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  1. Grace with 62...
  2. Man i wish...dropped to a refreshing 91 here, haha.
  3. Not much, rumbles and rain. But hearing the screams of the resident video gamer when the power flicks out...priceless! 😂
  4. Warning for TTN. Looks like in about 40 minutes....
  5. Hmmmmm.....might actually get something here. Still thinking it'll east-ify a little....
  6. Nasty. Hate those mf-ers.......
  7. I'm sure the merit is better, ortho is contact but seems to persist awhile, nailing the tree end of June killed the immature ones last year, but two rounds of treatment needed. Still, something to be said for going all Ghostbusters on the tree with the supersoaker, lol....
  8. I'll check into tgat, sounds like a good method...but then I can't make my neighbors chuckle at my neon colored squirt gun bug death machine...haha
  9. Glad for this reminder to supersoaker my trees vulnerable to Japanese beetles with a few gallons of ortho, lol.
  10. Self nomination worked, ha ha. I won a yard lake!
  11. Cone looks near you?
  12. But before that, tornado warning Gloucester and Mercer (east of me, whew)
  13. 84f. Continuous rumbles west. Curious to see what makes it here... 82f, 7:25pm, monsooning. 7:30: Huh, who knew I lived in Cambodia? 7:40: 84f, and poof! Patches of blue and sun.
  14. Can I nominate me?