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  1. We've had some pretty heavy rain here in KoP for the last 1/2 hr or so. I keep getting distracted from work looking out my window every time I hear the 'roar' of a rain band sweep across the parking lot behind me. I'm sure the fact that I need to go out to my car and get something makes it seem much more heavy than it is.
  2. I've done a lot of work around my home to bring Native Plants back onto my property. My front garden is all native specimens. The Lady Slipper Orchids started flowering yesterday and some of the Trillium species are still in bloom. Each year they get a little bigger and more full. Yellow Lady Slippers by Josh, on Flickr Trillium by Josh, on Flickr
  3. Beautiful Sunset at Marsh Creek SP tonight painted sky by Josh, on Flickr 'and know they love you' by Josh, on Flickr
  4. Went to Longwood Gardens yesterday. They do a good job there: tulips by Josh, on Flickr trillium by Josh, on Flickr Snapdragon by Josh, on Flickr
  5. Those things are the coolest. Nice find. I love how they change color from bright green to that gray color.
  6. you might want to check the trunk of that Mini for a Pot o' Gold. If you find it, remember to share it with your PhillyWx brethren
  7. The storm ended with a very clear cut off here in downingtown. It was neat to see.
  8. Nice shots. The lower one is a House Finch, just FYI
  9. Post Snowblowing choice. (To be honest, its always my choice). Pic is from a warmer time. Turns out Red Spotted Purples have good taste too. I poured a couple pints and am sitting in front of the fire. Good Taste by Josh, on Flickr
  10. My JD kicked a** today! It took me two hours to get the chains and blower mounted back on and another hour to coax it to start, but once it was running... LOOK OUT. All my neighbors were really struggling with their snow blowers either clogging and stalling or just not being able to chew up the ice. I wound up doing my driveway and 5 of my neighbors today. Definitely Beer:30 now. I'm beat. Also here's a picture of my Dog's Derp Face playing in the snow.
  11. back to all snow in Uwchlan. It's pretty right now. Nothing like an inch or two of powder to cover up the 7" of heavy ice underneath.
  12. Here is Uwchlan Township we have about 8" of frozen mixture on the ground. Mix of primarily sleet with a bit of freezing rain and wet snow flakes. The sleet started here around 1am and was banging off my bedroom window loud enough to wake me up regularly from then on. I'm getting dressed to go start cleaning it up... good times.
  13. Snapped this sequence out my kitchen window this evening: Pounce by Josh, on Flickr Check out my Red Shoulders by Josh, on Flickr Bury my head in the... by Josh, on Flickr My what a big worm you have by Josh, on Flickr
  14. I can't answer, but the pics are neat.