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    I will first handly admit I was totally wrong about this storm and writing off these bigger totals just from a climo stand point and just how close soundings were. 9 times out of 10 with a sounding as marginal as that leading up to this event you don't come out the way we did. Throw in the fact we snowed above 546 thicknesses and also the mid level warmth was denied advancement till late. I think thats why I enjoy weather because there is never a given, it's always a variable and unpredictable. All in all some of those snow maps obv were way over done, but the euro's kuchera was solid and the eps did a fantastic job. Once I saw the nam last night with it's thermals and that fgen I knew if we could stay could enough it could overperform. I really knew this morning when I saw DC snowing and sticking.
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    The back roads are a mess. Some not even plowed yet. May not be plowed at all.
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    Couldn't do an official measurement, but surrounding areas are between 5"-6". What a way to start this winter! at 07:19 Temp: 31 F | Dew Point: 30 | Wind: W - 4 mph
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    FWIW, this is what I'm thinking for the winter. This could be severely underdone but I don't feel confident in going 200%+ of normal, just not wise IMO for an outlook.
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    You know its snowing hard when the camels come out.
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    As of 6 am here in East Nantmeal Township in Chester County just light snow now - however, since midnight we have picked up another 1.3" of wet snow with temps just above freezing. This now brings our snowstorm total to 7.3" this now moves this storm past the 7.0" that fell on 11/26/38 into 3rd place all-time for greatest November snowstorms in Chester County history dating back to 1894. Behind only the 9.5" that fell on November 15, 1906 and the 8.6" that fell on November 6, 1953 - mighty impressive event.
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    Glad I hung out at the office until after 7:00, not a bad 1hr 25 mins to get home from Piscataway. All roads up in N. Jersey were horrendous. Turnpike below 8A was in great shape. Plenty of family & friend horror commute stories, worst being 2.5 hrs to go from Bensalem to neighboring Lower Southampton. The 3.6" at PHL makes this the 6th snowiest NOV on record. The 11th top 10 snowiest month this decade. The record low max today at Philadelphia is 35, looks like that record will hold with temps in the 40's creeping towards the city.
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    26F, Fish didn't seem to mind the cold last night.
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    @Rainshadow heading to Golden Pheasant for 18 on December 15th
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    She's entirely too calm about thundersnow, needs to channel her inner Jim Cantore
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    I've seen it all now. https://patch.com/pennsylvania/lansdale/camel-walking-snowstorm-route-309-souderton?utm_campaign=blasts&utm_content=pennsylvania&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR05VxM-X9P_sRIqpX7kTMxpU3ieAAhkgyJbS8Rnqgx_-0rdDJBEa1RkVdk
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    6.5" with sleet starting to mix in, but still about 3/4ths snow