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  1. Round 2 - 0.10" 1.74" total
  2. day 4 today 93 / 94 / 91 / 91 starting to acclimated to the heat which is a good thing since I'm heading to St. Louis Monday & the dew point heaven of coastal Carolina Saturday
  3. 1.64" from round 1
  4. gusty monsoon, stuff just popped over Lower Bucks moving NE, maybe interacting with that sea breeze front
  5. Green light special today, 62 is fair game with benign conditions Jordan got sloppy down the stretch, we'll see if it was just the conditions or something technical. Very lucky on 15 as he skulled his 2nd shot but it still rolled up on the green setting up the eagle putt. Followed that with an ugly 3 putt on 16 & a terrible drive on 17. His fairway #'s are pretty weak, short game has been stellar.
  6. 91 / 72 today so locally 93 / 94 / 91 for the death wave
  7. I'm trying to squeeze in a hike through NW Chester County before climbing season ends next month. Can you recommend a local Sherpa?
  8. nasty wind at Birkdale today, Zach Johnson somehow shot a 66 & moved up 98 positions Quite an attractive leader board shaping up, Rory made a nice move, have to figure Hideki is going to win a major in short order. This Jamie Lovemark has popped up quite a few times this year. would love to see Kuchar break through
  9. I have to go to St. Louis Mon-Wed, thankfully it wasn't this week LOL - it was still 90 degrees at 1:00am
  10. didn't drown in sweat during the morning bike ride today, yesterday I was drenched definitely more "comfortable" north of the city, some of those OBS south of the city looked just as ugly
  11. gust front & a quick shower dropped the temp to 77 94 / 74 today
  12. we don't lose 2 minutes until WED 8/2 couple other upcoming AUG milestones: 8/5 - 6:00am sunrise 8/12 - pre 8:00pm sunset max daily daylight loss is 2:37 from 9/16 - 10/3
  13. My grandfather told me when he was growing up in Kensington during the 1930's he would sleep outside on the fire escape during these kind of days.
  14. 74 for a low this morning When you walk outside & feel that slop you don't need to look at forecast to know what's in store today.