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    A few pics from my drive home today, minus the deck pic.
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    farmland a stones throw away from the hood in Lower Makefield, man it's was cold standing next to an open field with wind howling
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    Despite the fact that we didn't get the projected totals, this was a hell of a storm and was well worth the hype. It's not very often you get 2-3" of sleet. A foot plus in LV and berks counties. 2ft plus in the poconos and almost a third of an inch of freezing rain in nj and delaware in mid march
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    fresh coating on baxter with last squall
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    A couple pictures from the farm in East Fallowfield yesterday morning, courtesy of Mrs WMW:
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    Just a typical winter morning on the back roads of Lancaster County These balloons usually land about a half mile from our house in a field near Route 30. This was their sunrise cruise, I assume. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Gotta give Mitch tons of credit and a big thanks from me for the great job at updating the pns statements with our snowfall tallies. Great job Mitch
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    Update from about 45 minutes ago. Absolutely insane rates. Full on blizzard conditions up there. Accidents everywhere on the north bound lanes. People are going to be stuck there for hours.
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    A few in storm pics from East Fallowfield and one from the woods in West Caln once the end flakes came and pasted the north facing side
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    Poconos cabin yesterday. Long overdue deep snowpack.
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    This might actually be my favorite day of the winter....Primarily because it's actually a winter day with on and off snow showers all day with a good snow pack....granted it's March and not January......but I'll take what I can get.
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    Probably had somewhere between 7 to 8 inches in Collegeville. Tough to really tell with all of the sleet and compaction. I was happy to get out on the Perkiomen Trail for some cross-country skiing during the final burst of snow after 2:30.
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    Snapped this sequence out my kitchen window this evening: Pounce by Josh, on Flickr Check out my Red Shoulders by Josh, on Flickr Bury my head in the... by Josh, on Flickr My what a big worm you have by Josh, on Flickr
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    I don't have anything of meteorological value to add to this forum, but before things get even crazier I wanted to thank all of you for posting the maps, summarizing what they mean and what the implications could be for our area. Much appreciated. And thanks for doing all of that without the ridiculous hype.
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    What a night.... thanks as always to Tom, Irish, Tony, Mitch etc for your invaluable insights!!!!
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    Nakota took a road trip with Mrs WMW...From the farm in East Fallowfield this afternoon
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    What a difference a day makes.
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    Well I was backtracking, it looks like all of the energy players are within raob range come the 12z run on Saturday. So right now the Victoria's Secret catalog is coming in the mail. On Saturday, a Victoria's Secret model may hand deliver it to your door. For the ladies, right now the autographed picture of George Clooney has arrived. On Saturday he may be hand delivering it and staying for coffee.
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    8:30am: 0.4" Snow. 32 Graterford, PA
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    28 degrees with heavy snow squall moving through in Zionsville, PA - Lehigh County. Will report accumulation when its over.
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    Happy Puppy Day, Baxter from 2013, This made it to NBC10 main page website back then for anyone that remembers
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    A shot I took flying out of PHL last Friday morning leaving the arctic tundra looking north from the airport. If you look close you can spot the Limerick power plant stacks/clouds in the distance (center of picture).
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    I am starting this thread to ask you join me in taking a small action in support of our NWS WFO at Mt. Holly. I have been aware for quite sometime that there have been some staff vacancies at our WFO Mt.. Holly. If I am not mistaken, there are five vacancies: two forecasters, co-op observing program leader, chief meteorologist and administrative assistant. The staff shortage at Mt Holly has been nagging at me for sometime. A conversation with a friend led me to do the only thing that I can do at this time to help I picked up the telephone and called my Congressional Delegation. I touched on three points. From past experience with phone calls to my delegation, I have learned to try to keep it simple and to get the important points across. I made a phone call because a person in the know told me that the best way to get a message through to my Congressional Delegation was to actually talk to someone in their office. • That WFO Mt Holly is short staffed, with five vacancies and their forecast area has among the largest populations of all WFOs. • I said that I did volunteer work helping provide weather observations. • I asked my Congressional Delegation to please do what they can to see that WFO Mt. Holly can fill their vacant lines. Yes, things in Washington D.C. with regards to the federal budget are complicated. However, the way I look at it is that calling my Congressional Delegation is something that I can do to help my friends at Mt. Holly. I am writing you to ask if you will join me and call (or write) your Congressional Delegation to ask them to fund the vacant lines at WFO Mt. Holly. Some action is better than no action. Thank-you for your consideration. Tyler
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    Fair Hill Md this am. Close to the snow/sleet edge per Tom's post above.
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    Tombo, as one who lurks, I want to tell you and others that I never thought that you meant it was a bad thing for people to lurk. Also, for you and anyone else where who did a snow map for today's storm, one of the things that I have learned since I started to learn more about meteorology a couple of years ago is how complicated weather forecasting is, especially winter weather forecasting in the mid-atlantic. But I am speaking to the choir here. I too wish that more people had an appreciation for how difficult weather forecasting can be. And other aspects of meteorology, for example I've been reading about satellite meteorology for a project that I am working on. Talk about complicated. But at least in these forums we are among like minded people. And this weather geek feels welcomed here.
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    Here is a picture of my brother in law plowing out their driveway near Elk Mt. Too deep for the pickup with plow. Had to use the tractor. Got well over 20 inches and still snowing. Drifting shut the driveway which is about 6ft deep n places. Andy, Elk Mt is having a banner day!
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    One thing that also sucks, during these snow events you get a lot of people who don't post that often, do post. It's really nice to interact with new people. Now that the storm is ending, we will go back to crickets probably haha
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    Sleep deprivation + massive forecast fail = 3/14/17 It's days like this I am grateful to be a weather enthusiast, and not a paid meteorologist. Days like this I tuck my tail between my legs as the dozens of friends far and wide who turned to me for weather updates will wake up in the next 3 hours and wonder why they hit the Vladimir a bit too hard last night...FOR THIS? SHAWN! WTF, YOU TOLD ME AT LEAST 10"! The french toast and screwrdrivers just won't taste the same today for the hundreds of thousands brave souls that waited in line at the ACME last night for bread, milk and eggs. The 2-4" of snow/hr we woke up for aren't supposed to sound like hailstones and a car wash. wtf. delete this if you must. we hit the iceburg and are going down anyway.
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    I disagree at this point in the game. What indications do you see to justify this phantom concern (aside from weenie letdown syndrome?) This system has morphed into more of a Miller A or hybrid whatever...it's a moisture rich (GOM and Atlantic) with earlier energy transfer following a nearly ideal surface track (when you take a model consensus) and closed mid level lows passing near ideal locations. The fetch of moisture is gorgeous, and while I don't discount a brief changeover for areas along and S/E of I-95, the strengthening storm and NE flow will overcome the brief taint risk. This to me is not thread the needle, it's a wall of moisture slamming into a deep antecedent cold dome with steady surface flow from a 1035+ high pressure parked in perfect position. The Jan '16 storm also threatened mixing and was wrong. This track is similar. While the evolution wasn't a match, there are some similarities. I'm a weenie, yes, but I love the main features I see that match setups of some of our better storms historically.
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    duct tape the beer to you hands
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    Squall #1 Squall #2
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    From golf yestersay to 1.5" @ Valley Forge, 600'. 32°
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    It will be interesting to see how things rebound after the snow/sleet and occasional cold shots in March. Anyway, I'm recently back from a 4 day weekend in unseasonably cool Myrtle Beach. It still was a nice break after the month we've had up here. Here were a few shots from my trip...
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    Mid winter ski conditions today in mid March, I like this
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    Aaauughgh! I just saw this and I don't have time to do a bracket. I just got accepted to Villanova, so I'll just throw my V's up and say they repeat.
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    Currently on the NE extension near the i 80 exit, and it's snowing possibly the hardest I've ever seen. These pics don't do it justice but still.
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    No apology necessary, I don't think anyone took it negatively at all, I think we were all glad to learn that you like when we chime in and participate, even if we don't have the same knowledge level and are net consumers instead of net contributors. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Some pictures as it winds down in Sinking Spring, Berks. 14.5" unofficial, board cleared once right around the start of the sleet.
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    I've always just lurked on this forum, I'm just here for the big numbers and the pretty pictures
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    The ggem would probably be a vay fig crippler, a trashcan top demolisher, and a pug mobile denter
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    Skies brightening but still snowing lightly - another 1.0" during the past hour with storm total now our largest of the season with 4.8" so far...surpassing the 4.3" back on 2/9. We are now up to 16.0" for the season - which is only 50% of where we should be here in the NW Burbs above 600 feet. Currently Light Snow Temp 32.3 Wind N at 4 mph DP 30.1
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    10 mins later. Now under 1/4 mile vis
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    Heavy band passing through West Caln now. 10am 2.4" 32°
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    Dumping good at the course right now 32.0. Here is our 15hole from pro tee. Green is way at the other end. 470yd hole. So Vis is under half mile currently
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    Just had a nice squall move through at the house, whitened everything quickly. From Mrs WMW: