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  1. Eden Utah just now, total whiteout, ripping snow
  2. my obs will be from utah starting tomorrow, back to winter mode , for a few days at least ....
  3. CFS thoughts.... thanks stormvistawxmodels.com for sharing
  4. ^ congrats! Had that Jan.'16 but not this year It's a New England February to remember.
  5. one last push before we flip to 80's and 90's? qtown grasping at any image he can find thanks stormvistawxmodels.com for sharing
  6. Who reopened this thread? Not looking forward to loosing 1 hr of much needed sleep
  7. soon we will need a spring banter thread, then summer, then fall then back here again. just an fyi.
  8. wow, anti cooling crowd . second towel still in hand! not giving up! maybe tomorrow.....
  9. i'm away and return thr 27th so make it that day, thank you
  10. Yeah good winter thrown in already but second towel in other hand on hold