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  1. Absolutely delightful in Tobyhanna. Dews went way down.
  2. I'm going camping in the Pocs (Fri-Sun) with a large group of people and wanted to advise everyone on the expected weather. Does anyone want to hazard a guess on the relative risk of severe and heavy rain for the Pocs during this timeframe or is it simply too early to tell? I don't think it'll make any difference in what I pack (cheap Walmart tent), but others might want to be more prepared.
  3. Sheesh, the dew point is disgusting right now.
  4. Such beautiful weather today, only 82!
  5. Moderate to often very heavy rain here in Newark for the past 40 minutes. The initial wind gust was impressive.
  6. Is weather model euthanasia prohibited by federal or state law? Someone ought to look into that.
  7. Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry, pretty tasty.
  8. I missed the fun while at work in Newark. But lots of FB reports of flooded roads. I also heard that there was one water rescue in Townsend - woman in tree to escape flood waters.
  9. Wow!
  10. Went to Cape Henlopen (DE) today. The water was a mixture of ~80 degree water and ~68 degree water. It was refreshing.