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  1. Nice Tony! highest temperature of 1976 occurring in April is a great stat, that 94 was on Easter Sunday, remember coming home in the afternoon following the holiday functions & my brothers & sisters being traumatized because all their chocolate had turned into melted mush
  2. The tale of 2 seasons, Delaware River at Morrisville / Trenton today 2/21/2015
  3. FEB is going to be the 60th month, out of the past 326 months back to 1990, that are among the top 10 warmest on record, Conversely only 5 on the cool side. 120 yrs. of climo are being rendered irrelevant, this day & age it's all about the degree of red
  4. Tony posted this already, from MON Mt. Holly AFD: The following monthly and seasonal expectations were number crunched with our forecast at 9am this morning. There is still some large model and forecast variability, but even with daily should all wash out to the rankings we have posted. We checked our past 24 hr max/mins through 7AM, as well as the new max/min fcst from our office issued at 330 AM and then normal max/min the last two days of the month. That also accounts for possible midnight mins tonight at PHL ILG ABE, and also likely midnight mins Saturday night the 25th. If there is some downside error, it would only lower the monthly average by around half a degree. We continue confident that a widespread top 2 warmest February on record will occur in our forecast area and a top 10 warmest winter season... records dating back to the late 19th century. Confidence: well above average. Details below. February: PHL 43.3. #1 Normal 35.7 Record 42.2-1925 POR 1874 ABE 37.6 #2 Normal 30.7 Record 38.6-1998 POR 1922 ACY 42.2 #1 Normal 35.3 Record 41.6-1890 POR 1874 ILG 42.3 #1 tie Normal 35.1 Record 42.3-1903 POR 1895 Winter (DJF) PHL 40.1 #7 ABE 35.4 #5 ACY 39.6 #10 ILG 39.1 #6 tie
  5. for PHL - June daily highs below 71 back to 2000: 2009 / 2003 - 6 2000 - 4 2015 / 2004 - 3 2012 / 2002 - 2 2016 / 2010 / 2007 / 2006 / 2005 / 2001 - 1 2014 / 2013 / 2011 / 2008 - 0 looks like to most on record would be 11 days both in 1907 / 1903 talk about records that have no shot at being broken in today's climate, 6/2/1907 had a high of 49
  6. I shoot for the summer of 2000 every season, unfortunately my hopes are usually dashed by Flag Day
  7. we've actually had four below average AUG's over the past 10 yrs., the way things are going we may have used up our allotment for awhile
  8. last spring was tied for the 6th warmest on record at Philly, MAR was a torch - top 5 warm APR was slightly above & MAY was last below ave month
  9. we're in the process of transitioning to just two seasons, summer & sprallter
  10. locally FEB was the only month that was trending lower from our current 1981-2010 normal, I say was because after this month that will not be the case
  11. currently the low for the month at PHL is 22 degrees, there are only 2 FEB's on record with a warmer monthly minimum - 1927 (27) & 1932 (23)
  12. Oh it rains in SoCal, one of the most "unique" driving experiences of my life is being on the road in SoCal, at night, during the 1st rainstorm of the season, you do literally take your life in your own hands On the flip side it's absolutely gorgeous out there immediately following a nice storm, air completely clears out, green landscape with the snow capped mtns. are spectacular
  13. Ugly weekend forecast for Riviera, currently they're right in the finger of the heaviest precip, hard to imagine they get 72 holes in if this materializes shame as they have a loaded field
  14. from what I can see Denver (79), Amarillo (89) & Liberal, KS (90) set record highs for the month today