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  1. Dumped about half of what the potential was around here. You can see the increase around lower bucks, which verified this morning.
  2. Had an 11:30 AM tee time at Hickory Valley Presidential this morning. Course called and said they are closed today due to stand water and flooding on parts of the course. That course has a lot of flooding issues and they need to work on drainage around the course. This isn't the first time they have cancelled due to heavy rains.
  3. That's good. What kind? Never got severe until the line neared the river. By then it was light rain for us.
  4. We got no wind. Just rain.
  5. Blue sky showing.
  6. Looking like the rain is done here. 1.24" since midnight.
  7. We keep getting stuff like that and the PWATS might just verify. Tropical down pour for 20 minutes, plus side was the storm was moving in pretty quickly and it left just as quick.
  8. .40" out of that storm. Center of the storm went just South to Telford and Souderton.
  9. I think this one might hit us.
  10. I'm going to print this thread out and frame it if I am right.
  11. For all you Kirkland lovers. https://www.lostgolfballs.com/golf-balls/brands/kirkland.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw-LLKBRCdhqmwtYmX93kSJAAORDM6fYnHcexgI_Dgqxi7knP0Nm4mMt2PK6yKuJjjwFbV8RoC5ULw_wcB
  12. But the center is going South of us, so we aren't going to get the full effect of Cindy. I'm looking at the models and they just don't seem to pick up the moisture from Cindy (my opinion any way) and it just comes in as a couple of short lived deluges by early Saturday morning. I could be wrong (usually am) but just saying.
  13. Its tropical for sure but I think the PWATS will not be realized. They seem to high.
  14. Got my Synatek Entourage 18-0-2 with 3% iron down just before the showers started. I was told by a few landscapers this morning that the stuffs works great and with the added iron, the grass will grow more than I want. Guess I have to take the good with the bad. Hopefully this nails the japanese beetles this year. Last year was horrible. Just walking across the lawn would kick up dozens, and then the trees were just eaten bare in the neighborhood. Time will tell.
  15. Very light rain happening ahead of the first batch of rain right now.