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  1. Big 'ol nothingburger here in Paoli. The line moved through around 4:30 with about 8 minutes of heavy rain, 2 claps of thunder and not much else.
  2. I entirely and wholly support this post. Our new place is wonderful, except we didn't know which apartment we'd be moving into when we looked at the sample one back in January. Our bedroom window faces east. I'm really looking forward to some later sunrises.
  3. This makes me a very unhappy camper. We're moving on Saturday. When we moved from Oaklyn to where we are now, it was about 100°F...July 1, 2012. I swear, we can't catch a break.
  4. Thanks to you too, Tony. Much appreciated. I always figured I was going to get lessons. Golf, to me, is one of those sports that almost require you to learn the ropes with someone way more experienced first. I equate it with skiing; I'm sure lots of people rent boots and skiis and just go flying down the mountain, but I was not that person. I required a week in Killington, learning how to ski on ice and ending up with a black-and-blue on my thigh the size of a dinner plate. I hope I have better luck with the golf.
  5. Noted. Thanks, Tom!
  6. Thanks, Chris! I really like the idea of going to Golf Galaxy. And they're in Berwyn, too. It also might be helpful to get the mechanics down before I start chopping up a green. You mean there are more four letter words than I already know? Dang.
  7. So, guys...I need help. Golf help. School's almost done for the semester and the fall term at 'Nova doesn't start until August (I'll be a part-time late afternoon/night student). I've always wanted to learn how to play golf, so I thought it might be fun to learn how to play this summer. Judging by what I've heard about playing golf over the years, I may be confusing "fun" with "complete and utter frustration", but I digress. Can anyone recommend a course that either has private or group lessons for women? My boyfriend and I will be moving to Paoli in a few weeks, so a course or club out that way would great. And I figured since most of you play, you might have some recommendations. Thanks guys!
  8. Where was this position before I accepted my contractor-to-hire position at Vanguard and decided to move to Paoli? No kidding. I'm actually perfect for the job.
  9. Brackets and hearts busted all over. What a shame.
  10. I did not love how we played the first half. Wisconsin's big and playing some aggressive ball. I'm thinking some of the Badgers are on their way to fouling out. The second half's a little better but man, we're playing sloppy.
  11. The Mounties were really good defensively and they didn't know how to play them. That got a little scary.
  12. Thanks! I'm super excited.
  13. Aaauughgh! I just saw this and I don't have time to do a bracket. I just got accepted to Villanova, so I'll just throw my V's up and say they repeat.
  14. I don't know all that much myself, but I post obs since ground truth is pretty valuable. And you'll learn a lot by interacting with everyone and asking them questions.