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  1. Awful, wretched, miserable February weather.
  2. After tomorrow, and with the threat next week, this winter suddenly isn't looking like such a dud!
  3. Wow, 2-3" per hour thundersnow if that verifies!
  4. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!
  5. Decent snow squall started in East Norriton, PA at 3:45 PM.
  6. Wow, when was the last High Risk? 2014?
  7. Re-reading this thread is awesome. Maybe we'll get lucky and get a massive 1-2 foot snowstorm in February. I actually don't mind one-hit wonder winters as long as the hit is significant to historic.
  8. Happy Yawnuary. Hopefully, February is a major improvement.
  9. I gotta think Montgomery & Chester Counties had over an inch of ice accretion in January 1994. Maybe even Philadelphia itself.
  10. Awful thread, awful weather.
  11. Yeah, this weather is terrible. Bring on the snow and cold.
  12. Guess today's freezing rain threat thankfully failed to materialize?
  13. 2" in Collegeville.
  14. Snowing in Collegeville. Covering the sidewalk and cars already even though it just started at about 9.
  15. Indeed. It was a dreary winter until that bowling ball showed up on the models and stayed there with each subsequent run.