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  1. Congrats Brian, well done!
  2. Golf day western PA.
  3. .23" about to hit the road, driving along I80 west to western PA. should be a fun wet drive, ugh.
  4. yeah we had a burger and beer after the round sitting outside watching the 18th. will make a trip back now that i know the course a little
  5. I predict <25 90 degree days for the Actual Summer period for PHL.
  6. Few Morgan Hill pics. A difficult course IMO. Many steep hills , blind shots and CAUTION STEEP signs. Can't imagine anyone walks this course. Only lost 2 Kirklland balls, surprised only 2.
  7. If you want to take a drive sometime check out Morgan Hill in Easton. Whoa it's a difficult course. You know it has steep hills when they install many speed bumps on the cart paths and many CAUTION STEEP HILL signs. No way anyone can walk this course. Only lost 2 Kirklland balls, surprised only 2. Will post a couple cell pic's later in the golf thread.
  8. no BIG surprise
  9. If anyone uses a golf app which one are you using?
  10. nice!
  11. gfs has a snowstorm on extended
  12. Great, so expect nothing under 100. Enjoy ur trip! Great golfing ahead for you, awesome.
  13. looking forward to weekend temps.