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  1. The relief behind this is amazing!! i was in west chester when the storm rolled by. Barely a drop there.
  2. Repulsive.... I hate hate hate this weather
  3. Saturday temps on euro. Gradient central ! Fully expect this to creep north north as the week goes on.
  4. Typical pulse storm with anvil blowoff type day. Low level flow is pretty mundane, while upper levels are 50-60knots. Should weaken with loss of daytime heating.
  5. SNJ cell is a beast:
  6. Cut off between good storm and rain shower...😑 Lol @my location this summer
  7. Some spin in that SNJ cell
  8. Decent velocity values in the viewing area
  9. May have a Chance to destabilize if that clearing in Lanco makes it hear
  10. Have to see how /if we recover from these showers as far as destabilization goes here in sepa. My $$ is on probably not enough to see a severe risk. Who knows though, I'm snake bitten this summer. I don't think I've heard a clap of thunder since Feb😬 Greatest chance for severe is delmarva area.
  11. Looks like the shortwave in question has sheared out or not as strong as depicted feom yesterday @12z. vs 12z today:
  12. Hrrr seems less than enthused with its depiction of what's to fire. 6z 3k NAM has this sounding for SEPA: but it is pretty weak with its UH You'd expect with better parameters, that's bigger storms would be shown:
  13. Haha, this is hilarious. Delco bubble in full effect!! Action north, action south