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  1. Quite a light show atm some nice thunder too
  2. And it's snowing again!
  3. Yep the pingers just started
  4. And I was worried about it being too far east LOL oh well I got my fix
  5. Sorry for you guys but I just took an awesome walk in heavy snow. Reading 26 degrees
  6. Looking at HM's twitter, it doesn't seem like he's quite ready to throw in the towel yet?
  7. Western Atlantic Ridge
  8. No problem here using Chrome
  9. Somehow I only got a few drops and a couple rumbles of thunder so far
  10. Tornado watch in Feb?? has that ever happened
  11. :facepalm: :facepalm:
  12. Heaviest snow of the day here. And the wind is really picking up too.
  13. Not a single drop here in Mohnton. Those SE PA precip shields holdin up well