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  1. I think you are right. I can feel the dew points dropping in the last hour or so.
  2. RGEM is gung ho for afternoon/evening
  3. Nice! I had 191 from left rough just to the right of the fescue short of the pond in your picture above into 17 and still laid up just because obviously short or left is wet and long is dead with all of the junk behind that green. Maybe if I was in the fairway and could get some spin on the ball I would have considered it, but in your case playing skins makes total sense to go for the gusto. Hope you enjoyed your round.
  4. Played there about a month ago. It's a really good golf course. Lot of blind shots and yes the third hole is long! I played from the bronze tees which is one up from the championship silver tees and it plays plenty long ~6700. 3rd hole was 237 when I played it. I hit a 3 hybrid pin high left rough and was able to get up and down for par. I actually played the par 3s that day 1 under. The 8th hole is an awesome short par 3 that is surrounded by water (you'll love this one). You'll enjoy it. Don't go for the pr 5 17th in two even if you think you can get home.
  5. Round of the year to date last weekend at home club Concord Country Club. Shot a 76- 40 on the par 35 easier front nine and 36 on the par 36 more difficult back nine. 5 birdies and 3 doubles. Heckle and Jyde round. If I could have avoided the doubles could have been something special. Was hitting 3 off the tee twice b/c of tee shots going OB. The course is in phenomenal shape as this summer has been relatively conducive to stellar golf course conditions, but it will be interesting to see how the poa annua greens hold up to the humidity going forward. Hope everyone is playing lots of golf and enjoying their summers.
  6. respectfully disagree. I think this is a great course for a major. If you are playing well and sharp you can score and if your off your game you will be punished. This course is right in front of you. no gimmicks whatsoever. If you make mistakes in majors you should get penalized, conversely if you are playing well you should be able to make birdies. The way they setup Merion was a joke. The made some holes impossible to make birdie or even par for that matter (18th hole) even if you hit 2 good shots. That course was not meant to played in that manor and they made it a circus in my opinion. Chambers Bay was just a bad decision by the USGA to be honest. The greens where horrible and all of the contouring just made it weird for lack of a better term.
  7. Played White Manor in Malvern on Saturday. Great golf course. Excellent conditions and very Challenging. If you get the opportunity to play I highly suggest you go. Just realized this wasn't the golf thread. Sorry
  8. Exactly my point, after Friday he sat nearly atop the leaderboard and then his ball striking went south. The main reason I think he will win a major soon is his putter and he proved that he has the putter to win majors, but he still doesn't have the mindset to overcome the obstacles that you have to be able to overcome to win a major. I am convinced DJ would have won by four strokes minimal after the play I saw this week.
  9. Congrats Sergio! Very disappointed w/ the Americans folding up like cheap suits yesterday. Rickie Fowler really disappointed as I thought he was ready, but he showed yesterday that he still succumbs to the pressure of the majors.
  10. After DJ went down Fowler was my pick, but I think we might see McIlroy make a weekend charge. I'm rooting for Phil. It'd be amazing for him to be the oldest Masters Champion!
  11. Looks like your near a lake. Any good real estate for sale near you? Looking for a nice big plot of land near the water for family and a place where I can enjoy my firearms.
  12. Definitely. Report of 26.4 a few hours ago
  13. Snow mixing in now. Hoping to catch a burst while watching his band pivots and moves NNE
  14. 28f heavy sleet. About 4" prior to the flip around 3AM. Quite a disappointing outcome but it's march so It is what it is. Pretty much icing on the cake for this underwhelming winter.
  15. Nam run looked a little funky to me. Might be some convective feedback. Surface low jumping around?