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  1. Also another thing to consider is there could be some marine junk to in the mornings. Depends how fast that burns off too
  2. from what I saw, we are on pace for warmest or 2nd warmest feb on record
  3. temps week 1 +14 week 2 +7 week 3 0 week 4 +3 week 5 +1 week 6 +1
  4. h5 week 1 -pna/-epo/+ao/+nao/ way above normal hgts, TORCH!!!! week 2 -ao/-epo/-pna/+nao/ abv normal hgts, has a torchy se ridge look week 3 neutral pna/+ao/neutral epo/-enao/ normal hgts week 4 -pna/+ao/-enao/+epo/ abv normal hgts, has torchy se ridge look week 5 neutral epo/-enao/neutral ao/neutral pna/abv normal hgts week 6 -pna/neutral epo/-ao/-enao/ abv normal hgts maybe week 3 gets below normal temps, but every week looks above normal outside that week looking at h5
  5. Gfs kind of shows you how the pattern supports cutters, but those big highs from the -epo get in the way for some front end wintry potential.
  6. For those holding out hope for one last snow event, the eps made a pretty big upward tick in the 10-15 day period for whatever that is worth
  7. Alot of big H's around, but the overall pattern still argues for cutter up until first week of march
  8. If there is one thing that is guaranteed it's over performing warmth
  9. Yea it just looks like general thunderstorms. Maybe a couple could reach severe limits with some hail and some stronger winds. With lack of strong LLJ it's going to be tough to get some good wind from it.
  10. Yea, doesn't look like anything severe with the lack of strong LLJ, just general thunder and lightning.