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    Nicest sunset I've seen in a long time, over Lake Ontario from Niagara-On-The-Lake. Just beautiful here.
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    Well there’s a river in my street.... never seen this before in the years my family has lived here
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    Issued the warning about 8 mins prior as that is my new stomping grounds BGM. Scary stuff for sure and no fatatlities. Likely will be one of the most direct oppertunties to save lifes in my NWS carrer.
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    Took this a couple of years ago in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. My wife and I were hiking in those mountains when this thunderstorm quickly appeared coming over the mountain tops. We were then pelted by a torrent of small hail for several minutes as we tried to race back down to the bottom of the mountain. It's a bit concerning when caught in a storm like that on a mostly-exposed trail. I was able to capture the storm as it exited to the east (to the right side). The mammatus was cool.
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    Today has that late October feel, love it
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    I apologize as the picture does not do it justice, but the view of Toronto from NOTL. About 21 miles as the crow flies. CN Tower at left. Visibility is excellent today. Much less humid too, about 70 degrees with a cool breeze off the lake.
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    Just got back from Myrtle beach. Lucky to have the weather cooperate for 4 outta the 5 days. Played arrowhead Sunday, Prestwick Mon, tidewater tues, and Caledonia on Wed. Beautiful courses, highly recommend them if you play down there. Par 3 at Arrowhead , big island Green. (I dunked it in the water 🤣) Prestwick was a nice little gem I never heard of down there. Stunning 9th & 18th hole. Water all the way down the left side and right side (pictured is the 9th). Tidewater (believe this was the 15th hole) intercoastal waterway and basin on your left. And finally, Caledonia GC The drive into the course. The Spanish moss makes for a very scenic drive in. View of the 18th green 18th tee
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    Couple nice drone shots over NW Chester County this evening after our 9th straight day of measurable rainfall with 4.95" falling over that period,
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    What a morning! A++++ Us Fathers deserve a weekend like this. Happy Fathers Day to all those posting here. Enjoy!
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    The 12z NAM is even worse than yesterday's run with 2-4 inches over Philly north of the front . Image from Eric Blake twitter.
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    This is from last summer. At around 8,800 feet in elevation, Point Imperial is the highest overlook in Grand Canyon National Park--so the views are something to behold. It just so happened that a thunderstorm rolled eastward right through the canyon's length as I was there, giving me an amazing view of the lightning striking the canyon below. Thunderstorms in the Western US, with all the physical relief, seem so much more beautiful than what we get around here. Dramatic landscapes and the ability to see more of both the sky and land below probably have something to do with it!
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    This is not Philadelphia weather related but it is general weather related so figured it would be OK to post and, if so, most appropriate in this general banter-type thread. Just wanted to mention it here on the forum because nobody else would care [emoji57][emoji19][emoji52] I just got back from my annual Plains storm chasing trip. It has been a very slow severe weather season out there, with the number of tornados well below average. An interesting anecdote is it was the first year that all the way through April Oklahoma had still not had its first tornado. I postponed my trip twice waiting for the pattern to improve. While no strong trough ever did dig into the Plains these last few weeks, there were a couple weaker troughs that lifted out from the Great Basin and sent some shortwaves through the Plains with 30-40 knots of southwesterly 500mb flow at times. We had 3 good chase days from 5/27-5/29. Unfortunately we screwed up on the first two - one due to a bad target area forecast (failed to choose southeastern WY where there was a tornado) and one due to bad field adjustments (focused on the “wrong” segment of an OFB and missed landspouts in northeast CO). On the third day, we along with apparently 90% of chasers were on a nice HP supercell in Oklahoma that was briefly tornado-warned but meanwhile a nice tornado occurred 50 miles to the north in Kansas and even made the mainstream news. A fourth chase day occurred on Friday 6/1 in Nebraska but the ingredients just did not come together as expected even by the professionals that day. We should have been up in North Dakota where there were a number of tornado reports but we felt it was just ridiculously far to drive. Short and disappointing trip this year. While I would never expect to make up for it in our area - even IF there were ever an isolated supercell to chase around here it would be near impossible with trees, hillls and traffic - I hope there is at least some action, since I came back with my storm craving totally unsatisfied. Thanks for listening, who else could I commiserate with other than a bunch of fellow weather geeks? [emoji57]
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    a few from our annual early June AC weekend
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    Dawn rainbow, rare sight. That and the HRRR make me more (or less) confident I may not need to go purchase a watercraft with excessive room for animals this weekend.
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    Sudereyri, NW Iceland, 66 deg N, sunset 12:30AM sunrise 2:30AM March weather - 40s.
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    I know it is not within driving distance for most, but for $59 starting @ 3pm weekdays, one can play Seaview Bay Course and get done in time because of Tom's favorite after 8 pm sunsets. Maybe people dont like the background work going on, but the course was pretty much empty then yesterday and we did all 18 holes in 3:15. It wasn't as if I had my A game either, didn't have my first par til the 15th hole but it was one of those rounds where I parred 3 of the last 4 holes and pretty much forgot what happened the rest of the round. They are setting up for the LPGA for the ensuing weekend (so 18 is kind of cool, it literally felt like the closing hole of a tournament) and they do have alot of outings in June. But we usually could get a tee time any time in July and pre 8 pm sunsets in August and get done in time. Rough was brutal, it was tough enough just finding your tee shots and their knobby/fast greens turned into "others" rather easily.
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    past 10 Memorial Day weekends at PHL, overall theme during the 4 day weekend has been summer like & dry, the backdoor front last Memorial Day may be skewing the perception of frequent marine layer intrusions but outside that you be hard pressed to find another backdoor front in the mix, 2013 was all Canadian chill on howling NW winds - Tombo must have been doing cartwheels that weekend
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    Just had a brief, hvy shower that dropped 0.29", 5.81" total
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    0.33" today, 5.52" total Enough of a break in the rain at the shore mid-day to get some fishing in
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    Yes, picked a good day to take off. 20180612_134444.mp4
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    Almost rained here in center city. Sun back now. Nice evening.
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    quick shower then a quick rainbow
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    Just be stronger than the storm
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    Par 71, no carts or waiting.
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    Beachfront in Manasquan, sea breeze kicked in around 11:00, down to 70 degrees now.
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    We'll burn through it for ten minutes of sun before sunset as is typical of closing out a weekend, then we dry it out to go back to work on Tuesday.
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    In the neighborhood grass
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    Basically mowing at top height (4”) on the mower. Likely will need to mow again before any weekend rain.
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    Beautiful morning followed by a picturesque sunset out in Amish Country.
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    Hooky day for sure. Played Fox Hollow and shot an 85 there, wind was my friend today. Mowed the lawn and also finished off the mulch, finally...
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    53 this morning at PHL, have to go back to 1980 for a cooler temp on this date doesn't get any better than yesterday afternoon thru today, had to bail on work early the past 2 days so I could get home & do some peddling, rode down to Core Creek Park this afternoon
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    Hey Cam cat... I am a land/hardscaper of 25+ yrs. ( I also mow grass...lol). I have graded new construction town homes and solved many water issues. E-mail me some pics if possible (landscapelaw123@ gmail.com). I always start with where is the water coming from?
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    Another gorgeous, cool morning, feels like mid/late September! Actually wouldn’t mind it being a little warmer, I was up at 5:30am and wanted to sit outside with a cup of coffee but it was too cool to sit comfortably outside in shorts and even a long-sleeve shirt. But it’s great weather, great for sleeping, and I love it in combination with the early sunrise, with that and the birds chirping it’s so much easier and more pleasant getting up out of bed!
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    McCullough's in Egg Harbor Twp. Saturday, happy to dodge the rain however the humidity & lack of a breeze were brutal. I've been down to the Egg Harbor circuit at this time of year for quite some time & have never seen the rough & tall grass this thick. Anything off the narrow 2nd cut was essentially DOA. Course is on a landfill so you get elevation changes that wouldn't be possible with the native landscape. tee boxes at #4, 8 & 18
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    Well it is now over 90% of our pole bean plants, about a quarter of our potato plants and all of our sunflower plants that have been ruined by the f&*^ing wind. Our pepper plants are still too small to be affected by the wind, so we have that going for us. I have to give myself a 36 hour time out, I am so steamed and pi$$ed off for all that wasted effort the past month ruined by a nor'easter wanna be in early June. I don't know how farmers do it. It is a thankless, but noble effort on their part.
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    I know I beat a dead horse with this, but according to yesterday's 12z GFS, that can't be. You should have had 18 consecutive hours of measurable precipitation thru 2am in the morning and rain should start again by 11 this morning and won't stop for another 30 hours. So congrats.
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    Sea Oaks in Egg Harbor Twp, not a bad course however it's not worth $80, my driver did appreciate the nice wide fairways on many holes.
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    Round after round of drenching thunderstorms since 1:00am in Manasquan. Lightning & thunder progressively worse with each storm. You can't sleep thru the booming with this current storm. Has to be several inches at this point. At we made it thru Saturday unscathed, top 10 beach day.
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    You know after last week, this had to happen. Except for the 2nd & 9th holes, all my chips were within 10 feet, two within a foot. Yeah these greens stimped at about half of Deerwood. So that helped alot. But at least the Oracle of Kresson agrees with our 90s outlook.
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    Good info guys. My garden sees shade til mid morning and then sun til late afternoon but as summer marches on the shade (from neighbors trees) does creep in quicker. I feel like that decreasing sun later in summer may be stunting them somewhat. We'll see how it goes this year. With me likely moving next year I'll probably be doing exclusively pots next spring/summer with the transition likely.