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  1. Since NOAA is going with the following, what is your prediction on the number of named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes? Please indicate over, push, under and the number you predict 14 named storms: 7 hurricanes: 3 major hurricanes:
  2. I am doubting the accuracy of this depiction and that of the NWS total storm rainfall. Between the Canal and Newark, we've had some heavy downpours that have to be significantly more than a trace.
  3. Thanks Tony, I'll do some research.
  4. I didn't mulch. It was a complete disaster after a 10 day vacation out of town If I do raised beds with a 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 pearlite mixture, is it still necessary to mulch?
  5. Thanks Tony! Are there any lettuce varieties that you can still recommend?
  6. My previous attempts to garden were weed-filled disasters. But I really like what I hear about square foot gardening and want to give it another go, albeit on a small scale. My question to the experts is: is it too late to grow bell peppers, tomatoes and romaine lettuce?
  7. Oh, okay. I was just being lazy and simply copying/pasting what you had already put down.
  8. I'm not sure I understand. But I wanted under.
  9. PHL....93 (under) ABE....90 (under) MPO...83 (push) LNS....91 (push) SMQ...93 (under) ACY....90 (under) GED....91 (over) BFD....85 (under) Williamsburg (KPHF)...95 (under) Bonus question: On how many days the rest of this week does Philadelphia reach 90? (2)
  10. Absolutely delightful out this morning: 70, sunny, breezy and dry!
  11. You should frame this!
  12. Didn't work out so well. My P&C hasn't loaded or slowly loaded all day long.
  13. But you folks wouldn't get paid, right?