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  1. It wasn't a big deal down here this morning, but then again it wasn't the usual cracks of thunder, a wind gust and sprinkles, either.
  2. Surprise (at least for me) tstorm for me today below the Canal. Pretty good one, too.
  3. Can't say for sure down in Middletown, but 77 at New Castle County Airport earlier this afternoon. In the sun, it completely felt 80+.
  4. Happy astronomical spring everyone! Looking forward to the warm weather this weekend!
  5. Hi Tom! See? No crickets!
  6. Back to wind-driven rain.
  7. Precipitation shut off down here. Each of the mature (45') pines on my property line has branches drooping to the ground.
  8. The grey "death band" is just rain down here. I hope others receive some frozen magic as it progresses north.
  9. Pretty terrible bust for me south of the C&D Canal. I woke up at 3:45, saw rain and went back to bed. After compaction and melting, I'm at 1/2" with nothing but big raindrops. It'll be hard to show my face at work again.
  10. Why there's no other beer than Heavy Seas' Winter Storm (Category 5 Ale).
  11. Thanks for this informative animation. Looks like a .33/.33/.33 mix of snow/sleet/rain southeast of I-95. At this point, I'm just rooting for a snow day for my kids. I don't think that south of the C&D Canal will receive a very significant amount of frozen ppt.
  12. Tom, in your one-hour precipitation rate map, it looks like the incredibly heavy rates are oriented from parts of New Castle and Kent Counties in DE northeast through NYC and adjacent to the dryslot to the west? I don't know if I've ever seen a dryslot like that before. Is it because of a developing CCB that drops a s^&*-ton of snow on NJ at that time?
  13. I checked out the 6z NAM banding tool. Here are the depictions for 6z-10z. The much-hoped-for grey death band stays west of the Delaware River and northwest of the fall line.