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  1. 0.14" - E NJ, S DE in best spot for good rains
  2. 43F low and 0.08 since yesterday mid afternoon.
  3. Back from Florida - 0.73" in the gauge from past couple of days.
  4. Coming back from Florida on Saturday, a face slap back to reality.
  5. Prototype Northeast drought atlas (beta) from Cornell, updated once per month. Hopefully uninteresting this summer.
  6. Like night and day - funny that a bad tee shot was the turning point. Great pressure golf by the leaders down the stretch.
  7. 34F low this AM with light frost on cars/grass. We haven't put out anything sensitive yet. Nothing like last years April freeze which was very damaging to fruit trees.
  8. Almost holed out his 2nd on 18. edit: That was great TV watching his ball stop and then slowly trickle down the slope towards the hole.
  9. Garcia making a move
  10. Bright sun - 51. 0.97" final.
  11. Had a nice round other than that one hole.
  12. Strong gusty west winds with front
  13. 0.81 - 52 - some brightening skies before the last round moves through
  14. Strange to be in a watch at 47F but forcing is strong.