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  1. Currently 92.3/72.7 here. Our high so far is 93.3
  2. Atlantic City Electric was the same story. I lost power about 8:45am yesterday, just got it back around 1:30am today. LOTS of ZR. Similar scenes all around our area, Jon. Didn't see any large trees down, but many, many larger branches like these.
  3. If PHL makes it to 14.9" I'll eat my desk.
  4. I suppose this is +FZRA, 31.8/29.5, Pressure 1006.7 and falling rapidly. At times, a wind-driven heavy rain. Very disappointed here in NJ. Kids are off from school and will wake up extremely unhappy. Of all the different types of weather, rain and sub-32 is the type I despise the most by far. Meanwhile, the HRRR thinks it's sleeting 5 miles away at KPHL and that my 850mb temp is -1C. Even the real time modeling is struggling with this warm air push that we all knew deep down was coming but refused to believe.
  5. My dewpoint was 9F at 8:00pm--now sitting at 15.3F Something's coming.
  6. For all my Fall Line brethren...
  7. 32/13, 1024.8mb and steadily falling.
  8. 17Z HRRR has PHL with a rain sounding between 8Z and 10Z tomorrow. but flips back to snow by 11Z. The deepest melting layer is at 10Z and it's literally 850-925mb.
  9. Total amateur look here--At hour 27 above, the center isobar seems to flatten out after being more circle-ish to a straight W-->E look. It also looks like the next panel has much more of an easterly motion of the low center. Questions: 1) Is this due to the interaction between NS SW and SS SW? 2) Does this have implications to surface conditions (i.e. the slightly colder look overall)? Verbatim, this looks amazing for those N&W of 95--that 546 thickness and the 0C line never cross the Delaware. EDIT: at least on the maps shown. Last question--why do the maps from different sources look so different?
  10. It's sarcasm. If anything we're seeing the models come in faster with the development of the H85 low and that's stopping the southerly flow, keeping 95 snow for longer (h/t to Tombo).
  11. Last minute 50 mile east shift incoming. If the Euro shifts, I'm heading to Wawa.
  12. Freudian slip or wishcast?
  13. I know he used to post on Eastern and AmWx. Wasn't sure.
  14. Glenn likes something on the GFS. Does he still post here?
  15. Stronger HP in Quebec on the latest GEM (allows for more persistent N flow)--also the H85 low is a little more south of the surface reflection not allowing for as much WAA at the H85 level. 925mb is still TBA.