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  1. Some cool shots from a friend of mine in Des Moines, IA outside the capital building.
  2. You have to play the wind and the additional gravitational pull...
  3. Just got home but crazy sunset behind the incoming storm in Turbotville tonight.
  4. Threat imminent in Turbotville...mad scramble to bring in the grills and lawn chairs!
  5. Well the lightning found me...
  6. We were actually talking about how straight the legs looked in this picture. I agree and thanks for the tip!
  7. Played at the Vineyards and Renault just north of AC last week. Pretty course but lots of water in the bunkers and you can tell there was a lot of flow in spots with many cart paths full of ruts and holes.
  8. LBI around 6:00. Only a rumble or two of thunder but pretty steady rain for a while.
  9. To say the deer at Lake Wallenpaupack are tame is an understatement...
  10. Rainbow after the storm at a 4th of July party in Danielsville.
  11. Couple from the floor...
  12. U2 at the Linc Sunday night so the only electricity in the atmosphere better be from the speakers...
  13. We've seen a number of turkey in recent weeks here in the Hilltown area. A few solos as well as a flock of them on Rt 152.
  14. Favorite beer, awesome glass. I need to make the run up from Hilltown to Qtown!
  15. Anyone else notice an even higher than normal tick problem? My kids play out back for even a half hour and I have to almost dust them off there's so many.