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  1. 85/77 - sun trying to stir it up...
  2. 80/77 in soupy Marshallton, DE
  3. Agreed, I can't even mulch. I have to bag it..
  4. Put in your zip code..
  5. Brian Brettschneider‏ @Climatologist49 Follow More Today is the day. Average summer temperatures reach their seasonal inflection point in the U.S. It's all downhill from here. #WinterIsComing
  6. My home town be getting the good stuff...
  7. Small hail, brief heavy downpour in Marshallton, DE
  8. Its 92 stinkin degrees
  9. Is that normal to see 40s in your area this time of year?
  10. Moderate to heavy rain , rumbling but nothing severe here in Pennsville, NJ
  11. Great news, I get to see the snow in better detail going to the north, south, and west of me
  12. Heavy rain in Delaware. Had a lull for a few minutes but its picking up again
  13. That rainbow is showing where my ball is....
  14. I'm so glad a bought a new 4 ton AC unit, can't believe I have to turn it on in April