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  1. I may get lost to bgm.
  2. The eps were like half that lol. Btw, euro getting hit with convection stuff. Just wild precip swings cause of convection. 0z run was wet, 12z run dry cause it missed convection.
  3. temps week 1 +3 week 2 +2 week 3 +2 week 4 +2 week 5 -1 week 6 +1
  4. I hate this time of year, it rivals the dog days of summer in my eyes.
  5. im lost
  6. When you go to the US map version, it's not the 12km nam it's something else.
  7. so is the 12km nam on psu e wall the new nam or the old nam? Cause the 12km is only used for the zoomed in regions. When you go for the US map it's not the nam 12km
  8. Pivotal got rid of 4K too
  9. Tony, they might be different' Look at the difference from pivotal 3km nam, which I thought was suppose to be the new nam then 12km nam
  10. I guess you could match the two up and see if that's the case
  11. Really? I know pivotal lost the 12km one and now just has the 3km
  12. Isn't that still the 12km the old nam?
  13. not sure what the gfs had through 8pm today but I know the eps are going to be way to wet.
  14. mmmm 39 and drizzle, what a thing of beauty
  15. According to the Euro and backed from the eps a pretty wet and some chilly shots of air next 2 weeks coming. Nice big +pna spike with split flow allowing storm to cut underneath. If this were January it would be a nice snowstorm pattern. Pretty impressive to see a 3-4" qpf mean on eps next 15 days.