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  1. What?! By the time the line of storms get here it will have lost a lot of their volatility. Even the models show show that. Very interesting...
  2. I saw that second system appear in the models. I was wondering if that second system would pull the moisture back to the E/NE if things pan out.
  3. Still a bit nervous about going there. Don't want to get in to a political storm or weather related storm. Just want to have a nice time in Monticello for my wife's 50th birthday and see some other sites in the area. Just a bit concerned about going around to see some of the historical sites in the area. I think it has calmed down a bit but we'll see in a week.
  4. I'll be in Charlottesville, VA starting August 28th. Is this going to come up and ruin my vacation?
  5. .08" overnight.
  6. Not again??!! Well, those storms last night did give me a deluge of .08" for the storm total.
  7. Hmmmm... Maybe, just maybe.
  8. Looks like the worm had a bad night of drinking. That's usually how I'm found after a night of drinking.
  9. I had a pair of eclipse glasses so I just covered the lens with it to get a few pictures. Clouds got in the way a bit, but the best one I had I cropped. The others you can zoom in on.
  10. What's the link?
  11. Unable to travel to see it. But great coverage on the news networks right now with some amazing pictures.
  12. What's it take to get a front to move through about 3 hours earlier so the storms don't die out like they have been lately. Those storms Saturday night looked impressive but totally died out as they go close but the Northern energy hung on to dump on ABE area.
  13. Nice day for golfing at Macoby today. Warm but not oppressive. Course was very wet, they have been getting the heavy rain.
  14. They are great pics. What lense are you using for something like that?