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    So unfortunately those last couple chilly days did indeed move us out of the Top 5 for historically (1894 to Present) warm Octobers here in Chester County PA. We ended up with an average temperature of 59.2. Highest temperature was the 78.2 on the 7th with the lowest being the 37.1 on the 17th. We did experience a couple patchy frost mornings in the township however none at my station level. This morning the 1st was the chilliest morning so far this season with an AM low of 36.2 I am actually down in Aruba where I can report no frost.....uh ever. Beautiful place - not a bad view..
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    What I wrote on twitter
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    I love the long days of summer for being outside on the deck and having a late dinner... But for the winter "indoors season," when in the "cozy-up by the fire" mode, the early darkness adds to the feeling... There's something nice about winding down early on a Sunday evening because the day is already over... And when I am still at my desk at 7pm on a weeknight, I feel less like I am pissing my life away if it's dark already anyway [emoji57] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Well...we finally broke down and got one. Can't wait for it to snow.
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    35 so far finally cold air & on cue the hood was ablaze in color this morning
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    Well, made a new purchase today. Ace Hardware said shovels are selling well right now. Hmmm..... Speaking for myself that awful slop/sleet storm last year destroyed my cheap shovel which was a hand me down from previous home owners. Now, all we need is SNOW.
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    I'll put the picture here since the reception was at the Northampton Valley Country Club (looks like a nice course) last night and Lee likes to golf, there was about 175 years of meteorological experience in this picture, which means most of us (other than Lee & his beautiful bride) are old....
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    I get the feeling the yard won't look this good...and dry (yes, there are weeds I need to contend with still) until later next spring after the rain, wind and colder temps from tomorrow on forward. Hopefully pic #2 will be the scene sooner than later That was March 10th by the way
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    First creek ice pic of the season. Took this about noon. Still there
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    This was our last haul (complimentary newspaper included apparently). There were an additional half dozen peppers inside. Chris, well the hoses were disconnected and drained. The rest is beyond my control.
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    Red drum and lots of small stripers last night.
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    May have found a new beer... strictly based on name 😬
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    Got down to 31.1. Nice sunrise too.
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    So we have a big battle for how the pattern plays out for first half on NOV. We have the MJO going into phase 7 right now, than into phase 8 before going into the COD then phase 2 as it stands now. Phase 7 for oct features somewhat of a southeast ridge with most of the cold in center of the country. By Nov phase 8 is a cooler pattern with best chance of colder in the northern plains and New England. Phase 2 has a higher correlation here for cold. Effects from phase 2 wouldn't be felt till probably the middle of November. So going just off the MJO, it's a back and forth pattern, favoring warmth a little. If we then look at the GLAAM it's forecasted to dive pretty strongly into Nina phase, which promotes a -PNA and ridge on the east coast. Fighting that though, we have another recurving Typhoon next week. That in turn causes a wavebreak in the Pacific and pops a strong -epo look again. Which would dislodge any cold in Alaska and send it south into the US. It does depend on where this ridge forms too. If it's out in the Bering Sea then its the West and center of country for cold. If it's over Alaska mainland with trough in Bering Sea then its center of country into the east. The big low that is suppose to form this weekend is going to create a big upper level low that migrates northward towards the NAO region. So we won't get any help from nao area in terms of blocking for a colder pattern. In contrary though. The big -epo look that could form may push up into the north pole displacing the surface PV on our side of the globe down towards Baffin island and the statospheric PV towards Scandinavia. So we get help there from a -ao. This is a wave 1 hit on the stratosphere arguing for a colder/gradient like pattern with a fight between se ridge and flow around the PV. We don't get much help from the pna region due to the low GLAAM state, so the se ridge will be around too. For now I like my seasonable to slightly above pattern for the east for the first half of NOV. But I think there is a threat it could go below normal if the -epo pops in the right spot and keeps getting reinforced by tropical convection induced wave breaks in the Pacific. I don't see a torch type pattern though, thats for sure.
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    From our table at NWS Mount Holly to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!
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    To the nearest minute the sunset today matches the sunset on Christmas Day making Thanksgiving as usual the darkest holiday of the season.
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    Noticed that weather.us has radar archived back to 1991 so we can go back and relive our favorite snowstorms (or tstorm/rain etc.)
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    36. Kids cashed in trick or treating.
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    I guess this is what fall looks like in Saint Augustine...
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    I'm aware of this, been trying to fix it. Just give me a little time and I'm sure I'll get it. Just been very busy lately with this, work, and Thanksgiving.
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    Fall run for striped bass just getting started. Fished seaside heights/Ortley beach the other day. Plenty of adult bunker around, just no fish close to shore. The whale(s) put on quite a show close to the beach.
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    Heavy frost. Almost enough to shovel. Temperature overperformed last night. Low 27.
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    Center City. Looks like all the leaves fell at once last night
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    24 degrees Easily the coldest high school football game I've experienced. Last Friday I was in shorts with temps in the 60's for the 1st playoff game.
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    This is how I spent the morning, digging up the bulbs to these Canna Lillies. Now I have to go empty the gas in the mower before it gets dark.
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    This is a screen grab from one of my webcams at my place in the Finger Lakes. SNOW!!! Love the changing seasons. Especially when we go through two in one week (Summer -> Fall -> Winter from Saturday to Saturday)
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    No one by a snowblower it's very bad luck.
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    Woohoo!! Love it!! Probably good idea to bring in your garden hoses so they don't freeze up and split.
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    Agreed, this is truly the best time of the year.
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    No complaints here....let the holiday season begin - never too early!
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    October stats in the northeast. Biggest departures to the north and east, closer to normal south and west.
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    We had a fantastic bucket list trip to Ponte Vedra and played TPC Sawgrass. Only thing that went wrong was our camera's card corrupted and for the moment they are not retrievable. They were nice to drive us back out to 17 & 18 to take some photos. 17 is a whole lot smaller than it looks on television (3,192 Square footage of the green. The course average is 4, 500) . Smaller than either Bella Vista's or Town & Country's island green holes. I landed on the green at 17, but rolled off the back, Jo came about two yards short from getting on, but then made it on the green with her second shot. Our caddies thought my tee shot ended up on the back of the green; I didnt rehit from the drop area. The round was slow (it took 5.5 hours). We started on 10 and I had a chance to par the 8th hole (which is also a par 3), but missed the 10 foot putt. I was going to post I parred the "17th hole of the day" if that happened. This was the Friday pin location and the foursome that was playing at that time were all in that sector of the green, one person was about 2 feet from the hole. That's the 16th green in the background.
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