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  1. I went to Longwood today. I love that place. Dragon Fly by Josh, on Flickr
  2. Did you make some soup? Did some more snorkeling yesterday in between the downpours: P1020521 by Josh, on Flickr Smallmouth by Josh, on Flickr
  3. Did some snorkelling at the lake yesterday. Saw this nice Momma Smallmouth Bass keeping an eye on her nest. Smallmouth Bass by Josh, on Flickr
  4. box turtles are fantastic. They're struggling a little with habitat loss and general people interaction. Since they have relatively long lifespans, they don't breed very actively. Such a cool little animal. Last night my son and I found a Musk Turtle in a local pond. We checked it out and put it back in the water. I'll post some pics tomorrow of the baby painted turtles that just hatched at the pond down the street.
  5. So if you had a child at an outdoor nature camp in Downingtown today on a road that was very prone to Valley Creek flooding, what time would you pick him up? Camp is over at 4pm, I'm wondering if I should grab him earlier than that.
  6. Coyotes have a den in Valley Forge that produced two pups this year. This isn't my picture, it was taken by an acquaintance that spends a lot of time photographing in the park. Here are the pups from a couple days ago: Another Glimpse of the Coyote Pups by Kitty Kono, on Flickr and the Momma Coyote: Mamma Coyote checking out the Interlopers by Kitty Kono, on Flickr
  7. Yesterday around 7:30pm, driving from Downingtown to KoP for a soccer game, this one massive cloud was to my North the whole time and nicely lit from the west. I thought it deserved a couple of cell phone pictures.
  8. We've had some pretty heavy rain here in KoP for the last 1/2 hr or so. I keep getting distracted from work looking out my window every time I hear the 'roar' of a rain band sweep across the parking lot behind me. I'm sure the fact that I need to go out to my car and get something makes it seem much more heavy than it is.
  9. I've done a lot of work around my home to bring Native Plants back onto my property. My front garden is all native specimens. The Lady Slipper Orchids started flowering yesterday and some of the Trillium species are still in bloom. Each year they get a little bigger and more full. Yellow Lady Slippers by Josh, on Flickr Trillium by Josh, on Flickr
  10. Beautiful Sunset at Marsh Creek SP tonight painted sky by Josh, on Flickr 'and know they love you' by Josh, on Flickr
  11. Went to Longwood Gardens yesterday. They do a good job there: tulips by Josh, on Flickr trillium by Josh, on Flickr Snapdragon by Josh, on Flickr
  12. Those things are the coolest. Nice find. I love how they change color from bright green to that gray color.
  13. you might want to check the trunk of that Mini for a Pot o' Gold. If you find it, remember to share it with your PhillyWx brethren
  14. The storm ended with a very clear cut off here in downingtown. It was neat to see.