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  1. The second system could retrograde closer to the coast. Haven't seen many cases like this. Only solid thing is that Texas will get a lot of rain. Don;t expect the models to do well this week tropics wise.
  2. Likely going to be a mainly slow radar shift.
  3. Looks like increasing consensus to get sucked up into the Ohio Valley. If so, remnant rain chances increase from the low prob. Looks like another tropical feature off the east coast gaining traction as well.
  4. Tropical mischef on the models continues today. Harvey makes a run at us on the euro. Still all low prob in my view.
  5. Clouds coming in now here as well . I've had my glasses for a while now and have been viewing outside for a bit. Amazing how many people waited till last minute.
  6. Tropical probs are picking up on the EPS past 7 just off the east coast. This would be a storm that forms along the front which moves through Tue-Wed.
  7. Weight loss surgery, I'll be out of the office for a few weeks but only one night in the hospital.
  8. Temperatures will likely fall a few degrees during the eclipse.
  9. Candian with a worst case track up Chesapeake bay for 92l, till another model shows it yawn. Only thing is that I'm having a surgery done on the 28th so in some sense that outcome might be fitting.
  10. Trees down in Tony land ( Mount Laurel) which the strong wind then moved up to VAY.
  11. Yeah, instability was limited up your way.
  12. SPC issued the watch.
  13. VAY jackpot incoming.
  14. Mike said you're winds needs to be higher.
  15. Time to go outside and take a look in Gilbertsville.