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  1. The resilience of this sleet is pretty amazing - still have patches on a south facing hill after 10 days exposed to sun that is as strong as it is in mid September. Also weenie piles about 3 feet high that look like they'll last into April.
  2. 18.8 in NW Chesco, 3' weenie piles like concrete. Last foray into the teens until next winter.
  3. Yard still mostly covered with several inches of snow/sleet. South facing hill pretty much cleared off. That hill is very steep and I noticed in the depressions the sleet is hanging on even in direct March sun. Seems like the sleet bounced down hill while it was falling and collected to a greater depth in the depressions.
  4. 21.4" from NW Chesco near Pughtown.
  5. Was just going to post this. People are that dumb that they can't understand a forecast change from 18-24" of snow to 3-6"of snow and sleet?
  6. Or April a la 1976.
  7. All snow in NW Chesco 6.2", 27.2 degrees.
  8. 5.8" on snow/sleet so far in NW Chesco. 28.0 with 90% sleet/10% snow.
  9. Same, employer not going to eat the overhead for people staying home - even if there is a state of emergency. It's vacation day or show up.
  10. And that 17 inches will take longer to melt than the 24 inches with the sleet content.
  11. 1" so far in NW Chesco with light snow. Temp 33.8. Finally cracked 10" for the season. Chipping away at the 20" deficit.
  12. Quite the turnaround for cold when earlier in the week forecasts had mid/upper 50s for today.
  13. 13.4 in NW Chesco - likely coldest until next winter.
  14. Still holding on to weenie piles from yesterday along with a few patches in shady areas in NW Chesco.
  15. Squall winding down here in NW Chesco. Knocked the temperature down to 30.6 letting the snow lay everywhere but the pavement. 0.3" Hopefully we can squeeze out another round or two.