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  1. 13 points
    Nice rainbow at work this morning
  2. 13 points
    Near miss if one touched down. Coopersburg had a burst of hail.
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    I happened to be near Route 77 at Pole Tavern when the line was moving through. I was following it across from Cecil and New Castle on radar, and was wondering why a SVR was not issued for the powerful wind signature near Salem City at the time around 7:45 PM. Thought about heading into the open fields to watch the line cross, but did not want to risk not having a place to get out of the way in case of the damaging winds. Stayed in Pole Tavern and got the alert for a tornado warning, so decided to head back north on 77 after the rain stopped. The videos I have are from one mile south of the Gloucester/Salem border on Route 77. One is looking north toward Mullica Hill, which was about five to eight miles north of the location. Video #1: Pole Tavern 8:12-8:13 PM Video #2: Route 77 Eight miles south of Mullica Hill 8:16-8:17 PM Video #3: 8:20 PM Video #4: 8:24 PM Pole Tavern.MP4 Meso.MP4 Sky.MP4 Rainbow.MP4
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    Whew! Had a couplet come right over West Chester and I was able to get this video. Definite rotation in the clouds, although hard to see in the video. And that eerie green color.
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    Had some incredible views from the plane as the sun set tonight. Some nice anvils off in the distance.
  7. 10 points
    My view from Upper Darby looking west
  8. 9 points
    My daughter just sent me this from Citrus County FL late this afternoon (sorry, out of area post)
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    I wasn’t home when the tornado warned cell hit my area around 3:30 p.m. but here are a couple hail photos from the emmaus, pa that friends took. Lots of flooding in the area from the heavy rain that fell from 5:30 to 6:30.
  10. 8 points
    Took this photo looking west in Newtown yesterday, at the same time as radar image. This was after the main line had already passed through. Nothing severe or impressive, but I just thought it was cool to be able to photograph an isolated storm with an unobstructed view - those opportunities do not present themselves all that often around here.
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    Took a nice hit on west goshen. Storms congealing as it approached. Had 2 rounds of hail (pea to nickel size) lots of lighting and an abrupt wind shift at one point under that tornado warning. (Inflow , was going into the base. Bottom image is currently looking at the Kenner square updraft
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    Was not expecting a rogue shower to come through at sunset, but it made for a great view.
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    View about 20 minutes ago approaching North Wales on 309 right before driving through the monsoon...
  17. 6 points
    FRANK! How bout this end to the storm...
  18. 6 points
    Nice shelf that came through there in Delco. More bark than bite, nothing wild. Little finger of storm zapped our energy. Pretty lackluster day for my backyard. Decent event for the region though.
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    This was a few miles or so from my house. Wind was pretty strong near me, but not this strong.
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    Throw up option more likely. You couldn’t pay me to live south of m/d line
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    That may be photoshopped. That seems pretty strong from what radar velocities were showing. Basically, that looks to clean looking for around these areas. I guess we will find out today if anything is confirmed
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    TORNADO TOUCHDOWN IN MORGANTOWN, BERKS COVideos & photos confirm what radar was indicating this evening, that a tornado touched down in Morgantown.Damage is reported. Fortunately, no injuries. (Photo credits :Paige Vondran & Michele Lyn Roberts Comstock)
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  27. 5 points
    Here are some of the mammatus clouds blowing off of the storms' anvils... Taken in Tabernacle, NJ
  28. 5 points
    Baxter found a dry spot
  29. 4 points
    Would rather have the every day rain than what we are staring down next week low to mid 90s, no thanks.
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    Time to play a Game: Been a lot going on for me the past few months. In short: MOVING. Sale of my old home (Collegeville) and move into the new home. I kept it all under wraps as I’m a fairly private guy plus I didn’t want to jinx anything. Anyway, one of you lovely posters has a new neighbor, me! Guess which poster/town I share obs. with going forward. The only poster excluded from guessing is Frank (from Branchburg, NJ) since I discussed things with him previously via PM I am not in Branchburg, NJ either.
  31. 4 points
    Meanwhile in the Canadian Rockies today....
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  33. 4 points
    sucky video - but best I could do on the fly with rain blowing at me E4DE4822-C90D-48DC-A80F-3FBC6652318D.MOV
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    I’ll try and post a video shortly. Rotation and strong winds certainly came though the mantua, west Deptford area
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    0.43" - a few loud claps of thunder - 1.34"for the day.
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    My new yawn gif, gonna pull it out for this event
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    I love 48 degree June mornings.
  38. 4 points
    I noticed the first fireflies of the season last night.
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    Looking south from Royersford at the SVR warned storm near KOP.
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    When in Paris, drink cheap Belgian beer
  42. 4 points
    Pretty remarkable 13.62" rain for the month of May
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    Can't say I can remember a storm like this in a long time. The howling wind is something that was just eerie. This is just outside my apartment.
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    This is a tornado, not a rain shaft just west of Kansas City, Kansas. Tornado Emergency in effect. (From Rick Bennett)
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    Got the Ambient up and running...I have it mounted up on top of my daughter's large swingset structure...might move it to the rooftop in the future but figured that was a good first spot since it is very open and elevated. I love messing around with this thing already!
  48. 4 points
    Saw some great videos posted from my hometown Altoona and surrounding areas, they got quite a show yesterday.
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