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  1. should make into the low 60's later this afternoon Lower Bucks / C. NJ, pretty tame marine shank event
  2. Torch never made to Lower Bucks & C. NJ today.Not one ray of sun today, temp down to 59 now after earlier high of 65.
  3. 1st time at Pebble Creek in Colts Neck, NJ. Suprised how firm the fairways were, we walked but for riders there were no restrictions. There was literally only 2 piles of snow in play on the entire course & naturally my ball needed to seek out one of them.
  4. R.I.P Dallas Green Man so many great memories from that 1980 season, Green was the kick in the arse that a perennial underachieving team needed to get over the hump. Special for us youngsters at the time but for my father & grandfather's generation it was epic after all the years of ineptitude, 1964 collapse & playoff heartbreak of the mid-late 70's. I still can still hear Andy Musser screaming "he buried it" after Michael Jack's extra inning bomb in Montreal.
  5. #CAA today, full sun & temps going nowhere this afternoon regarding March cold & records that have little shot to be broken in this day & age, quite a 7 day blast 3-17 to 3-23 1885, all without any real snow cover
  6. I cut the cord back in 2005 when during the height of that JAN blizzard I tuned in & they were running animal storm stories
  7. Thinking same thing, one more morning that I' can say at least 1" snowcover. 7 consecutive days with an 1" snow depth is noteworthy any time in March especially the later 3/14 - 3/20 timeframe.
  8. the local forsythia that was blooming 3/10 same bush this morning, the "ice" of March won this battle
  9. I work with several people who live in Norwich, NY there's actually another car in the middle of that pile
  10. upsets are the name of the game Thurs / FRI so from that point very uneventful 1st day as Xavier was the only dog to win hopefully today brings some so called bracket busters
  11. Middletown Township (Langhorne 3.4 NNE) CoCoRahs - 23.0"
  12. That's almost as bad as my yard in 1994, again with the theme - would be impressive in JAN but ice like that in mid March is ridiculous
  13. That 6-8" is a load of liquid, take much longer to melt than 6-8" of plain snow this time of year. Absolutely agree, past 2 days would be fantastic in mid January let alone when the average high is in the low 50's. Just 2 weeks ago I was riding the bike in summer clothes, windows open at 9:30 in morning, all kinds of stuff blooming weeks early...our hobby never ceases to amaze.
  14. That band is moving through the office in Dayton, NJ - snow +