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  1. Over (16) Under (5) Under (2)
  2. Over/under on named/hurricanes/Majors?
  3. "Leaves of three, let them be. Leaves of four, eat some more!" -Homer Simpson
  4. Heavy metal show by Mother nature!
  5. I'd say I got about 0.2in pollen yesterday. In this case qpf means quit pollinating, f#@kers! Sniffle
  6. Shower passing over...
  7. Lawn snowpack held on. One more night of winter snow glow out the window. ...
  8. Tsk tsk, you should never let the facts get in the way of a good story! Lol
  9. 29f, crisp night, strong wind, snow covered yard for a great winter dog walk. Then back inside for a cold brew and watch the Phillies play (today's rebroadcast of spring training). Lol this is a very very odd juxtaposition. Kind of like it.....
  10. Given it's Pi Day, how about 3.14:1 ?
  11. No, Trenton Thunder, today was NOT the day to send me an offer of free ice cream with my future ticket purchases. Lol.
  12. Given the low's location and winds, you can clearly see why Cherry Hill area-ish is ground zero for power outages (over 12,000 with PSEG.). Interesting to see if the outages continue to track with that area as it moves up....
  13. phlwx, 1) Yep 2) Yep 3) Yep. Pretty much nails it on the head. Models are never going to be right on at r/s line. And really, they don't need to be. My weenie-ness is not a financial justification for better snowline on models lol. Really, they just need to parse out the broad details of strong systems for public safety and government and utility preparedness. Which actually the models and mets do a very fine job at. The communication aspect is the part that can use the most help, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. It's about clicks, not assessments of reality. I can't see a way to change that for the internet, but I continue advocate our fine NWS folks and all our mets to continue the excellent work of informing and warning in the bigger picture. Thinking back on it, there've been a number of busts on r/s line amounts, and, if I may say, bfd. Lol. The only event I can think of that was regrettable in the last 10 years or so was the surprise ice storm a few years back the roads weren't prepped for, and there were a lot of accidents. Nothing to do with the mets, really just an example of the incredible trickiness of ice forecasting, but more just to show the not infrequent event misfires on pretty color snow maps miss the big picture, that public safety problems due to forecasting misses is a rare issue. Anyway, NAM did well with this. (And I duck....)
  14. WIP had a rename Stella contest, my favorite: Patrick Cheung Storm, terrible underperformer in Philly, huge in Boston. :P
  15. This is a superb real life example, haha. Correct in the broad details. Unfortunately being incorrect in the Broad Street details is what makes it tough for forecasters. Oh well, Winter 2016-2017 we hardly knew ye. Good riddance!