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    new member of the family, brought home Zeke the yellow lab last WED, 9 wks. old & loves the snow, been at the door all morning begging to go out & romp in the snow
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    A pic from the farm in East Fallowfield, from Mrs WMW. Brilliant March sun!
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    After grabbing all your data and Coocorahs stuff and applying some common sense in sparse areas, came up with this.
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    Bangor PA — 6” as of 9:00 AM
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    First post! Yes, WFO PHI uses reports on this page often. They were essential for us yesterday, I might add, so thank you all.
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    I had a customer share a photo from the March ‘58 storm which they remember vividly living in Wagontown, West Caln Township. They are going to see if they can find more, as they do I will share This photo shows 2 cars submerged in the snow
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    Official measurement at Millersville University, which is a mile from my house was 17.5” with a current depth of 14”.
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    DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER CONDITIONS… the Pirate Bar is closed!😡 About 12 heavy, wet, thick inches of snow(lots of compaction and innuendo included)
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    4.0" moderate snow, 28 degrees. Zionsville, PA - Lehigh County
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    Only on this forum are snow maps described as drool worthy and beautiful lol
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    Hey guys, Went around City Hall on the way home to take some video clips. I mashed 'em up here: What a beautiful end to winter! (Maybe...)
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    Soaking it all in out in Amish Country today. Mid-80s with gusty, manure-freshened south winds.
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    Final for me in Newtown (measured this morning) slightly above 8”. All Wednesday, had nothing from Tuesday except a dusting of sleet. Had about 7” when I first went out to shovel at 5pm yesterday evening, so just another inch or so after that. That’s why I’m confused that the 2pm Mt. Holly graphic was supposed to be “additional” from that point on, because the amount on that map for my area happens to correspond to the event total for me. Guess we just had less than expected snowfall from that point on? Anyway here are a couple pics - love the way the snow adhered to these thin twigs, forming like a basket, it’s amazing so much snow could be caught and not just slip through. It’s not like the snow was even all that wet, at least not compared to last time. Seemed surreal to still be out in the snow in daylight at 7pm! Just not something we’re accustomed to with a winter event! Seems like the better bands and “patches” were always gliding by areas adjacent to me but not right through here. No complaints though. Well, I guess the next things to look forward to are thunderstorms, especially my annual Plains chasing trip in mid/late May. I look forward to that every year, and this year it should come quickly: this “extra” winter storm has kept me focused on winter later than usual, so now my waiting period until storm chasing will seem shorter than usual! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    1400 hrs 30F/28F Hockessin DE moderate snow 4.2” since 1000 am i have to go to the hospital now
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    Massive dendrites from the last band.
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    Speaking of The Inquirer, this board was mentioned in Anthony's article in today's paper. Section B, page 3.
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    Hey guys, I work as a GIS Analyst so, if you want, once this is over, I can take that google spreadsheet and make a pretty good map of the totals. There's definitely enough data points around the area.
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    Sitting at 2.75" storm total so far, 2" for Round 2. Nice hard frozen pack at the bottom helping to make everything accumulate. Molly, our six year old goldendoodle, is loving life.
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    Hi my name is Brett and Im an addict. Before I clog up the thread too much just one more post. Looking at latest RGEM hourly precip maps it really flips the city over quick. Now I imagine even though it will be snowing heavily it will take an hour or so for true accumulation to begin. Regardless, if you are a fan of heavy snow set your alarm clocks tomorrow because it is starting to look like it will be coming down hard. Just not lasting that long.
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    I just want to say that I kept the NWS's slides from the 5 p.m. 3/19/18 briefing and it was surprisingly accurate. It predicted a range of 8"-12" and that's pretty much what happened, and it said there was 90% confidence of > 2" and 10% chance of >13". It warned of a "significant" impact from heavy snow and merely an "elevated" risk of gusty winds (which, at least in the western suburbs thankfully never really materialized). Folks tend to remember what they want to remember (those big storms that go bust and come in as rain; or those surprise storms with worse effects than anticipated). All things considered, and notwithstanding it's been an insane weather month, NWS deserves credit for being this close. Yeah, watching the models come and go is exciting, and I only understand about half (if that) of what the chatter here is about, but it's interesting, and it's always compelling when the "science wins."
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    So this is what living in vay feels like? Looks like another 1.5 on top of the 8.5 since board cleared
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    Also relating to this, feel free to add your own coordinates to the list so you can be a part of the PhillyWx kml file and see where everyone is! I also added an obs and total column so we can plot your obs/totals on the maps too. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y_KZNWcNmM78900qUUi6rdT3z8VesPeMSyctvHdZhao/edit?usp=sharing
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    Biggest flakes I ever saw falling. Piling up quickly. Pushing 6”
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    Who needs that when you have the new High End forecast from Mount Holly. The 1 in 10 chance map:
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