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  1. Thanks guys. I actually played your game yesterday, fairway and greens! Nothing fancy. But I did play with the same ball ALL day. Truly, a miracle in its own right, and maybe more impressive than winning lol.
  2. And then,. Finished up my week with my tournament for the golf week amateur tour @Philmont CC. Great track, quick greens. Ended up winning my field. (7-12hcps).
  3. What a week! Got all 4 rounds in @Myrtle -Beach! A few pics from down there: Courses were in a great shape! Some absolute gems, especially True Blue & Caledonia! (Also snuck 12 holes in @Arrowhead before we hit the road Thursday)
  4. New stuff firing on the front coming north in Delaware bay. Looks impressive.
  5. Nice week to go to myrtle...😑
  6. I've used golf logix. Nice app. Keeps track of any and all type of stats you can customize, accurate yardage. (Free version is from current spot to green, whereas paid version is point and click measurements from point A to pointB )
  7. Thanks. Yea, I've seen good golfers (5-10hcps) shoot in the 90's there! Lol. Here'a 2 pics from MH. Beer can pic is looking back on 18th hole/green. 2nd pic is looking at a downhill par 3 overlooking the valley.
  8. I've played there a few times. Gorgeous views of both Easton Valley and delaware river. Lots of blind shots, plenty of elevation changes. Tough course overall, especially if you've never played it. Im heading to Myrtle Sunday. 4 scheduled rounds of golf @: Sunday- Barefoot Fazio course Monday- true blue Tuesday Barefoot Love course Wed-. Caledonia thursay - arrowhead
  9. Fantasy land GFS never ceases to amaze:
  10. ^^I still have a small pitcher full of those things! They're indestructible! Caved today and put in the AC window unit. TBH, didn't feel too bad out there with a nice breeze.
  11. Last 8 GFS runs: closer to reality.And a quicker solution.
  12. Media-5" of snow Drexel Hill- Virga and crying
  13. Bigger spread as we get closer :
  14. Temps around the region:
  15. Had a small amount of frost on the lowest part of my windshield, was surprised to see that. Car therm said 36 when I walked out @615 And current 850's