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  1. Brackets and hearts busted all over. What a shame.
  2. I did not love how we played the first half. Wisconsin's big and playing some aggressive ball. I'm thinking some of the Badgers are on their way to fouling out. The second half's a little better but man, we're playing sloppy.
  3. The Mounties were really good defensively and they didn't know how to play them. That got a little scary.
  4. Thanks! I'm super excited.
  5. Aaauughgh! I just saw this and I don't have time to do a bracket. I just got accepted to Villanova, so I'll just throw my V's up and say they repeat.
  6. I don't know all that much myself, but I post obs since ground truth is pretty valuable. And you'll learn a lot by interacting with everyone and asking them questions.
  7. This is my next challenge. I was a pretty meh downhill skier back in the day and I miss going outside to play in the snow. I'm not sure how my 50+ year old bones would feel about zipping downhill on a snowboard, but I think I can handle cross country.
  8. The wind's picked up and it's snowing lightly in East Lansdowne, 32°. I'm hoping the local communities, counties and state do a decent job of clearing the roads or getting into the office tomorrow's going to be a real bear. Oy.
  9. Your dog is just too adorable for words.
  10. The sun's trying to come out in East Lansdowne.
  11. If I may, it's also a great practice to note where you're posting your obs from. Many members post from work or school and the obs location and profile location may not be the same. It's really helpful for those of us who travel a bit of a distance to work (*cough* EastlansdownetoMalvern *cough*) or school and use the obs posts to get an idea of what the weather's doing wherever it is we're headed to.
  12. I don't have anything of meteorological value to add to this forum, but before things get even crazier I wanted to thank all of you for posting the maps, summarizing what they mean and what the implications could be for our area. Much appreciated. And thanks for doing all of that without the ridiculous hype.
  13. Apparently I'm still ten years old at heart. I'm holding off on doing my microeconomics reading until Tuesday because I'm counting on getting a snow day off from work.
  14. And this is the squall I drove through this afternoon around 4:50 or so. I was on Lansdowne Ave. at the light on Marshall Road. I followed the squall as it moved in from KOP and I was on Westchester Pike; I would have taken a picture of the cirrus outflow and the squall as it moved it, but I wasn't at a red light. By the time I got to the intersection of Westchester Pike and Lansdowne Ave., the squall had moved it. It was wild.
  15. This is what it looked like outside of my window at work as the heavier band moved through Malvern at about 10:30 this morning: