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  1. A coin toss would have done slightly better at 10 days. At 14 days - abysmal.
  2. Overperformed in NW Chesco with a high of 69.2 yesterday.
  3. Would think the SOI crash and phase 8 MJO would yield us something before we march into calendar spring.
  4. He's got a couple straws within reach for early March - JMA finally agrees...
  5. Northern New England certainly doing well - 90" this morning at the snow stake in Tucks Ravine with 34" on the summit of Mt. Wash which is pretty impressive as it usually blows off. Avalanche warnings up for the area.
  6. About sick of this - New England gets bucket after bucket of snow and we get the wraparound wind. The Thursday blow toppled my shelter on my banana trees breaking them off at ground level and exposing them to freezing air. Replaced the now shortened shelter since I don't have 8' trees to cover any more and then this morning, that blows over. This thing is so heavy I can't lift it myself. Put cinder blocks and a tie down rope on it. Might need to do it Mt. Washington style...
  7. 3.5" in NW Chesco, had about 15 minutes of heavy snow a bit ago - last gasp I suppose, now barely moderate. Temp continues down, now at 29.6. Need a half inch yet to get to double digits for the season.
  8. Won't have to circumvent the all the snow blowers to get into Lowe's anymore.
  9. A couple graupel showers late afternoon/evening in NW Chesco that dusted the ground. 4th day in a row with snow. Still patches of snow on the ground this morning with 2 inch weenie piles by deck.
  10. Clawed my way to 6.0" here in NW Chesco after last night's squalls.
  11. 2nd heavy squall of the day here in NW Chesco. First one accumulated 0.2" and then melted. Second one was 0.6" which will keep the ground covered until tomorrow. Temperature down to 29.2 with the skies cleared.
  12. Only about a month until meteo spring, not that we'll notice the difference.
  13. More flurries this morning in NW Chesco. It just wants to snow.
  14. Anyone know what the normal percentage of sunshine is for January around here? Would guess around 50%. Seems like we haven't reached 10% this month.
  15. White things falling from the sky in NW Chesco. About as rare as sunshine this month.