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  1. So close to a rare 90 here....I can taste it!
  2. High today here was "only" 87.2....impressive for let the non-fan aspirated reports show 90's running amok across Chesco...LOL!!
  3. Can anyone say sea breeze?? what's 20 degrees....
  4. 1.63" here in East Nantmeal on Saturday - unfortunately still well below normal YTD rain in these parts. Through yesterday YTD we are at 15.46" of precip - we are now 2.66" below normal.
  5. PHL....93 (over) ABE....90 (over) MPO...83 (under) LNS....91 (push) SMQ...93 (under) ACY....90 (under) GED....91 (over) BFD....85 (over) Williamsburg (KPHF)...95 (under) Bonus question: On how many days the rest of this week does Philadelphia reach 90? 2 and oh yeah in case you in East Nantmeal on the Welsh Mountain anticline....chance of a 90+ day....slim and none!!
  6. Of interest April 2017 finished at the 2nd all-time warmest April here in Chester County at an average temp of 57.0 - only surpassed by April 1921 at 57.5
  7. Just a little different day between inland spots like NW Chesco and the jersey shore....
  8. Starting to finally look like spring...a bit slow on the uptake here in NW Chesco. Unfortunately, with this last rain event of 0.68" we are still well below normal rainfall for the year. We now stand at 12.13" - we should be at 15.45" through today (3.32") below normal.
  9. Mainly just drizzle here now... even with the last 2 days 0.57" of rain we continue to be in a growing rain deficit for the local farmers. We are now 24% below normal rain to date here in Chesco. YTD rain at 11.38" vs. our normal of 14.93"
  10. lowlands effect!
  11. First 80+ day of the season here in NW Chester County PA....and an all-time record to boot. Today's high of 83.9 eclipses the old record of 83.0 set way back in 1922 here in Chester County. This is also the first 80+ day on this date since we hit 81.4 back in 2011. The last time we hit 80 degrees here in NW Chesco was back on October 19th when we reached 80.7. Now down at my place at the Jersey Shore...a bit different of a day. We spend the day in the 50's down there - however over the past hour the wind switch to the SW and the temp bumped up 6 degrees to a high for the day of 64.9 at 5:02pm.
  12. Too funny my neighbor just sent me a text...I saw him this AM and told him we would see flakes today - he told me he did not see any snow in his NWS forecast would not be happening - he just texted me to say that I am the Hurricane S. of Chesco! LOL
  13. Flurries here in NW Chesco for the Phightin Phils opener....Temp 41.6
  14. 0.81" as of 330pm here in NW Chesco ....still nowhere close to eliminating the drought here in NW Chesco with today's rain we are now at 10.65" of liquid this year -exactly 2.00" below normal.
  15. Happy Opening Day!! Not many better days of the matter the weather! Should be a nice day here....not so much in the Queen City for the Opener... As I always say thank God for the Phils....if not for the 2008 Championship team sports fans in this town that are under 37 yrs old have never seen a winning team. I am fortunate to have seen all the teams at least win 1 championship...uh of course that excludes the most losing team in my life in Philly - da Birds - the only team in town to win nada since the invention of color TV - sad!! Go Phils!!!