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  1. With a more a more Nina look in the medium range, expect a stormy, warm pattern. Still chance for a brief cold shot here or there, (thought we had a window in the 7-10 day range, but not with -PNA look). With a follow up wave behind a cutter. But it could just be cutter city.
  2. Looks like we'all end feb with an EPO regime coming in. Wave lengths start to get shorter, but still think we'll see a cold shot to start March. good news is PV isn't anywhere near what it was last year, so don't anticipate as cold a spring as last year.
  3. I don't think winds gusted above 20 Imby. Meh
  4. Feb severe! Woooo....
  5. This is the section of the spillway that was damaged and causing erosion problems. The dam itself is not in fear of failure, just the spillway.
  6. Ning too!
  7. Sheriffs noting that erosion isn't advancing as fast as previously forecasted. May be some hope for residents there?
  8. That whole saga is pretty crazy. Structural damage and excessive water is not a good combo. The spillway way is expected to fail shortly. They really waited to pull the evac orders. Hope it isn't too late.
  9. I'm ready... bring on Spring! Need to work my golf game
  10. Shoulda never have gotten excited lol
  11. I'll stay true to my word, not punting til 0z. If we don't capitalize, what a shame. Some big analog storms showing up, nice H5 pattern overall, minus the way the PNA ridge trended. #winter2016/2017
  12. 5 years down the road... Winter 2016-2017 "the winter of warmth, wind, & weenie'a crying"