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    Baxter loves snow, tastes great, from today
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    winter 2018-19 March will Rock!!!!
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    After getting some skiing in I decided to make a stop in the Del. Water Gap area. The wind was legit at the Gap today, but the temps gave me some great photo ops.
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    Fog was right at office level this morning, took some pretty neat shots
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  9. 10 points
    Now you see it...now you don't Pictures taken within 5 minutes of one another facing towards Phoenixville/Valley Forge
  10. 10 points
    I thought you all would find this pretty interesting...winter shelf cloud:
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    I spy a squall line in the distance. (A few other shots from the backroads up here). An extra 100-200 feet made a huge difference.
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    Perhaps I will camp out along I-95 along-side PHL airport and measure the snow myself.
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    Seriously that beat a summer time squall line. It’s not even close
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    About 1.5" now.. Big fat flakes. Taking advantage of the time with my two girls
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    In happier news. 3 year anniversary of this beauty.
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    All the shovels I've gone through this winter with the para gfs snows
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    Trust me I wish there were a bit more activity, though when there is a legit storm it's active. A lot people just lurk on here because there is very little banter and more insightful posts which I like. Quality over quantity anyday. It's a shame how people can get so childish over something they can't control like the weather. I don't get the meltdowns honestly. It's all out my control so why would I get all bent out of shape if I have no control over it. Life is to short for that. I mean if this winter fails, there is always next year and then the year following that etc... Weather will do what weather wants to do. I know everyone isn't like me, so hence the reason for this thread.