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  1. Picked my daughter up at Swarthmore on Friday. While we were waiting, we took a walk through Crum woods. Flowers were popping already.
  2. Some pics from Letchworth State Park in Genesee, NY Ice Daggers by Josh, on Flickr Upper Falls by Josh, on Flickr Middle Falls Wall of Ice by Josh, on Flickr
  3. so if I'm understanding this correctly, driving from Downingtown to Canton, NY (between Montreal and Potsdam) and back this weekend might be umm.... interesting? My family and I are planning a college visit up in St Lawerence County, NY. Our route would take us up North East Extension to 81 to Syracuse then eastern edge of Lake Ontario. What are your suggestions on safety/intelligence of going this weekend?
  4. Very pretty! Love the glow inside
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! I tried to get a shot of the luminaries on our street, but failed pretty badly. The pic of our house lit up is lousy too, but you can get a sense of festiveness.
  6. The sky was pretty neat a few mins ago over downingtown with the clouds being very striated. Seeing the sun setting way to the west added to the interestingness.
  7. It's been a really pretty fall so far. Here are a couple from last weekend in the finger lakes: Keuka Bluff Fall Foliage by Josh, on Flickr Green, Orange, Gold by Josh, on Flickr Looking North by Josh, on Flickr
  8. And finally, since Nov 14th is the next "Super Moon", here is a 'Moon Dog' from the last Super Moon in 2013 Super Moon by Josh, on Flickr
  9. Just to get the thread rolling, here is one from last winter when the water was still a bit warm, but the air was cold. A fog cloud rolled down the lake and crashed into the bluff. Morning Fog at the Bluff by Josh, on Flickr
  10. I thought this would be a worthwhile thread to start here. There are a lot of times where I see some interesting weather related phenomenon and grab a picture. I thinking everything from Sun Dogs and Rainbows to Shelf Clouds and Fog stacked up against a hill. This morning on my drive out to Leola, i saw this (inspired the thread). The fog was tucked into the bottom of the valley below the farm house with just the tops of trees poking up above. Made for a neat picture, I just wish I had something better than my blackberry to take it with.
  11. Took a quick snapshot of the sunset tonight over KoP on my way home from work. This is from Warner Road looking down 202 South.
  12. so I pulled one of the pics off my phone and cleaned it up in photoshop. Much happier w. it now. Still lots of cell phone artifacts, but I think the color fixes and enhancements make it a neat photo. Patriotic Hot Air Balloon by Josh, on Flickr
  13. Pretty fitting hot air balloon for today. Just passed over my place in Uwchlan.
  14. You think the weather 'comments' are bad, try reading jibberish *fans* posed below an article on the Eagles. That is the great thing about small group message boards like this. They drive intelligent discussion with enough member policing to keep all conversations civil and accountable. I really enjoy reading this board. The part of the article I found most interesting (and tried but failed to post directly in this thread) was the updated forecast map and seeing how the storm evolved vs the forecasted track.