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  1. Hope it holds together for our area.
  2. What will today be, day 11 of this awful 90s stuff?
  3. Despite the shelf cloud and ominous boiling black skies, winds probably topped out at 35-40 MPH with minimal thunder & lightning where I was at the time in King of Prussia.
  4. Valley Forge Casino
  5. Unimpressive in Collegeville. Yawn, zzzzz, boring, et cetera.
  6. Yep, looks like a pretty classic bow forming north of Hanover to my unprofessionally trained eyes.
  7. As much as I love snow, I think San Diego is where I'd like to retire if I can afford it. I'm not a fan of the 90s and really not even the 80s.
  8. Maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow night and get something like we had on 4/29. That was one of the more impressive lightning displays I can recall and the thunder sounded like bombs going off every 10 seconds.
  9. I'd enjoy a good thunderstorm just before sunset.
  10. Impressive supercells to our northwest.
  11. Maybe a bit too wet, but I've enjoyed this cool May far more than the hot April.
  12. Wow, what a storm!
  13. Neat! Around 7 PM tomorrow (Saturday)?
  14. This April has been lousy. Can't stand all of the warmth this soon.
  15. This light stuff is fine by me. Don't relish the idea of driving in an evening rush featuring downpours.