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  1. Just hit 70 imby
  2. 69 [emoji1303][emoji41][emoji1303]
  3. So I recorded a 31 mph gust IMBY. This is a new high for me previously my highest gust was 26 mph. So a morale victory there.
  4. I am already. ''Tis the season of 30 mph wind gust from t storms is upon us!! On a damage of my trash can lids ended up in the middle of my back yard.
  5. I'll look for a job in that area.
  6. Probably taken in the Prendie tower. Good elevation up there. [emoji57]
  7. Blizzard Warning for Boston. Quite the fan of this part: HAZARD TYPES...Heavy snow. Scattered thunderstorms.
  8. Glad that Upper Darby report of 4" isn't a trained spotter. Otherwise I'd be second guessing my report haha
  9. 2.6" in lansdowne
  10. OMG bust sauce!!!! Jk I'm glad. Made my drive into my closed office very enjoyable since every road was wet and empty and snow was coming down at a good clip. .1 so far at the airport. [emoji57][emoji57][emoji57]
  11. Going with 6.1" IMBY. That would double my total to date.
  12. I would guess around 230-3? Similar to yesterday's release time.
  13. Tom can you break that down in what it's showing?
  14. This storm does feel like that 1/26-1/27. Granted we don't have the early morning surprise. If I remember right, we were not projected to get the additional 12-18 that we got until that 12z suite on the day of. Prior to that it was looking like 6-10. Again not saying it's going to happen but it's why I'm not ignoring the higher totals being shown. But in the end Mother Nature is going to do her thing....I'm just along for the snowy ride.
  15. There's that saying...You gotta smell the rain to get the biggest snows....I'll take my chances lol