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  1. Nice! fun place to visit. Hit up the NHL hall of fame is you get the chance.
  2. Nice squally rain rolling through at this time.
  3. Guess I'll be mowing 2x a week through much of June.
  4. 1.57" total
  5. Heavy rain.
  6. This reminds me of a sleet changeover line racing northward.
  7. That's a ton of H2O
  8. Impressive cells.
  9. RGEM in the same boat.
  10. 1.02" a needed break now.
  11. Quickly up to 1.00"
  12. 0.25"
  13. Spiderwort, perennial starting to bloom in the gardens. Not the prettiest name but a unique flower. Easy to split and divide but is not a fan of heavy rain or wind.