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  1. Brian, you play a game I was never familiar with. Congratulations! ⛳🍻 👍❄⛄🏆⛳
  2. I think I am going to have my first beer of 2017 in about five hours.
  3. Close counts in horse shoes and monthly normals. According to latest Mt. Holly ccf for rest of month, PHL ends up below normal for month of May by 0.1F.
  4. It has been wet, which is never a bad thing.
  5. May luck out today with most pcpn holding off til night. As for tomorrow at/near the shore, a subtle difference:
  6. 2009 as far as April/May Temps locally is not a bad fit. But beyond that, I see that 2009-10 was downgraded to a moderate el nino (vs weak end of strong on previous used normals). Given how the models like to go bold with nina/nino in the previous spring, not sure we even get there beyond summer given recent biases.
  7. Sunday trending better, overall there have been worse weekends.
  8. Just read Tom's tweet that the road may be closed for a year.
  9. Ben Noll could have just read our thread. Looks like we are going to be pretty close to 63.6F for May, so my stopped clock summer outlook might have to wait til May 31st. If I were smart, I'd wait til August 31st. Looks like the 3.4 nino has slowed, up to this point it looks like the modeling has been lagging with the nina troffing / then maybe the nino peak?
  10. All we are having are the evaporational cooling wind gusts from what were once showers; maybe we will get a couple of drops, skies look menacing.
  11. Yup. More than enough, the ponding in low lying areas of the back yard is back. Glad our off to a poor start (regardless) vegetable garden is all on raised surfaces.
  12. 1.26" total, heaviest around us all evening.
  13. Total totals via GFS peak this evening, not there yet. 1.02" and rising rapidly.
  14. Just a couple of drops so far. Mesoscale models did well with this development.
  15. Don't know if timing holds, would be fortuitous if it holds for Sunday night.