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    Just was going to post this. Mine have never been bigger. Some nearly 6’ tall. Got a shot of the bunny (phlox in background) who has been enjoying my yard. Luckily, primarily just the clover in the grass. Oh, just had to throw the comparison winter shot (March 21) in
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    Early morning walk for the dog... 48.8 degrees here in the hills of Blair County. I can actually see my own breath. What a beautiful thing.
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    locally 78 / 59 split today, as good as it gets for July & to have this weather on the weekend is a win-win 79 for a high at PHL, have to go pretty far back to 1983 to find a temperature that low under similar sky conditions, since 2010 the average high for this date prior to today was 94.6 a couple from Solebury Twp. this morning
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    What a weekend to be back on LI. Perfect weather. Took the kids to the Fire Island Lighthouse for the first time as they are now tall enough for the climb up. Definitely much drier up that way compared to southeast PA.
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    Just thunder so far. Friend of my wife's took this near Albany, NY
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    The Phlox are loving this weather.
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    Top 5 sunset of the year easily IMO. What a night.
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    Yes! Agree! Posted this in photo thread also, 7:30pm moon shot
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    Another winner for the middle of July 62 when I left for work Love the July / August traffic, wish it was like this all year In the big city this morning
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    How can anyone hate on summer with an evening like this...
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    Yesterday's weather (a cloudless sky with the high never climbing out of the 70's) was absolutely fantastic for getting outside and taking photos.
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    Beautiful day at the Borgata pool. 80 degrees and a light breeze off the ocean. Happy 4th of July!!!
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    How I imagine Tom's reaction to that post:
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    My wife and I bought a smoker. So far we've done pulled pork twice and one pork tenderloin. I'm hoping to try ribs next week when I'm on vacation. The attached pictures of our first pulled pork. During the rest period, we stuck the tray of macaroni and cheese in the smoker to give it some more flavor too.
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    0.21" thru 7:00am sunrise yesterday in Falls Twp. Bucks
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    Perennial gardens starting to pop. Mine peak June 15 - July 15 on average.
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    terrific SAT to spend the afternoon downtown & return home for an early evening swim a little warm in the sun at times but easy to duck into the shade with the nice breeze & low humidity it really doesn't get much better for center city in mid July 89 / 63 split locally today
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    Oh man... Why can't every morning be like this???
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    around the yard late today
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    0.88" from yesterday's am storm 91 today, 1st of many in the pipeline work related road trip today, Mitch might recognize these pics
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    Some lilies around the yard
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    you post caused me to dig deep into Philly July climo & take a look at "hot" weather history on a daily basis # of 90 or > days for each July day over the Phila. period of record back to 1874. Middle of the month is certainly the meat of the hottest weather however plenty of heat in the beginning & end of the month. July 21st has historically been a Tombo special with (10) days of 98 or > heat. Best case is a handful of days that max out at 97-98 degrees. Overall over the period of record 28% of all July days are 90 degrees or hotter. In the most recent 20 yrs. that figure has increased significantly to 38%.
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    Sweet sunset last night down the city. New Comcast building in the left.
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    A couple of pics from our Poconos trip last week. Lake Wallenpaupack never gets old. That background shot of the lake was from the 7th tee box at Paupack Hills. I wonder how many free balls and broken windows that has gets.
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    Took a ride out to Wyncote golf club yesterday in Oxford. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest paying a visit. Course was in great shape. Then i hacked up the fromt 9 with a 50!! Yes, a 50! Haha. Talk about forgetting how to play golf. Then, on the back 9, i shot a 39 (7 pars, 1 double, 1 bogey). The key? Legit added a second between my back swing and down swing, and I was back to hittting the ball how I know how to.
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    A few more from Fire Island, NY.
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    Temperature was 49 when I woke up in Altoona this morning... Definitely cannot remember the last time I saw my own breath in July, let alone twice. Just an incredible weekend. Nice twilight with Venus featuring prominently.
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    Don’t know why I just this week got the idea to do this, but I got out my good DLSR and zoom lens, which I typically only use for my annual Plains storm chasing trips, and decided to snap pictures of the birds in the yard while sitting in my deck or porch in the early mornings. I have a weeping Alaskan cedar tree that stands alone in the yard and birds seem to love to spend time surveying the scene from the very top. I don’t even have any feeders out right now, once I get those hung I hope to get some better shots.
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    I’m out in Amish Country today where atleast there is a nice breeze (but a 104 heat index) and ample ice cream shops. Happy 4th all!
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    97/77 now. Ugh. My phone just rang. It was hell. They said they want their weather back.
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    So I’m doing clean up tonight at our fireworks for the course. But look at this neat inversion the smoke is traveling on
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    you will be there too after a string of 95-97 degree heat this weekend into next week
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    My son and I love snorkeling. I picked up a waterproof case for my camera and am trying my luck at shooting fish in the lake. Took these today. A largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and a catfish laying eggs. Large Mouth by Josh, on Flickr Smallmouth Bass by Josh, on Flickr Catfish w/ Eggs by Josh, on Flickr
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    If you're looking for a way to celebrate the solstice, and live near the Main Line, come join me for some live music tonight from 6-8 PM at Whole Foods Devon. They have plenty of beer and will be grilling while I'll be strumming my acoustic guitar and singing some favorites.
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    Longest day of the year today. Meaning we start losing daylight after today. What a beautiful thing, could almost dance right now
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    Too nice of a spot to pass up.
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