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  1. I'm over this winter. If it's not going to be sunny and cold, it can be sunny and 65°. Bring on spring.
  2. This is probably a redundant question and I'm a little buzzed from the cold meds I've been taking all day, but fer Pete's sake, why do people insist on driving through flooded roads?
  3. Stop that. 38° in my little corner of Delaware County. It looks like the clouds are thinning out to the west.
  4. I usually welcome the short days and long nights. But to be perfectly honest, my almost-52-year-old-eyes are much happier when I'm driving home from work in a bit of daylight.
  5. Around 3" in my little corner of Delco. That was a nice little snow. I love the big, whopping storms as much as the next winter lover, but this was just enough to make it feel like winter without crippling everything. I start a new job on Monday and I need the roads between East Lansdowne and Malvern to be clear.
  6. I looked at this and started singing that line from Buffett's "Boat Drinks": "Twenty degrees and the hockey game's on..."
  7. I tweeted this about an hour ago (thanks for the RT, btw), but I'll put it here, too. The snow says "Howdy!" in East Lansdowne.
  8. Light snow in my little corner of East Lansdowne. Just enough to cover grassy surfaces, but not sticking to the roads. Yet.
  9. Happy New Year, everyone! Keep up the awesomeness in 2017.
  10. Snow flurries in my little corner of East Lansdowne. 42°.
  11. Happy Chrismakwaanzakah, everyone! And let's all hope 2017 is a gentler year for everyone.
  12. That was the video I was going to post, but Johnny Mercer's a lot less...intimidating.
  13. It's not really a "holiday" song, but it's appropriate for this time of the year. And from the other side of the holiday music spectrum...
  14. 32°F and rain here in East Lansdowne. I'm beyond thrilled I don't have to go anywhere today.