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  1. Probably had somewhere between 7 to 8 inches in Collegeville. Tough to really tell with all of the sleet and compaction. I was happy to get out on the Perkiomen Trail for some cross-country skiing during the final burst of snow after 2:30.
  2. Finally back over to snow in Collegeville as of 10:30 AM after at least 5 hours of sleet.
  3. Flurries began in Collegeville at around 8:45 PM.
  4. I'm an optimist, so I'll take over across the board.
  5. I know virtually nothing about college basketball, but I just filled out a bracket (I think!). My first March Madness bracket ever!
  6. What are these clouds? A friend asked, and I guessed stratocumulus undulatus, but wasn't sure.
  7. Snow squall just about to smack Collegeville. Looks almost like a thunderstorm is approaching!
  8. With snow squalls in the forecast tomorrow, it's one of those days to avoid the usual roads that seem to have massive car smashes!
  9. My guess is blue.
  10. Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued to our southwest.
  11. Some light rain and two rumbles of thunder at 10 AM in Collegeville.
  12. I don't think any of us are sitting around rooting for a tornado to destroy our home, but there is definitely an adrenaline rush associated with tracking a supercell or squall line.
  13. Decent storm in Collegeville. No hail, wind gusts to around 40 mph, but could hear stronger winds roaring overhead.
  14. Tornado Warning northwest of Lititz right now.
  15. Looks like PHL tied the record high so far today.