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  1. Got up to about 60F yesterday with showers (Saturday March 25) in my corner of Hunterdon County. Today, Sunday March 26th, maybe 42.
  2. Oh, I almost forgot. I wasn't that surprised that I missed two days of newspaper delivery last week. Yes I still get papers delivered. I love the crinkle of reading the newspaper. Anyway, I found last Tuesday's (March 14th) Star Ledger partially unburied near my mailbox this morning. Perhaps at least one of my missing New York Times is there as well?
  3. Only some remnants of the 10" snow pack are left, small drifts around my driveway, the area near the front of my house (faces northeast), and some patches around some trees. I do admit that I enjoyed "winter" after I got plowed and dug out last week. Some nice cold nights, stars out, snow on the ground. Can't beat that.
  4. Lawn snowpack holding on 'cept where I tramped to take measurements and check my downspouts
  5. 34F precipitation started around 9:50 AM plus or minus. Started as graupel, see photo, mixing at times with plain old snow. Graupel/snow lasted perhaps an hour.
  6. I am starting this thread to ask you join me in taking a small action in support of our NWS WFO at Mt. Holly. I have been aware for quite sometime that there have been some staff vacancies at our WFO Mt.. Holly. If I am not mistaken, there are five vacancies: two forecasters, co-op observing program leader, chief meteorologist and administrative assistant. The staff shortage at Mt Holly has been nagging at me for sometime. A conversation with a friend led me to do the only thing that I can do at this time to help I picked up the telephone and called my Congressional Delegation. I touched on three points. From past experience with phone calls to my delegation, I have learned to try to keep it simple and to get the important points across. I made a phone call because a person in the know told me that the best way to get a message through to my Congressional Delegation was to actually talk to someone in their office. • That WFO Mt Holly is short staffed, with five vacancies and their forecast area has among the largest populations of all WFOs. • I said that I did volunteer work helping provide weather observations. • I asked my Congressional Delegation to please do what they can to see that WFO Mt. Holly can fill their vacant lines. Yes, things in Washington D.C. with regards to the federal budget are complicated. However, the way I look at it is that calling my Congressional Delegation is something that I can do to help my friends at Mt. Holly. I am writing you to ask if you will join me and call (or write) your Congressional Delegation to ask them to fund the vacant lines at WFO Mt. Holly. Some action is better than no action. Thank-you for your consideration. Tyler
  7. So much for me. Deleted two posts with reports from 2016 about the then low snow pack on Mt Washington. I was being careless and did not notice until just now that the articles I shared were from 2016. I thought that the posts were confusing so I deleted the posts.
  8. Is this Nor'easter precip factored into the weekly drought monitor maps that will be released next week? Tyler
  9. I love the March sun. There was some icy snow/sleet at the end of my driveway near the street. Not surprised by this. But there wasn't enough room for trash and recycling cans and a car to get in. Fortunately thanks to the March sun, I was able to easily (more or less), chip away at the crud that was left after melting.
  10. Thanks Tom! I'll add RGEM to my list! Tyler
  11. Afternoon all. Ok, I am trying to follow along on your discussion of the models, for the St Patty's Clipper storm. If anybody has some suggestions on models that I can quietly look at on my own (freely available) perhaps along with my books, I am open to suggestions. I've been looking at the GFS and the NAM. I am looking forward to getting into the time period when I can look at one of the mesoscale models that you were talking about earlier in this thread. And I have the link that Tony shared on NCAR for the ensemble means (out to 48 hours) bookmarked. Tyler
  12. While quiet recently on this thread, I am enjoying this discussion and am learning.
  13. WFO Mt Holly posted this map on their Facebook page this afternoon.
  14. Snowfall, Flemington area, Hunterdon County NJ as of March 17th at 5:15 PM 22.5 inches of snow and sleet; .6 inches of ice. March 15, 2017 1.3 inches March 14, 2017 8.7 inches of snow and sleet March 10, 2017 2.8 inches March 3, 2017 light dusting February 9, 2017 5.1 inches January 31, 2017 .1 inch (this one was more than a dusting, probably .1 inch) January 13, 2017 .8 inches January 7, 2017 1.7 inches January 5-6, 2017, 4:05 AM 1.1 inches. December 16-17, 2016 .6 inches snow; .6 inches ice December 11-12, 2016 dusting December 5 2016, light dusting November 19-20, 2016: light dusting