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  1. locally now up to 6.57" for the month have to think locations in S. Jersey rec'd 8" or more
  2. 2.39" total 1.65" last evening
  3. Total up to 2.32" now 1.06" the past hour, vast majority of that in 30 mins
  4. Monsoon
  5. Thru 8:00pm - 1.26" 0.74" from am rain 0.52" evening t-shower
  6. skies have cleared in CO, some of the webcams shots are spectacular
  7. I use SkyDroid, either free or one time $1.99 at worst make sure your phone has plenty of available storage, Morgan Hill shot total will eat up a lot of data......
  8. Locally a pair of 91's the past 2 days
  9. hood was crushed this afternoon by that mother of all stray showers 0.05"
  10. Estes Park / Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park
  11. played there a couple of years ago, have to get back, course is awesome with great views of the Lehigh Valley, win-win
  12. Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park is calling
  13. Liberty State Park
  14. had some work in NYC this morning & decided to take a Liberty Park pit stop on the way back, wind was howling along that open Jersey City waterfront