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    Here are some pictures from my back window this morning, moving from that early bluish first light to full-on side lighting from the rising sun... Went out on the deck for a few minutes, nice crisp morning, seems that more birds are around in the morning already, just gorgeous. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    POW!!!! What a glorious night!!! Sop much emotion!!! Crazy night in Philly!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everybody!!
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    27 - 20 Birds Eagles Nation representing... Fly Eagles, Fly: and the Underdog
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    Too lazy to get out of bed and get up early on a Sunday morning to take good pics, this will have to do. (Eagerly awaiting Qtown pics).
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    I think it’s pretty cool how if you zoom in you can see how this wet snow clings, some very thin twigs at the end of the branches are holding relatively large amounts of snow, in other words you can see the snow filling the gaps between the twigs, rather than just falling through. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    i miss that storm
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    Isotherm made a thoughtful post on how he sees things shaping up. Was your post really necessary? We get that we we're not within the box in which you place winter, and that you seem to try to take as contrarian a view as possible when there are threats worthy of discussion, but maybe just read more for now until things are more interesting to you. It's getting tiresome for the rest of us.
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    Went to the parade with my fam yesterday. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Glad I did it, but I don't think I'll do it again. Looking back the memories are growing more fond by the minute, but the actual event was very crowded and very quick at my location. Everything worked out perfectly for us, I'm really happy to have celebrated with my wife and kids. This was from my hotel window early morning looking at city hall. One Nation Underdogs the evolution of the crowd down Broad Street. I was woken up by the first E A G L E S EAGLES chants at 5am. At 11am there were more than 700k along my stretch of Broad St alone: The Growth of the People by Josh, on Flickr Seeing the Lombardi trophy was the highlight of the day for me. At the time, I didn't even notice Carson, Nick and the QBs were on the bus. Early in the parade, Kelce got off the bus and was shotgunning beers and stealing Police bikes to ride around the fans. Dougie P got off and was letting all the fans kiss the trophy, so within 3 blocks of the stadium they were an hour and half behind schedule. I think the city rounded them up got them back on the bus and motored through to the art museum. They went by my spot at a high rate of speed... The Lombardi Trophy by Josh, on Flickr Here is the D-line bus. Check out Chris Long's flashy jacket and the guy next to him rocking the cigar and mostly empty bottle of Chivas up front. Malcolm holding court over his peeps. Brandin Cooks was no where to be found. The Party Bus by Josh, on Flickr Finally the O-line bus... shockingly the Bud Knight was on there.. I'm sure no bud light was consumed. The Mummer, The Knight and the O-Line by Josh, on Flickr
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    Well its technically summer there. Our daughter is vacationing with a couple of her high school and college friends in New Zealand. This country looks awesome.
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    back to reality - low 40's, light rain, raw NE wind at the office in Piscataway still some leftover plowed piles up here
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    Shoveling not too bad and much lighter than I thought. Thankfully!
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    I have enjoyed all the wonderful photos of this snowfall that have been shared here. I was too lazy to get my arse in gear earlier to get photos of the snowfall around 7 AM. By now, at about 10:20 AM, most of my trees have shed their snow except for the Dogwood out front. Photo taken about 10:15 AM, not sure the photo does it justice.
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    3.1" final, basically in 3 hrs. Ever winter should have a nice paste job so you can check this off the list.
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    Pretty here in Newtown Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Using a healthy dose of wishcast, sprinkled in with the Euro (+earlier EPS runs) and general other model depictions this area in my eyes has the best shot of surpassing 4”’ in some locales thanks to colder surface temps/better ratios (less wasted precip.) while the entire region sees a general 1-4 inches. Northwest people, please “like” my post
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    I'm going to ride the 3k NAM because it gives me the most snow and I don't care about reality.
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    We won't survive a typical nw bump in the modeling if it occurs. That's why Tombo wants a more amped up storm so he snows and we have rain aka UKMET. Really don't see any significant changes this morning though. I still don't buy the warmer GFS thermals but the UK worries me a bit, even Tombo might have issues with that 540 line getting all the way through the pocs. The poststorm celebration in Gilbertsville as Tombo sees it now. Image via youtube.
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    Got back from CC this afternoon, after the ceremony we got the women & kids on the road back for a guys night out. Booked several rooms at LeMeridien & enjoyed a long evening / early am of amber colored refreshment at at least 5 different bars, there may have been others.....McGillin's is an awesome place & we saw Fletcher Cox at Ladder 15. Just an incredible day, no doubt a once in a lifetime experience. Got down nice & early to claim some prime real estate on the parade route in front of the Art Museum. To see the joy on all the kids / grandkids faces when the parade came by was priceless, they were still smiling today when they came home from school. 700,000 LOL, one of the biggest laughs I've had in awhile, there may had been more then that just on the Parkway let alone all the other people around City Hall & Broad St. I've been to the past 4 parades & this was easily the biggest crowd. Well over 100 pics, post some the top ones.
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    30° in Bangor. -SN .75” accumulation
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    Drone shot of Delaware River this afternoon. 27F with a stiff breeze made it feel much colder
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    Nice burst of moderate snow in Cherry Hill. It's been at least lightly snowing for the last hour or so.
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    View from my garage, when it first hit me what the shoveling job would be like [emoji51] But I didn’t mind, loved this storm! Seeing the pics reminds me of the contrast between an epic snowfall like this and the small ones we’ve been having since then...
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    I am OUT for any future Feb bus trips for upcoming storms...the bus I was on last week snapped an axle on the highway, bottoms out dragging along road, double tires completely fall off, bus frame drops and separates, exit window shatters. Hopefully not a metaphor for the remainder of this winter lol
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    I will be at that parade
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    Awe the memories, what a great storm!
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