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  1. Heavy Rain right now but no hail.
  2. Almost here! Be curious on hail.
  3. A few pics from my drive home today, minus the deck pic.
  4. Back to snow a little bit of sleet mixed in. Temp 29.
  5. Heavy sleet with about 8.5 inches of snow. Temp 26. Hoping to switch back to snow sometime.
  6. Temp 32 DP 18 Wind SSW 4. Snow has commenced.
  7. Thanks Tom, best for me to look at those for a more realistic look. Still looks darn impressive for this board especially NW of the city and for Smarch LOL.
  8. Question, do we really buy the 10-1 ratio on these snow maps for March? I keep wondering if we'll be a 8-1 or 9-1 and hence these 10-1 ratio maps are just a tad too high? Thanks,
  9. Yeah I agree with you, gonna be a fun storm to watch unfold!
  10. Like this one better anyone?
  11. Ok last one.
  12. Can we keep this going into Monday? WOW
  13. Sums it all up.