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  1. 35f, drizzle. Suspect this is my farewell shot of snow from this morning for this abbreviated winter, barring a March surprise. Bring on the wind!
  2. 28f, last band through with just light snow now. 4.8in. Not bad, was thinking 6-8, close enough. Pretty. Now to work, haha.
  3. Snow. Wind. Neat. Here's a summary pic of yesterday and today. That's an insect that decided he liked the warmth then, with snow now flying in back ... lol.
  4. 32f, started snowing about 20 min ago. Roads and grass coated. Pretty
  5. Qpf burning, some mixing here at TTN where the hits just keep on raining. ....
  6. Of interest, probably due to mild conditions today, there is a complete disconnect among the general population people I interact with and what the forecast is showing. I don't chicken little and always caveat my discussions, but even so, mentioning there might be heavy snow tomorrow gets disbelief. Fortunately I get final call on moving things around on the schedule, but everyone is pretty sure we'll all be sitting around bored watching it snow 1-2 inches. Me, I told 'em I won't even try to be in before noon. If it's a model blow out and all white rain, so be it, haha.
  7. Neat. Sky above this was clear on half, smooth cloudy half, exactly reflecting the temp distribution. This weather stuff, it's almost like a science or something
  8. Looks like it warrants? 28-3 comeback winter?
  9. Not golf, but I'm looking forward to seeing a Nadal-Federer final tomorrow. ...
  10. De minimis non curat? 38f. Spritzing, sometimes sideways.
  11. Agreed. I think this storm is interesting, meteorologically speaking. I may be bummed at the lack of snow this winter, but that doesn't diminish the "Ooh, look at that" factor of the forecast wind maps, or seeing how the models verify. Still...if only.....haha.
  12. Ahhhh....
  13. Maybe. Then again, we just watched Dak lose a playoff game...2 rookies and 2 early to set their careers. That being said Prescott fought hard. Edit: Eagles fan too.
  14. Can I include 0.5 inch salt in my white stuff totals? 34. Nada.
  15. 9f, 5:30am. Extra layer for the dogwalk fo sho.