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  1. 2.07" total, 1.32" for the evening tstorm
  2. Rain with occasional lightning 0.95" so far this eve. 1.7" total
  3. Similar here. Some gusty winds with the heaviest rain and a few close strikes. Moderate rain and occasional lightning and thunder now.
  4. Still some instability ahead of the Delmarva convection. Also have active convection offshore and along De river in more stable areas.
  5. Evening convection shot - due to the upper low the anvil level clouds in Maryland are taking an unusual SE to NW path
  6. Starting to see some sunshine - 66
  7. up to 62 - sky trying to brighten.
  8. Patuxent fell back to 64dp at 10 - mixing? error? Salisbury is 71/69 Georgetown 69/67 25 09:52 SW 16 10.00 Mostly Cloudy FEW010 SCT095 BKN250 69 64 84% NA NA 29.49 998.6 25 08:52 S 9 10.00 Mostly Cloudy SCT010 BKN095 BKN250 70 70 100% NA NA 29.46 997.6
  9. 0.75" - 55F
  10. I bet. The 5-min is fun to watch when the cap breaks, even for our meager events to-date. Handy today with soup, front, convection all nearby. I see Patuxent has a 70dp
  11. GOES-16: showery soup north of warm front currently in extreme S md. clearing out south of front. Forced convection in W Va. Agree that widespread severe is unlikely due to limited instability - as usual heavy rain and thunder are our most likely threats.
  12. Could get interesting this afternoon with good dynamics and warm front in area. SPC has marginal probs from about Trenton south - below is the write-up ...Middle Atlantic... Strong 12hr mid-level height falls will spread across the Middle Atlantic region early in the period as a negative-tilt trough translates east of the Appalachians. Latest short-range model guidance suggests 500mb speed max will round the base of the trough over southern GA at 12z then eject off the Carolina coast during the afternoon. Exit region of this feature should aid convection across the Middle Atlantic and isolated strong storms may evolve within a corridor of focused ascent. NAM guidance suggests much of this region will see appreciable boundary-layer warming - more than adequate for surface-based parcels to reach their convective temperatures. Latest thinking is thunderstorms should concentrate across the northern Middle Atlantic where low-level convergence will be stronger in the presence of a pronounced east-west surface front draped across the Delmarva into southern PA. Forecast buoyancy is not that great across this region but shear profiles seem adequate for at least low severe probs, including hail, wind, and perhaps a brief tornado.
  13. rain - 0.48"
  14. 0.19" - just enough to cancel golf league