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  3. I was about to ask the same. it was forecast to start around 4 here. rain and thunder here now
  4. Couple of big booms after 10 AM from a cell near Plymouth Meeting that possibly injured severe chances for later unless it maybe set up a boundary.
  5. Still to capped around the city area. Sky is to clean looking, no cumulus clouds to represent we have reached out convective temp yet
  6. KRDG is reporting it's 76 degrees with a dew point of 62 degrees. If I'm being honest, I'm not expecting much from today. It just doesn't seem like the pieces are there, but I'm also no weather expert. On the other hand, I expected nothing this past Sunday and ended up getting a nice storm out of it.
  7. Quick hitters with torrential downpours here in West Berlin, NJ. Moving East.
  8. Some rumbles to the south now...just missed us in media.
  9. 0.11" with the while I was food shopping thunderstorm. A couple of big drops now. I take.
  10. The MJO has been pretty active as it moves through the Pac. Most of the forecasts show a new impulse in the IO through the beginning of the month, and once that propagates, can be the nail in the coffin to the Nino. That being said, ENSO phase states can have lag effects, so Nino-like tilt to the global environment may last for a while. Enhanced E. Pac jet certainly a staple of that type of activity, which is what we are seeing. But we also currently have a pretty strong MJO wave moving eastward, so that explains that. Minimal upwelling of warm waters in the E. Pac. So the equatorial SSTs seem unaffected.
  11. 60 degrees both at home & the office in Piscataway 0.08" in Lower Makefield & easier over a half-inch with the rain & t-showers in Piscataway certainly doesn't have the look or feel of anything noteworthy ATM
  12. Just had a couple big drops plop through delco along with a couple rumbles. Coming through this late in the morning sucks -- unless we can get some amazing heating this afternoon, big bummer.
  13. Was about to go get my car washed yo the street.. guess I’ll wait an hour while it gets a pre-wash 🤣
  14. We’ll have to watch between 18z and 0z how dews behave. Hrrr has them roaring into the area and rising to 65-68°Range. I will say. Doesn’t feel very stormy out there right now. (Low dews)
  15. .03" so far, and I'm good with it.
  16. Had several cells move through with thunder and lightning. .26" on the day so far. Sun starting to pop out now.
  17. I am sure it has muddied the waters as ongoing precipitation heading into the PHL nw burbs are. I felt a couple of drops, hoping that convection stats together to our west. HRRR has become more disjointed.
  18. The SE ridge is making a comeback. OP EC has gone one extreme or another with it (70s or 90s). Now two hot runs in a row where it is nearly in outliar territory with a 3 day heat wave Tue-Thu. Regardless this may be the best chance for at least one widespread 90 degree day for the region.
  19. Sunday looks like the warmest of the three days, best chance for a 90. It is also the best day for a thunderstorm. They still look hit/miss and our way would be toward or in the evening.
  20. That is typically our case where instability and kinematics do not coincide. The 3km NAM does look slightly better than the 06z HRRR with what is going on. Now that the NCAR mesoscale convective models are gone, the best of the rest is normally the arw (it is afar second though) and it has most of the meaty convection north of us. Sprinklers on. That didn't take long...
  21. Showers with some heavier downpours with lightning and some loud rumbles of thunder here just before 6AM, .44". Will be interesting to see if this first round will either enhance/lessen/have no impact on storms later today.
  22. Just getting clipped by the trailing edge of those storms now. Radar looks impressive but they aren't putting down a lot of rain. Thankfully... This could reduce the severe chances for storms later today up here unless we get a major rebound. I'm thinking a bit further to the South and West have the better chances this afternoon.
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