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  1. 0.43" yesterday and 0.21" this AM - let's bring on a bit more today and esp. tonight! Currently a muggy 72.7 here and 80.1 already down in Sea Isle City
  2. Backyard.20170722_172545.mp4
  3. 0.43" from the storm that went through here about 5:30p - brief video attached SICHi.20170722_084510.avi
  4. Was chatting today on twitter with a local on air Philly TV MET and he mentioned the difference between a METAR and MIDAS site....I have a lot to learn and never heard of a MIDAS site can anyone enlighten me. Is one more reliable or accurate than another? Thanks! Paul
  5. WXSIM has really improved with latest upgrades - below is a comparison of it's forecasts the last 4 days from 5 days ago vs. actual - it correctly never forecasted a 90...
  6. Yep we have missed so many storms to the north/south/ name it - really need some rain - please share the wealth with your northern county neighbors!
  7. WXSIM has rain by 6pm with heaviest around 7pm - really need the rain here in Chesco now 2.85" below our normal YTD precip. Township farmers have noted how dry we are. Good news is Wxsim shows 0.90" by midnight tonight and over 2.50" of rain with some measurable rain on 5 of the next 6 days...also of course no 90 degree days between now and the 31st. Appears likely we will end July with zero 90 degree days in Chesco for the 3rd time in last 4 years!
  8. Does anyone know why KMQS (Coatesville) which is reported on the hourly regional roundup is omitted from the above max/min report Chubbs posted - why are there no Chester County sites included in the above daily roundup - The KPTW obs are in Montgomery County (like Chesco no 90+ reading even tho a low elevation site) ..why is Chester County not reported anywhere?? I have had some of my Chesco twitter followers ask me this and I have no answer - thoughts?? EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA CITY SKY/WX TMP DP RH WIND PRES REMARKS PHILADELPHIA CLOUDY 88 70 55 SW10 29.88R HX 93 NORTH PHILA PTCLDY 87 70 56 W9 29.88R HX 92 BLUE BELL* PTCLDY 77 72 83 CALM 29.90R DOYLESTOWN CLOUDY 80 71 74 CALM 29.88R QUAKERTOWN* CLOUDY 79 73 83 CALM 29.90S PERKASIE* FAIR 75 75 100 CALM 29.90S POTTSTOWN MOCLDY 82 72 71 CALM 29.90R LANCASTER MOCLDY 85 74 69 SW5 29.89R HX 92 COATESVILLE CLOUDY 81 73 78 CALM 29.93R READING CLOUDY 84 74 71 CALM 29.88R HX 91 ALLENTOWN CLOUDY 82 69 64 W5 29.88R MOUNT POCONO CLOUDY 72 70 93 W5 29.96R HAZLETON N/A 73 64 73 CALM 29.98R LEHIGHTON FAIR 77 72 83 CALM 29.90R WILKES BARRE CLOUDY 81 71 71 CALM 29.90R
  9. Also if brave enough a link for you peak climbers that dare to ascend the peaks here in Chester County....Good luck!
  10. Attached live link to the webcam on top of the Welsh Mountain at 1,080 ft ASL....ascend at your own peril!!
  11. Awesome Colonel...just completed my 6th hike up and down the Welsh Mountain Anticline today....let me know when you are available....bring ur oxygen mask as we will rise as high as 1,000 whole feet above sea level....proceed with caution...LOL!
  12. This latest feeble attempt at a heat wave here in Chester County has not been strong last 3 days here and at KMQS - still only 1 90+ reading this summer while PHL soars toward 20+ such days! Heat Island FTW!! 19th - Chescowx 88.9 / KMQS - 89 20th - Chescowx 89.3 / KMQS - 89 21st - Chescowx 87.3 / KMQS - 87
  13. This could be our last day during the latest "heat wave" in Chesco as we once again try and hit the 90 degree mark for the 2nd time this summer....NWS P&C has us getting to 92 Wxsim only 88 - so far we have hit a high of 87.3 In Sea Isle City we topped out at 88.4 at 10am b4 the sea breeze kicked in now down to 83