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  1. How did that one lady not move until it was in her face.
  2. This might actually be my favorite day of the winter....Primarily because it's actually a winter day with on and off snow showers all day with a good snow pack....granted it's March and not January......but I'll take what I can get.
  3. There was still a decent amount of ice on trees on my way to work this morning by the airport. Trees were nice and shiny in the morning sun. Saw a couple of large branches that snapped off.
  4. Up to 15.7" for the season with the sleet bonanza yesterday.
  5. One question I had is Chester County was lumped into the 18-24 warning but on the snow maps they were never projected above 15". What was the thinking behind this? Just curious, mostly bc my sister is complaining she didn't get 20+ lol
  6. All things considered...I really enjoyed this storm lol
  7. The only good thing about this kind of slop is cleaning cars off is super easy. Warm it up. Apply wide area of pressure on one side....while sheet just slides right off haha
  8. Sleet/snow/zr mix now here. Temp up to 31.6
  9. Not sure what qualifies has heavy IP....but lol at this sleet/zr fest.
  10. Looks like 4" of concrete. Not the best at measuring ice but looks like a .1-.15 of ice accum. 30 degrees with zr/ip mix.
  11. Since we are between model suites I'm finally convinced immediate 95 area is gonna get the shaft? Why do you ask? Because my township actually pre salted the roads. I can't remember them ever doing this. So there's your nail in the coffin for 95.
  12. Go home Tom, you're drunk.
  13. This really feels like the storms when I was growing up. NW pounding. I95 hardcore battle zone that typically goes on the warmer side and south jersey rain.
  14. Living in Delco I'm at the whatever happens, happens point. Ive already prepped people I typically update with the boom bust potential. So let's get this show on the road. [emoji944][emoji943][emoji300]️[emoji948]☃️
  15. Includes sleet as snow I assume?