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  1. I wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy your first weekend of summer. Me? I have a had a bad summer cold which has laid me low this week. What a pain, won't die. But was hard to do much for a couple of days. Still with me, and I am hoping to shake this thing soon. So, I will be staying home this weekend and resting, not that I had plans (which come in couple of weeks). Might do some weeding. I will live vicariously in whatever y'all are doing this weekend. Tyler
  2. Agreed on a lot of digging. And perhaps stabilize the hillside. Is that even possible. Understand from article below that state officials closed the road last weekend to stabilize that section. Wonder if winter rains in California might be a factor? So CA out of a drought and this happens. https://www.wired.com/2017/05/photo-week-highway-1s-epic-landslide/
  3. Some of you have already seen this, but for those who haven't here is the NOAA press release about GOES-16 becoming GOES-East in November
  4. Well, here in the Flemington area, we had quite a little deluge last night, May 25th. I was out for about 1.5 hours last night (7:10 to 8:30) and while I was out and inside there were some rumbles of thunder and rain. I had no idea how heavy that rain was until I was driving home as the rain was letting up. There was some ponding on the roads. Looking at the archived radar, it looks like the heavy rain aka deluge happened in about 15 to 30 minutes. A fast moving line. Then I checked my rain gage, which I had emptied at about 7 AM that morning; 1.69 inches. Unfortunately, I did not take a close look at the gage prior to the storm, but I'd estimate that there was somewhere between. .4 and .6 inches before that deluge. This morning, another .23 inches in my gage for a 24 hour total of 1.92 inches. Tyler
  5. I am sure I made it to 90F today but haven't checked my thermometer. My Sub said it was 91F as I was driving around doing errands this afternoon, but my Sub may not be reliable? I'll check my thermometer under my hemlocks tomorrow.
  6. Wednesday May 17: 88F Thursday May 18: 92F
  7. A photo of my new perennial garden, with some annuals up front. I hope that I save the tags for the annuals so that I can buy them again next year. The Eagle in Flight statuary came in today. A nice touch I think. There is an old tree stump under the slate, about the same diameter as the Eagle.
  8. Thanks Tony! Well rain ended Saturday night fairly late around 10 PM or so. If my reading of the archived radar for Sunday afternoon was correct and it was the same line that we drove through about 2:15 up near Vernon, than heavy rain happened in Flemington around 2:15 PM on Sunday. Tyler
  9. When we got back this evening after an afternoon out, there was .35 inches in my rain gage. Mitch or Tony, not sure if this counts in the event total since precip that started early Saturday AM. That is, is Sunday afternoon's rainfall considered a different event? In any event, the Sunday afternoon rainfall brings my rain totals from late Friday night/early saturday am (May 13th) through Sunday evening May 14th at 8 PM to 2.28 inches
  10. Observation taken at 7:30 AM on May 14th. Event total for May13th event of 1.93 inches in the Flemington area of Hunterdon County, NJ. I believe, but am not sure that except for some shower activity that the rain ended here by early evening on May 13th.
  11. Tony, glad to hear you are seeing a few Bees on your dandelions. Perhaps they are around my dandelions and clover and I have missed seeing them? In years past the Bumbles have loved my sage and my andromeda. Looking forward to seeing my Bumble Bees, hopefully soon. Sage not quite in flower yet. Last year I saw a Honey Bee in my Butterfly Garden, but those aren't in flower yet Tyler
  12. 1 PM Flemington area, Hunterdon County NJ 1.45 inches. Some ponding on farm fields
  13. The only bees that I have seen so far this season are carpenter bees. Still waiting for the ladies to come around. Especially with the new dwarf Andromeda that I planted and the clover in my yard. Tony, you seen any bees yet? Tyler
  14. Question for any gardeners. I got a Viburnum (white flowers) shrub that my wonderful lawn guy will plant for me soon. In order to give her some growing space and the like, I dug up some of my daffodils this morning. I saved the bulbs that were not damaged. Question, can these bulbs be replanted and how do I prepare for that. At the moment, they are in a plastic newspaper bag in my garage. There are more bulbs that I may dig up, not sure that I will save all of them. I have some weeding to do in preparation for the planting, which I will do after this Monday. I think that it will look nice and hopefully do well there. I have this little issue with a Black Walnut Tree, so what I can plant in this bed is limited. Have an Azalea and a Peony, along with some ferns and another perennial with pink flowers. The ferns often dry out in the heat of the summer, but they always come back. It only takes a couple of days hot weather with little rain and forgetting to water. I have this horrid perennial grass back there that I wish I never planted. It spreads. I pull it out and it comes back. I asked the lawn guy to dig out two or three of the bunches of grass. If I can get that bed looking presentable, I do have my pride (LOL), I'll send a picture. Tyler
  15. Thanks Tom!