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    Atleast my kids are getting some good schooling at home
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    SVR warned but missed the core. 60 seconds of heavy rain. Nice light show mainly cloud to cloud.
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    My wife and I both work for very large pharma companies, and they are both all in on vaccines/treatments and partnering with other companies to get things done. I can't really go into details though. Both companies seem pretty upbeat on their data though. Let's hope!
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    A brief bright spot in an otherwise miserable day.
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    Keep the damn politics out of this thread. I don’t care to read it nor do others
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    Some more pics of Roxiticus Golf Club from over the weekend. Despite the no golf directive members & their families were there both days just walking around the course. Club straddles the Morris / Somerset County line, highest point at the clubhouse off of 18 is 593' down to 396' at the lowest point on the front 9. Nearly hill in Somerset County crests at 854'. #12 par 3 is really cool hole, 1st pic from the back tee at the 199 yd. mark. Elevation drop of 70' down to the green.
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    Social distancing this am
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    Got called this weekend to our Professional Firefighters Union for assistance. We were asked to help set up an overflow for hospitals at Glenn Mills school in Delco. National Guard was there. Consisted of setting up beds /sinks/tables/chairs . kind of surreal. One thing to set up a shelter, another to be setting up an overflow for hospitals. Just hoping we don’t have to use it.
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    larger than pea size hail hitting Uwchan township right now edit: most of it is BB sized, but there are some larger than Peas in there too. edit 2: rumbles of Thunder as well. edit 3: and now at 2:42PM the sun is out and it's the nicest weather we've had since Friday Edit 4: somehow I attached the wrong pic the first time
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    Well I didn't go thru the almost hole in ones at Kresson stretch this winter, but I had one of those rare days (as in once every two or three years) where everything "worked" at Golden Pheasant. I tied my "career" low of 81 on any full length golf course (Ok I played about 75% senior tees) and relative to par (+9), it was my best score ever. It really helped eagling (only my second eagle ever at a real golf course, 18 at Deerwood my other) the #1 handicap #4 hole. Yes I played from the senior tees, so it was about a 200 yard drive and a 124 yard (sorry 6 iron for me) sidehill approach shot that somehow went into the hole. I didn't totally realize it went it, thought a leaf behind the stick was the ball until I got closer to the green. I also birdied two holes on the back 9. All this while bogeying every par 3. Weatherwise it really helped I was able to time (hrrr was good) the end of the first initial shower band as I teed off at 1244 just when it ended and with an empty course finished the round at 3 pm. There is something about a steady (and for me) faster pace of play. Now I will go back to my regular golfing joined already in progress.
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    Hi Everyone, Haven't had a chance to post over in a while. I've been following this Doctor overseas. He posts daily videos. Really provides a great perspective for whats going on with this virus and sound advice. Do think we will limp along with this virus until they can some type of therapeutic treatment for it and eventually a vaccine. Been very fortunate to telework. Probably will be that way for a longtime.
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    Well with all the course closed I guess the next best thing is to be able to work on a nice course. Roxiticus Golf Club in Mendham, NJ, we'll be cleaning out 78 bunkers over the next week. Excellent course in a beautiful area up in Somerset County.
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    One big positive is we have a guy like Dr. Fauci working for us, clear that he is phenomenal. Bloomberg channel ran an interview they did with him last year before this mess & hard to believe but I came away even more impressed. He personally treated one of the Ebola patients & seeing him with his arm around & hugging her when she was discharged was priceless.
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    We now return to our regular scheduled programming
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    Speaking of no politics (Brian might have read some of this), I was actually bashed (repeatedly on this person’s personal feed) by a “friend” of mine (who is politically on the same side of the aisle as me no less) because I wanted to leave politics out of the discussion. So yes I have always appreciated the no politics policy of this forum.
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    Ok, I'll be an ahole, heavy snow, 27F, closing in on 3" new snow. Winds were gusting past 40 earlier, but have subsided into the 20s, still enough for a lot of blowing snow. Near Colebrook, NH. I'll throw a pic when it's daylight. Just got internet installed. Between the remote location and the virus protocols, the set up was interesting since the guy wasn't allowed to come in the house. Customer gets to drill holes in the walls and such...
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    Also, on a lighter note...I purchased a very easy to install bidet off of Amazon a few years ago. Setting aside the fact that bidets are far superior to TP, the fact that we never really need to worry about TP in this house (at least, only a fraction as much as other families our size) is nice. 🤣
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    Its not the most attractive plant this time of year but I never had one of these fall plants make it thru the winter to the point of flowering.
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    Speaking on the lighter side of things, this happened yesterday. I turned the footage over to the police and they alerted local media. Am thankful that I'm one of the few still employed as our Smorgasbord has been closed down since the 16th. https://local21news.com/news/local/woman-cuts-line-at-shady-maple-slaps-another-for-not-maintaining-social-distancing
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    to follow up again for clarity - a clinical trial will be necessary to gain the new indication....these traditionally take more than a couple years but since the safety study (Phase I) was already completed for approved products like these it will move a bit quicker as the FDA has really accelerated their approval processes as seen with the amazing turn around on the test kits
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    Just a correction - any physician can prescribe any drug that has been approved by the FDA....including the above...a doctor is allowed based on their own experience to prescribe a product "off label" meaning even thought it is not indicated. This is very common. When I was a Pharma sales director we had a couple products that enjoyed more sales for the "off label" use than the prescribed use. However, as a Pharmaceutical sales representative you cannot "detail" a physician on a non-approved indication. I hope this helps folks understand that even before a clinical trial using currently approved products they can immediately be used for some other disease if the physician deems it appropriate or an only option.
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    The GOES 16 1-minute mesoscale floater just happened to be zoomed in on the center of the coastal storm this morning...very photogenic storm this time around
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    We're doing well here in Paoli. It looks like I'll be starting a new long-term contract, but who knows when that will be? My fiance P works from home when it doesn't feel like the world's coming to an end, so it's just us, our cat Charlie, Max and Peedie (betta and snail, respectively). We're not going stir-crazy, but if I don't cut down on my snacking I'll be waddling out of here when this nightmare is finally over. What really unnerves me is the quiet. I drove down to Mom's in Bryn Mawr last week and drove past Villanova. I'm a part-time student there, and it's the time of the year when the campus should be hopping. March Madness, end-of-semester projects, prepping for finals, graduation looming. It's empty and silent and just heartbreaking. Hang tough, weather people. Please stay well and we'll get through this.
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    Speaking of models, I have no idea if this is the Euro, NAM or GFS:
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    Tom by 4pm, doing his part to help with social distancing
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    Finally get a pretty awesome March and Covid hits... Mother Nature is a real B...ch sometimes. Stay safe everyone!! i believe Loch Nairn is doing the whole 20 min tee time/1 per cart rule as well, pay over the phone.
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    On a plus side this red oak lettuce came up by itself.
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    Crushed here, just down the road from you. 🌭
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    Hey everyone, with all the boring weather I haven't been on here for quite a while, glad to see there is a coronavirus thread going. Stormtrack has had three threads on the topic; the general one started before the end of January; that started getting too political so someone started a separate political coronavirus thread. As you can imagine, that didn't go too well and was shut down. The third thread is a stormchasing-specific coronavirus thread - i.e., whether people are "permitted" to chase during lockdown depending upon the level of restriction in different states, and other logistical concerns - such as news that the Wyndham in Oklahoma City announced closure all the way through June 1, which doesn't bode well for a late-season chase vacation even if we are past the peak of health risk by then... Anyway, I am blessed to be able to work from home and feel bad for people that are out of work; I frequently wrestle with whether we have done the right thing by unplugging the entire economy in this way. Especially since a lot of decisions were made based on models and projections, and we all know what models are worth... Regardless, it is what it is, but, we cannot continue this for too long without doing irreparable damage to the society. I could actually go to my office in Yardley and practice social distancing by being the only one there, but I might as well enjoy the flexibility and comfort of working from home while I can. If this were 10 or 15 years ago when I were a younger man, it would drive me crazy to be secluded at home like this, but in my mellower "old age" I rather enjoy. The main thing I miss is my Brazilian jiu jitsu training; it's going to be difficult to figure out when it's safe to do that again; even once things start opening back up, grappling on the mats with five different guys in an evening is going to be questionable... In the meantime, trying to keep in shape with home workouts; I have a rower, an elliptical, and some dumbbells and kettlebells. I add in walking, running or biking if the weather is warm. Looking forward to more consistent warm weather to at least get out back, BBQ, etc. My company is in healthcare, although I am on the finance side. Spending most of my time researching the impact of all the new tax and unemployment legislation. Feeling much more reactive these days, hard to do the heads-down "deeper" work I prefer, but it can be hard to be as consistently productive from home and just responding to all the new coronavirus stuff is taking a lot of time. So far I have a couple of colleagues that have / have had the virus, one colleague that lost her father who was in a nursing home, and a friend that had it - he's about 55, relatively mild case, I think yesterday was his first day out of quarantine. Although I am generally a hypochondriac, I don't worry too much about getting it. Despite the scary numbers, the actual case rate is a fraction of one percent. It's all about protecting the healthcare system, because even small percentages add up to large absolute numbers that could exceed hospital bed and ICU capacity.
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    Here's what I've been drinking since quarantine began: Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout Oskar Blues - Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels Fegley's Brew Works - Bourbon Barrel Insidious Imperial Stout Stone - Xocoveza Imperial Stout Stable 12 - Rodeo Clown Imperial Stout New Liberty Distillery - Cradle of Liberty Agave Spirit New Liberty Distillery - Kinsey American Whiskey 10 Years Old
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    The news is bad, but would have been much worse without social distancing. Per chart below new US cases have slowed from 29% per day growth to 11% per day. Hard to see on log chart, but old rate would have given 100,000 cases per day vs 25,000. Fast exponential growth is a b***. https://tamino.wordpress.com/2020/04/01/social-distancing-works/
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    Spring has sprung. My second favorite time of year. Sun feels warm, everything is blooming and temps are perfect for walking, but you don't have to deal with the hornets and humidity yet.
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    We are higher risk enough that Wegmans granted us leave thru April 30th. So I am spending way too much time refreshing the worldometer hoping to see the curve flattening.
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    Wow is this good: Bell's Imperial Red Ale (11%)
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    Please don’t challenge Mother Nature like that.
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    That feeling when the return to EDT is more interesting than anything that's happened this winter
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