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  1. Got lucky for once today with the storms! I'd guess 50 MPH winds at the height of the storm, with a period where you couldn't see anything through the downpour and wind. Thunder was very loud too. I'll take it , especially considering the lack of severe this year (where I am) and that I wasn't expecting more than some broken up meh.
  2. A little windy and cooler at 81 degrees now, outflow boundary passing
  3. I was wondering this too!
  4. huh! haven't heard of the term before, learned something new!
  5. downburst signature on warned storm?
  6. The rain found out it was summer... not supposed to rain in a couple months
  7. Hmm ... wonder if that couplet coming ashore could do something..
  8. little hook, (mini) supercell?
  9. Had a pretty good gust front ... once in the storm, really heavy downpours but no real strong winds. There was a moment when the rain really picked up and started coming down in thick sheets and thought I was in for it, but it ended about 10 seconds later. Though the wind wasn't impressive, the rain really was.
  10. Hearing thunder ... I think this'll be a good storm. Steep lapse rates to victory?
  11. Weird lookin' sounding ... like the dry air at least. Also, I agree that the shear is impressive. I feel more confident for strong storms in the area today than I did on Monday :-)
  12. Agree with wind and some hail ... lower freezing levels and dry air pockets are good for hail, along with dry air being really good for wind. I like the look ... HRRR brings some storms to my locale so I'm hoping I can get a little something as well (but no problem if nothing forms, main threat is NW I'm guessing since that's what SPC shows)
  13. Impressive, though I'm betting on a tornado not verifying ... likely just some pretty strong straight line winds.