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  2. Eden Utah just now, total whiteout, ripping snow
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  4. Which is a good sign for severe in our area.
  5. Eps have some snow in the 10-15 day period now.
  6. Yeah 76-80 would require near perfect torch conditions. Nam has the junk lifting NE between 12z-15z and every hour matters.
  7. Also another thing to consider is there could be some marine junk to in the mornings. Depends how fast that burns off too
  8. Yeah, I'm hoping the lack of foliage and drier ground can help give temps an added boost but I guess an isolated 80 spot might be getting greedy with "only" +10 aloft. We shall see.
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  10. I'd think we'd fall short, but DC, some locale west of Chesapeake Bay wouldnt be surprised at all. I pretty much would go for the straight 10/15C @ PHL with 77. Never know if the Delaware River itself would cost PHL this insane opportunity.
  11. I can handle the heat as long as there is no upwelling along Jersey coast at the same time and the AC is functional. Can always play at crack of dawn to avoid heat.
  12. Some pretty ridiculous temps the next few days on the meso models. Mid to upper 70s in the hot spots with 850s around +10 /925s around +14 Friday. Seems obtainable as long as backdoor front stays over New England. Time to put a wager on an 80 spot?
  13. Thanks. I remember it as a summer of persistent low-mid grade heat.
  14. This is the current Friday (Feb 24th) convective outlook. Thunder looks possible for our area on Saturday. Right now we are not mentioned in any severe risk by the SPC.
  15. Using the proven scientific method that worked sooooooooooooo well last year, we returned to the scene of the crime and based on our score on Ramblewood Red 9, PHL will have 25 days with max temps of 90 degrees or higher this year. We will talk incessantly about our current cold season outlook snowfall of 20" for PHL which (using the same scientific method ) is looking much better than most. Of course we wont talk much about last summer's 20 days of 90 degrees or higher outlook which barely made it out of July before being wrong. It ended being 46 days. Hopefully the same correction factor wont hold this year, because that would be 58 days.
  16. We had 35 days in Mount Laurel.
  17. 46 days. Hottest was 98 degrees on August 13th. That was the day I melted at Yankee Stadium.
  18. What was PHL's final count on 90+ days this past summer? What was the highest temp./day? Out here in the burbs lots of 90-93's and a max. of 94 IMBY only.
  19. Nice Tony! highest temperature of 1976 occurring in April is a great stat, that 94 was on Easter Sunday, remember coming home in the afternoon following the holiday functions & my brothers & sisters being traumatized because all their chocolate had turned into melted mush
  20. Great status Tony. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Oh, let's bypass spring and head to Tom's favorite season, summer. I guess you can read into it what you like, but if el nino (as the dynamical models are predicting) gets going by then (admittedly small sample size), not good for anyone like me that longs for a repeat of the summer of 2000. 1976 eventually went nino, but not by the summer.
  22. Below are the average temperatures for the past 12 months for the SE PA piedmont vs previous Feb-->Jan periods. Feb 2016 - Jan 2017 is second high at 54.98F just below Feb 2012 --> Jan 2013 at 55.03F. Mar 16-->Feb 17 is a likely be #1 based on February temperatures in 2011, 12, 13, 16+17. Current champ is Mar 11-->Feb 12.
  23. Looks like record highs are not going to be in reach here in Western Chester County as our daily records are as follows: 2/22 - 68 (1974) 2/23 - 69 (1922& 1972) 2/24 - 74 (1985) However, if the month ended today it would be the 3rd warmest February in Chester County co-op history since 1894. Warmest February's 1998 (40.0) 1909 (39.5) 2017 (38.3)
  24. Red line actual temps...
  25. That web site has stopped for now, you may have to do double duty for a while.
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  27. The tale of 2 seasons, Delaware River at Morrisville / Trenton today 2/21/2015
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