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  1. Couple from the floor...
  2. U2 at the Linc Sunday night so the only electricity in the atmosphere better be from the speakers...
  3. We've seen a number of turkey in recent weeks here in the Hilltown area. A few solos as well as a flock of them on Rt 152.
  4. Favorite beer, awesome glass. I need to make the run up from Hilltown to Qtown!
  5. Anyone else notice an even higher than normal tick problem? My kids play out back for even a half hour and I have to almost dust them off there's so many.
  6. Currently getting the star field warp effect on the windshield as we drive through heavy flurries getting off the NE Extension at Jim Thorpe.
  7. They're a small team as was demonstrated by getting completely out rebounded by Wisconsin. But it was a fun season with a young team and Buzz Williams is going to be a great coach for years to come
  8. In as PAHokie - had to pick my Hokies in the first round but I'm realistic enough to know they'll get crushed by some team named Villanova...
  9. Is this stuff even blowable? I feel like I'm just burning sheer pins if I gas it up.
  10. 25 degrees and belching sleet. Boulder sized snowflakes mixing in.
  11. My daughter's first grade teacher convinced her it will snow more if she wears her pajamas inside out tonight. Consider Hilltown township the epicenter of the jackpot snows...
  12. Stuck at my mother-in-law's in Lehighton. 26 degrees and one inch on the ground so I can say I saw a flake today.
  13. It is sadly...we putt through/over ice on a few occassions. I figured this one would give you palpitations or at best nightmares...
  14. Played Fox Hollow above Quakertown today for our annual Snowman outing. Course played like concrete but bouncing one off a pond onto the green checked off an achievement I didn't think I'd accomplish in my golfing career...
  15. If you like big voices David Phelps has one of the biggest.