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  1. 72 hours in a ripe environment...will be interesting to watch it get it's act together
  2. I'm ok with dews like this for a weekend in August.
  3. Good call on this, I think you're in the wrong line of work, although I did drive by your course and it looks amazing
  4. WTF clouds....
  5. Chipping away at the pesky marine layer, clear skies close behind. Not sure how to save the loop, just push play
  6. Amish, and Matt, about to get pounded
  7. What's the link for this sweet satellite loop? way better than rap ucar site which has trouble showing low clouds
  8. Deer destroying my winter berry shrubs we put in this spring. Every morning I see them
  9. Anyone seeing sunshine yet?
  10. Don't worry Tom before long you'll be hibernating in Bradford:
  11. Awesome winds (my anenometor is broken and only said 6mph max gust) with branches down (including on my car overnight with a nice dent) and heavy rain in Valley Forge a little while back. Nice surprise
  12. I read up on how to interpret skew-t's but still a bit overwhelmed. Below is HRRR forecast plot this afternoon. Dry air at mid levels although it seems pretty high in atmosphere, cold pocket with freezing levels somewhat low at 600, CAPE of 1000 (I don't understand the different CAPE meanings) and LI around -3 (what do you want to see?) Curious if anyone could expand on analysis of what this means for possible storms today to help with future reference
  13. Educate me please. What are you looking at that prompts you to think this? A specific type of setup?
  14. Blue skies and pouring rain in Wayne
  15. How is lightning looking?