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  1. Been about 3 weeks since I got to swing the clubs.... glorious ! Playing down at Harbor Pines tomorrow. Expecting a 6 hour round 😑
  2. Always wanted to see an all rain Norlurn event lol. The shift on the models was impressive. Normally these events shift north & east as we get closer. Pretty cool.
  3. EPS were weak for event and didn't develop a coastal signal till further offshore. Still had some -SN with mehh thermals. (Philly and burbs).
  4. Tough forecast aside, pretty awesome storm. Modedate coastal flooding with water rescues in Ac, ice storm in SNJ, slizzard in the 95 corridor and a majority of sepa, 12" storm up to Allentown, and a 2' storm up in the poconos.
  5. Where's my prize?! 😁
  6. Drexel Hill: 5.5" of sleet snow total so far. There was about 2" of snow on ground this am, so not sure how much compaction happened. I imagine a lot.
  7. Back to mostly slizzard...🙃
  8. Flakes now mixing back in in a delco/Drexel Hill
  9. Disgusting outside in Drexel Hill. Pure IP, few inches of IP. Hitting dry slot nearby. That is a nasty band to mynwest by Tombo though
  10. The closer to 95 you get, the deeper the warm layer. That's why the zr across the river, and sleet in philly & burbs.
  11. Not sure if the brighter returns showing up on radar be Philly is indicitave of snow forming above. Storm is pivoting. Something to keep an eye on in the western burbs that are SN/IP mix *coughcoughtombocough**
  12. We've been mostly Waa driven precip. As this storm wraps up as its bombing out now, we'all start seeing mid levels produce some convective snows (maybe not on the order of thundersnow). But we shall see. 95 might be too tainted ATTM to switch back to snow. But anyone west of us that gets under that vertically orientated band, it should puke snow for a while. Good luck.
  13. Going vertical: you can see that big band gettIng its act together.
  14. Allentown getting into the mix? (Pun intended)