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    Epic. From my sis on vacation in Wildwood Crest. Tonight at 8:27 IMG_0762.mov
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    Back from a week in the Adirondacks, primarily Lake George, where it was unseasonably cool and there was measurable rain nearly every day. Took the pic below of my daughter and I, on Whiteface Mountain at about 4,800 ft last Wednesday. 2 pm, temp 45, winds 30mph+ sustained. Almost makes today's low 90s feel good. Had over 1.5 inches of rain just before leaving for the trip, and 2.25 in the gauge when I returned late last night. I believe we had about 1.25" Friday (localized winners) and 1" yesterday, nice to avoid watering plants before and after vacation.
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    High country yesterday, 10,000 feet looking for cooler weather, Sandia Peak Albuquerque New Mexico
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    My bell pepper plant which I didn't even grow from seed has been a failure. My other pepper (Carmen, sweet Italian) has produced atleast 5-10 peppers in the past few weeks. By far my (picklebush) cucumbers and (husky) cherry tomato plant are the winners this year for me. This was from the past 24 hours, there is a nice handful of cherry tomatoes coming off daily.
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    Most impressive looking non-thunderstorm
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    2.26" and counting. Glad I have 2 gauges or I wouldn't trust myself.
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    really hoping for a quiet day at work. To add insult to injury, our truck doesn't have AC in it. So now way to cool off until we get back to the station.
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    Went to the Lancaster Barnstormers game tonight. Cleared out nicely after a brief rain delay.
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    This produced a very brief Round 3. Not exactly tornado alley but a nice evening to sit outside and watch the clouds.
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    Got a couple running around here and they like to sleep under a tree right at the corner of my house. Need to zoom in a it to see both fawns.
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    Manasquan beachfront last night
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    Looks good. Just sprayed a few shrubs with Sevin. Saw atleast 50 Japanese beetles fly off my one Rose of Sharon. Perennial gardens in bloom.
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    Perennial gardens starting to bloom...
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    93 / 72 today, the ugly before the hideous tomorrow nice anvil on the Atlantic County storm quite a ways to my south
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    Also, sort of a project flower seed my kids got in their Easter Baskets were these forget me nots. Loooooong process to get these from seed to bloom but they made it after 3 months.
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    View from N Wildwood earlier this evening. Ocean City currently getting a good storm. Vivid lightning in both storms.
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    First Monarch Butterfly of the season. Bees are everywhere. Hummingbird is too fast for the camera on my phone. LDS spot on my lawn...
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    Awesome pictures and nice work, Parsley. Was out power washing the house earlier today and decided to take some pictures of my own gardens...mixed perennials/annuals. My favorite period of summer, with so many things blooming at once.
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    Brief rains in 2nd round - eve total 0.32, 2 -day total 1.63.
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    Happy 4th! From beautiful Amish Country. Beautiful, comfortable morning.
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    Tent Rocks, New Mexico
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    2' snapping turtle going through my backyard
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    The wife won $1600.00 on the slot machine, now getting a massage, then meet up with a friend of mine and go for a boat ride. Gorgeous day at A.C.
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    Vacation in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Amazing differences in beach type in a matter of miles from all sand to a mix of sand and stone to all stone. Nobska Lighthouse earned multiple visits both early in the day and in the evening. One of my favorite spots "The Knob" had nice trails and spectacular views of Buzzards Bay.
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    Just got back from poconos from my 2 day major. 1st day @Great Bear was blahhh. Tough course, great layout. Lots of blind shots between tee and green. Just had a bad ball striking day. Shot 90. Course has a great way of making you pay for bad shots. Had about 3-4 holes where I had to hit 3 off the tee. (All usga rules apply) Leader in our flight shot a 78😐Everyone else was 89+. So went into day 2 in 3rd. 2nd day was at shawnee inn and golf. Beautiful 3 9hole course in the Delaware river. Highly recommend. Little flatter and easier than Great bear lol. Ended up shooting 81 (i triple bogied the 18th hole!! FML!!) still, 1st place shot an 82 and beat me by 11 strokes. Brutal, but happy to take 2nd. Should put me in the lead for overall standings.
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    Cool cloud, I'm in Hershey and there's a tstorm headed in. Big guy Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    My new neighbors.
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    Not much, rumbles and rain. But hearing the screams of the resident video gamer when the power flicks out...priceless! 😂
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    To say the deer at Lake Wallenpaupack are tame is an understatement...
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    Don't worry Tom before long you'll be hibernating in Bradford:
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    Did you make some soup? Did some more snorkeling yesterday in between the downpours: P1020521 by Josh, on Flickr Smallmouth by Josh, on Flickr
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    Yes, no complaints about having a two day layoff from watering. This was the rainbow (was a double, but the second one was faint).
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    I am so jonesing for a good storm out of this. I'm real close to the C&D Canal.
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    I guess wild turkeys are a common sight out on the Cape. These guys were strolling downtown crossing Main Street and walking through the neighborhood without a care in the world.
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    Woods Hole, Massachusetts on the Cape.
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