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    Good false albacore, bonito fishing off C. Jersey yesterday.
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    nice Tony get this message when trying to access NOWdata Due to fiscal year contract processing restrictions, NOWData will be unavailable for a short period. In the meantime, please use the National Centers for Environmental Information's (NCEI) Climate Data Online (CDO) resource. If you are not automatically redirected there within 15 seconds or have pop-ups blocked, please go to https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo-web. Here's the entire snowfall period of record:
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    euro slapped the gfs around on this system like i will be doing to gigi on the golf course saturday
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    Some 6-7' foot seas yesterday as we left Brielle but turned into a nice day
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    I"m now rooting for 3 more and for Frank. He and Phillyflip are the only ones to correctly predict only two (two!) 90+ days for Paul atop the towering heights of Mt. Nantmeal.
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    Kayla White / East Glacier Montana
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    After October 2nd, the last seven days of the current EPS have max temperatures at or (mainly) cooler than normal.
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    Agree with Tom....do we have how these outlooks have done vs. verification at the same time frame the last few seasons to see if it is better with the baseline changes?
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    Hello again from Paul at the East Nantmeal PA Weather Station (www.chescowx.com). Be sure to follow me on twitter at chescopawxman where I am tweeting daily climate reports, forecast updates and weather and drone photos of our beautiful Township. When I wrote my last article, in early August we had just experienced a warmer and wetter than normal July. This included 2 days that exceeded 90 degrees; however, those 2 days would be the only days all summer that exceeded 90 degrees. So technically out township never experienced a heat wave (defined as 3 consecutive days over 90) As I mentioned in my last article down in Philadelphia at the airport, they recorded 35 days over 90 degrees with multiple heat waves. The relative high elevation of our township spares us from many 90-degree days (we only average 4 in a typical summer season) . August would continue our warmer than normal stretch marking the 9th straight month of above normal temperatures. The average temperature was 72.4 which was 2.2 degrees above normal. One big change in our weather was the turn to a much drier pattern that would last throughout both August and September. During August we recorded only 2.71” of rain which was 1.59” below normal. This followed 5 straight months from March through July with above normal rainfall. September would start off wet with 1.16” of rain falling on the 2nd but only another 0.68” would fall over the remaining 28 days of the month. We would end the month with only 1.84” of rain which is 2.90” below our normal September rainfall of 4.74”. No doubt both our Township farmers and residents noticed their fields and lawns quickly turning brown. However, despite the back to back dry months we are still running 110% of normal YTD rainfall with 40.85” of rain and melted snow having fallen in East Nantmeal so far in 2019. September continued our string of above normal temperatures with an average temp of 67.3 degrees (+2.3 degrees to normal). However, we did record our 1st couple of mornings with an autumnal chill as both the 19th and 20th saw low temps in the upper 40’s with the lowest being the 47.6 on the 19th. Those mornings marked the 1st sub-50-degree temperatures in the Township since the 47.4 back on June 4th. Overall for the summer period from June through September we averaged a temperature of 71.3 this was the 45th warmest summer in Chester County since local records began in 1894. The warmest being the 74.7 average recorded way back in the summer of 1900. This year was the 6th warmest summer in the 36 years dating back to 1983. As I write this on October 6th, we have noted a pretty large pattern change that looks to persist through much of the rest of October with cooler and wetter weather in our future. We have not yet recorded a sub-freezing temperature meaning our growing season (days between last and 1st freezes) continues here in the township. The average growing season in East Nantmeal is 188 days. This has ranged from as few as 144 days in 1996 to 233 days in 2005. Today is our 188th day of this growing season. The average date of our 1st freeze is October 23rd; however, it has occurred as early as October 1st in 1993 and as late as November 23rd in 2015. Snowfall is unlikely in the township until late November; however, we have experienced significant snowfalls in the last 8 years most notably the 9” of wet snow that fell on October 29, 2011 and the 7.3” of snow that fell last November 15thand 16th. During November we average just over 1” of snow and during December just under 5 inches. Our normal average seasonal snowfall is 36.6” (fun fact this is the same as Chicago IL) I will hold off on my annual detailed monthly winter forecast until our next issue just before the holidays….however, I am expecting a slightly above normal snow season and at least one major snowstorm of greater than 10”. Until next time I hope all of you enjoy the autumn weather. If you have any questions, please visit my website, follow me on twitter or send me an email. Until next time –All the best! Paul Until next time –All the best! Paul “Some are weather-wise, some are otherwise” Ben Franklin
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    Regardless talking about low 90s potential in early October is no longer a 😉 post. It is sad what is occurring to autumn.
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    I will echo what Tom posted. I don't know if you could look to October for much these days (unless it is something extreme like 1976 cold), it has become an extension of September (which has become an extension of August) especially the start of the month. Teleconnective skill starts leaking oil somewhere between days 7-9, so yeah those weekly outlooks beyond week 2 not much skill there other than the week 2 pattern normally doesn't get undone within a week. If we get a SSW, again this is about a 67% shot, but that is a high percentage, one can anticipate a change to colder beyond week 2.
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    We took an impromptu trip to the Poconos since the weather was so great. We stayed at the same place on Lake Wallenpaupack we used to go to with our children. We golfed at Great Bear and Buck Hill. They are going to be redoing the White Course at Buck Hill and it is going to be closed for the season soon. (The white 9 that is). They have a Red & Blue 9. This is the locker room at Great Bear, I almost wanted to spend 4 hours in there. For Andy, I think the last image is part of a defunct Ski Lift (behind the green of Blue 7) at Buck Hill.
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    Special guest appearance by Tom Lamaine? Maybe we could get his thoughts on Hurricane Sandy?
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    Frost on greens is harder to do than rough. With cutting at under an with of an inch you get residual warmth from warm ground temps. Rough easier because displaced away from warm ground. Frost on greens is an issue but frost in rough fairways etc can do a frost delay as well. Usually this early frost delay is because of rough and some fairways/approaches that are in colder valleys. Assuming we go to mid 30s. Once lower then you can get frost everywhere but greens still are more difficult due to soil temp
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    They are fairly well booked prior to 10 am, so there would be a ripple effect. I can't say for mins, but the NAM is definitely OD'ing on the oooh the cooler air will never mix out Kool-Aid for the max temp on Saturday. EC 2pm 2m temp fcst is 59F. BTW 2pm DYL temp is 58F and their daytime max temp is 60F, so NAM especially not off to a good start on this run.
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    I’m rolling out 2 rain gauges at the new house for the first time this year. The excitement is building! 2 weeks ago today I started a huge aeration and overseed project on the yard. The weather has been kind so far so hopefully the heavy rain today isn’t too abusive on the new grass and remaining seed. As for the wind, these fall and spring synoptic storms always seem “blow” our severe weather “wind events” away.
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    The warmth has been slashed to two days, with rain thrown In. We take!!!!
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    This is Tom's wish for next Saturday's weather: (Montana high school championship). (Video came via James Spann):
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    There were 3 main things IMO that killed last winter expectations wise. First being what I mentioned above. Going into last season we were thinking this may be a modoki or weak basin wide look to SST. The Niño was pretty strong at times basin wide as well as sometimes east base which I don’t think is as good for here. Second, we never really truly coupled the atmosphere with the Niño. Seemed like it was always out of whack. While we had Niño sst the SOI was very Niña like and strongly at times. Which brought a bout those -pna periods later in winter which isn’t Niño like. Tropical forcing wasn’t Niño like either. Seemed almost Niña to nada where it spent a decent time in warm phases for us but we did have some Niño like phases. Thirdly, the inability for the SSW to couple with the troposphere really killed middle to back half of winter. We lost greater chance of blocking combined with Niña like background state and it was kiss of death
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    In June. After seeing the Euro qpf for this event and wondering what was going on, I went back to the EC site to see when the last upgrade was.
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    From Brian Brettschneider. Interesting split in North America the past 12 months. Coastal stations consistently above normal. Interior N below. Another snowy winter for Northern Tier if it persists; but, we could cash in with some well timed amplification.
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    Absolutely perfect day. What else is there to say?
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    I'm game, throw beers in the pot. Every birdie made, yoda shotguns a beer
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    Interesting stuff thanks for the link!
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    2nd is easier than the first. With that said when my wife asked about a third I said. N-O.
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    Maxed out at 96F!! Amazing!! Previous Oct. max., unofficially, 89F in 1941. Otherwise 88F. Way too hot for October.
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    Agreed, why post non sense like that. Only reason is clickbait crap
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    September 2019 ended tieing September 2018 as the 9th warmest September on record. Five of the ten warmest Septembers on record for PHL have occurred in the last ten years. Still 2013 for the last sub 70F September. There were none 70F or greater from 1981 through 1994. The PHL 1981-2010 average of 69.1F for September is now for 1991-2019 (one more year for the new climos) 70.3F. The PHL POR (1874-2019) of record mean is 68.8F. ABE it was the 7th warmest (4 of the top 10 warmest this decade), ACY also the 7th warmest (7 of the top 10 warmest since 2010) & ILG tied 2018 for the 11th warmest (only 1 of the 10 warmest in the last decade).
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    Jim that is fine. I wouldn't get there much before 230 pm. These Saturday rounds run long. Also in case of bad weather, we will post something in this thread and also change the thread title.
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    I just hacked into Chubbs' security cam this morning, and you may be right, he is already celebrating:
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    It really wasn’t much of a threat, anything above one tenth is an outperformance. We were overdue for a month like this.
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    I believe its a 25ft cable. I have mine coiled up and wire tied at the base of the station (not the pole), and it may even be a 40 or 50ft cable. I looked in the descriptions and I don't see it. There is a 100ft extension cable that can be purchased.
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    Lol. Plus the GFS saves it's 90s forecasts for October. Well Monday probably will be an upper 80s day. Euro day 9 predicted max temp 94F.
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    I took this last night on my way home from my evening class at Villanova. I think this was the outflow from the storm up near Phoenixville. And yes, I was fully stopped at a red light. ☺️
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    First frost (I’ve seen) up on the hill in Bangor, PA
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