1Z_NCEP.html
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    Looking over guidance I'd take option 1 off the table and replace it with Jose stalls and falls apart. WAR then builds in and forces Maria nw. Then it comes down to timing of trough from east as to when or if it gets kicked out.
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