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    Nice rainbow here at course before crush job cold comes in for the weekend and next week
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    fresh cut late yesterday
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    pretty good looking lawn right there
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    Little fishing yesterday @island beach state park. Little windy, but managed to catch some big gator bluefish. Tons of fun to catch. All released back into the water. Probably caught 20-25 fish. MY hands are dead. Lol. There was a seal pup that came onto a small beach area along the inlet side of the jetty. Didn't catch a picture of him today, but my buddy went back down today, and saw him again. Just getting some sunbathing in.
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    Few Morgan Hill pics. A difficult course IMO. Many steep hills , blind shots and CAUTION STEEP signs. Can't imagine anyone walks this course. Only lost 2 Kirklland balls, surprised only 2.
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    May, definitely my best yard conditions each year before weeds, other nuisances and dry weather take their toll.
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    Thanks. It's my "serene, happy place". Of course my brother tells me to put a big flat screen TV out there but this is my place to relax and take in all that Mother Nature has to provide. This evening is a perfect example.
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    I might run down to the OTB place and put a couple bucks on this horse for the Derby...
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    And then,. Finished up my week with my tournament for the golf week amateur tour @Philmont CC. Great track, quick greens. Ended up winning my field. (7-12hcps).
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    My sister-in-law and her husband are at a wedding in Avon, CO this weekend.
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    had some work in NYC this morning & decided to take a Liberty Park pit stop on the way back, wind was howling along that open Jersey City waterfront
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    Next chance for some on Thursday May 18th.
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    I have a bumper crop in this section. Won't have to fertilize.
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    First off let me say, I donโ€™t know if it really matters with the way recent summers have been going lately. This as always is for PHL. This is a 67 year look from 1950 (modern enso era). During that period the average May temperature has been 63.6 degrees and the average summer temperature 75.4 degrees. We donโ€™t need Captain Obvious to tell us both have warmed lately. These yearly breakdowns have no met significance, more with the sheet I was working on (and just wanted to separate from 2000 onward). From 1950 thru 1977, there were 10 above average Mays and 6 above average summers. From 1978-99 there were 11 above average Mays & Summers and since 2000, there have been 12 above average Mays and 14 above average summers. When I was texting Tom, the recent history (since 2000) of the five below average Mays were all followed by warmer than average summers were etched in my brain. Then again 14 of the 17 summers since 2000 have been above average, so what does it matter what May does or doesnt do? Anyway if we look at the 64 year sample (three were tossed because those Mays were exactly average): When May was below average 18 summers were below average and 13 summers were above average. When May was above average, 18 summers were above average and 15 summers were below average. So if this were pre 2000, climo would say we have a 70% likelihood of a cooler summer; since 2000 we have been running the contrarian result (which again is easy because nearly every summer is warm). The last summer the cool May worked was in 1997 and that was a developing el nino as is currently predicted. Which brings me to the smaller sample size of Mays in which el nino got going by late summer (with previous winter either la nina or enso neutral). I counted 9 years, 4 with below average (1963, 1976, 1997 and 2002) Mays. Three of them did average below average summers, but I would look at this (hopeful) sample size as being rather small.
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    Partly sunny - 84F in Ocean City. Yesterday's catch.
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    eastern gray treefrog in gray camo mode today on our deck chair
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    What a week! Got all 4 rounds in @Myrtle -Beach! A few pics from down there: Courses were in a great shape! Some absolute gems, especially True Blue & Caledonia! (Also snuck 12 holes in @Arrowhead before we hit the road Thursday)
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    Analogs: 2002,2009,2012,2014 Averages: June: Normal temps, slightly above normal precipitation. July: +1, below normal precipitation. August: +1, above normal precipitation. I did this in less than 30 minutes, but all indications are close to or slightly above normal on the temperatures this summer. That list is scary good if you take those same years into next winter .
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    A photo of my new perennial garden, with some annuals up front. I hope that I save the tags for the annuals so that I can buy them again next year. The Eagle in Flight statuary came in today. A nice touch I think. There is an old tree stump under the slate, about the same diameter as the Eagle.
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    Estes Park / Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park
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    That and I would like to leave early at work on Saturday.
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    The good, the picture that will have Tom go flush out his eyes and the indifferent. Scotch broom on the side of our house does very well without much help from me. Its flowering now; the clippings though dont last long. Tom will love that our backyard is also awash in clover, it should start going to seed soon and attract the bees. Little did he know the relationship between clover and crush jobs.
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    Nice spring day to go fishing
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    7 floodgates open on the Conowingo Dam - no fishing today. Shad fishing has been erratic all spring due to high flow in the Susky.
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    Another screenshot.
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    I've done a lot of work around my home to bring Native Plants back onto my property. My front garden is all native specimens. The Lady Slipper Orchids started flowering yesterday and some of the Trillium species are still in bloom. Each year they get a little bigger and more full. Yellow Lady Slippers by Josh, on Flickr Trillium by Josh, on Flickr
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    Pretty neat clouds like gravity wave or roll clouds
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    upper section of Washington Crossing Park in Solebury Township
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    Greetings from sunny Toronto Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Lantana and a busy bumble bee.
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    Thanks. Yea, I've seen good golfers (5-10hcps) shoot in the 90's there! Lol. Here'a 2 pics from MH. Beer can pic is looking back on 18th hole/green. 2nd pic is looking at a downhill par 3 overlooking the valley.
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    Liberty State Park
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    I'd have champagne powder dendritic ratios, more like 31" here. ๐Ÿ•โ„โ›„๐Ÿ‚
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    Columbine blooming around the perennial gardens. I love how some new ones pop up from year to year. Differing colors too.
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    Absolutely delightful out this morning: 70, sunny, breezy and dry!