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  1. Shapes up to be a pretty nice day here in gilly. Rain stayed south of here and tomorrow is looking good too. Monday though, eeeee. First half of the day looks wet esp river east
  2. it's looking pretty solid that May could finish below normal for the month as well. June looks to start off below normal too for the first 10 days if not longer
  3. euro is bringing best shot of rain tomorrow afternoon with the thunderstorm complex in Illinois right now, though much weaker. Then has rain chances overnight Sunday and Monday morning
  4. Tacked on another .02 from instability showers
  5. Mesoscale Convective system
  6. Still don't see any heat through June 10. Persistent trough over the east with ridge out west and in the Atlantic. Will have to see once we get into mid to late June with MJO effects if we get some heat.
  7. I wasn't that far off from this. Luckily I got into the heavy rain shield. Rdg which is 26 miles west of me got .08 compared to my .83
  8. 1.59 in gilly, 1.56 wayne. was expecting to wake up to yawn, but woke up like this
  9. Did you get missed with the main shield last night? You were at like 1.2 by 830
  10. phl and vay are probably locked in for 2"+ out of all of this. Wonder how far north this gets. You can see it's pushing north but also the back edge is coming east too. Probably will miss heavy stuff here in gilly, with most of its liding to my se. This blob is associated with that actual newly forming area of low pressure getting handed off from the upper low over nw PA. As that moves ene from dc through nj then up into sne, the heavy rain shield should do the same.
  11. Nice hail core just north of dov