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  1. He needs to control himself, could be there in the end. Can't wait.
  2. gloomy start to monday
  3. DJ squeaks it out. Dude has a happy wife.
  4. it could be worse, we could have a 90's thread
  5. Happy Puppy Day, Baxter from 2013, This made it to NBC10 main page website back then for anyone that remembers
  6. 14 for low, left over snow rock solid. 70 pending.
  7. This is my biggest non shoveling weenie pile, accumulated from steep roof flow. It's rock solid.
  8. Today, any differences?
  9. double that if it was the nam
  10. expect many plugged balls into soggy ground for a while. extra roll yardage limited.
  11. bigger numbers so close, ugh