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  1. MOOOOO....
  2. Looks like areas that can stay south of the boundary this afternoon have the initial shot of late-day convection, prior to the overnight slug of rain which looks to soak many. Hard to see severe weather north of that front. 12z NAM shows some good storms firing where the sun is currently out near the MD/PA border and N. DE late this afternoon.
  3. 1.78" heading into today/tonight's activity.
  4. Another 0.25" with round 2 so far. 1.55" total.
  5. 1.30" total; a few sunny breaks
  6. Nice shot from GOES-16 ~40K Tops
  7. 0.90" in 20 minutes. Pouring.
  8. 0.50" in roughly 10 minutes.
  9. Heavy rain, gusty winds. Power flashes.
  10. Yard will gladly take the soaking.
  11. I'm emptying my gauge and rain barrel as I type this. We shall see.
  12. Berks Co. Is on a definite winning streak.
  13. Shhhhhh......just enjoy the sunset
  14. Made the hike recently, still had some snow before the recent round of heat Edit: these may actually be from Mt.Trappe.