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  1. Was glad the thicker cloud cover held off as the sun had no trouble getting through the mid and high level clouds up this way in the afternoon. High 66.
  2. 38. Models show (mid and high level) clouds moving back in this afternoon. Timing is a bit different depending on what model you want to believe. Hopefully we can hold on to the sun.
  3. Looks like today turns out being the wetter of the two weekend days. Was hoping to mow today but tomorrow appears better. I saw the RGEM and NAM hinting at this starting on the 18z run yesterday and was hoping they were too aggressive bringing the rain north.
  4. That's a nice set up. Should look good.
  5. HA! He's all proud of himself too. My kids have turned into dandelion hunters around the yard. I'm alerted when they find one poking out. After I dig it out I chase them around the yard with it as the roots freak them oot!
  6. 1.8 acres is plenty of work. My 0.3 acre is enough to keep me plenty busy on weekends. I wouldn't want more at this stage in my life, that's for sure. I'm also a sucker for perennial gardens so there is alot of up keep with those between mulching, cutting back and dividing over the years. I love them though. It's fascinating watch the rebirth of a perennial garden unfold this time of year.
  7. Good question. I have a similar problem. The Scotts weed and feed guarantees to get rid of clover, but it hasn't in my yard.
  8. Evening shots sitting at a lovely 67 degrees
  9. I understand most people are busy with jobs and families but if you are going to buy a house and have a yard to maintain you'd think people would care atleast somewhat. I'd say 1 in 5 properties in my neighborhood are "well cared" for. You know, the owner who will mow, edge, trim hedges, and put down mulch every few years. My yard is far from perfect but the effort is clearly visible. I enjoy it, always have even as a kid helping my dad around the yard.
  10. Sounds good. The important thing is you keep the yard looking good. Wish I could say the same for most of my neighbors.
  11. I should have mowed last week but I was waiting for the fert I put down to dissolve a bit as we had the dry stretch. The bit of rain the past few days and a little watering did the trick. Yard had some high areas but many manageable spots. Looks good til the summer drought hits.
  12. Need to get the first mow in today before the late week unsettled weather. Grass needs a cut!
  13. Great shots.
  14. Suburb mouse in the city today at the brother in law's. AC crankin' 85 degrees