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  1. 1.36" here in NW Chesco, now just sprinkles, sun dimly visible. No wind with the torrent. Temp 76.1 DP 71.
  2. Ground had moisture before, definitely moist now - .86" at this minute with Davis reporting 9"/hr rate. Looks like it will stop in a few minutes per radar.
  3. Like watching a log splitter wedge going through a log with Chesco being the wedge.
  4. 4th 90 day in a row in my part of NW Chesco - 93/92/91 and 91 (90.9) today. Currently 89.2 with 73 DP. Pretty miserable out, but have seen much worse and getting acclimated.
  5. Just had a 5 minute downpour in NW Chesco. High hit 89.6 earlier for a cheater 90 day - 4th of the year - 3 90's and 1 92.
  6. Here in NW Chesco .13" of light rain and drizzle through midnight, .03" since. Still dry under the bigger trees.
  7. Other than nice shelf on the front end, very run of the mill in NW Chesco. Wind gusts to the low 20's and .19" of rain.
  8. Severe Thunderstorm Watch up until 9pm PHL west.
  9. I see Furnace Creek going for highs in the mid 120's and lows in the mid 90's early to mid next week. Was there years ago in July for a few days with morning lows starting out at around 100 with a local humidity island at the golf course from the irrigation. Unbearable. There's a restaurant there with an AC unit that went from floor to ceiling that was groaning to keep up.
  10. I'm thinking of the Bretton Woods area - that extra 1500 feet of elevation does wonders for the snow totals. Patchy snow usually still around in early May.
  11. Retirement for me is NH - somewhere within spitting distance of the White Mtns. where I can go to Tuckerman's and touch snow 10 months out of the year and 90 degrees only happens near the wood stove.
  12. 90.3 for me in NW Chesco yesterday - 3rd 90 of the year, all 3 rounded to 90. A sultry 73 at sunrise.
  13. 89.0 for me also - we have consistency across the area. Thinking we tap 90 today - would be my 2nd one of the year.
  14. First sign of fall! Next we have to cross the average temperature peak and then start down the other side in the closing days of July.