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  1. 88.9 on my non-fan unit.
  2. PHL....92 (under) ABE....91 (over) MPO...83 (push) LNS....92 (over) SMQ...92 (under) ACY....90 (push) GED....92 (over) BFD....82 (under0 Williamsburg (KPHF)...94 (under) Bonus question: On how many days the rest of this week does Philadelphia reach 90?2
  3. 1.15" in NW Chesco. Gardens are still a mess for several days.
  4. 36.8 in NW Chesco, no frost visibile. Almost a degree warmer than yesterday. High yesterday 58.3.
  5. 35.9 in NW Chesco. No frost since I covered my 30 tomato and pepper plants in the garden.
  6. PHL....38 (under) PTW...34 (under) UKT...33 (under) ABE...33 (under) MPO....30 (under) VAY...36 (under) TTN...38 (under) Berkeley Township....31 (under) ILG....39 (under) Bonus: Does it snow at MPO on 5/8 or 5/9? Yes, car topper in spots. Not ruling out someone on the board seeing flakes. (It snowed!)
  7. .84" in NW Chesco. Took half of what was predicted.
  8. Similarity to May 2008 is striking - extended cold and Mother's Day storm.
  9. Plus the 60s dewpoints that we all know and loathe will be paying us an appetizer visit to make it fairly uncomfortable. At least it will be windy.
  10. .14" so far in NW Chesco with the first line of showers.
  11. I had 8 inches here in NW Chesco with the '83 event at 352'. Except for a few patches in the shade it was all gone by evening.
  12. 84.9 in NW Chesco yesterday.
  13. It's that time of year. Would look for Reading or maybe even Selinsgrove to go well into the 80's club today. Thought that last night on 6ABC when they had Philly at 84 yet RDG, ABE, LNS at 81/82.
  14. Davis read 35.4 for min, 32 in depression by stream where the bananas are waking up in the shelter.