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  2. Saying its going to be colder and snowier (I know its nationally) is not going to be much of a stretch for us. Who would have thought that saying '16-17 was going to be colder than '15-16 became as close as it was because of February.
  3. The Canadian represents the option 2 solution by Tom, it is faster and thus gets closer to us (some of its ensemble members much closer) before the ridge has a chance to be eroded. Notice the difference in "forward speed", some directionality involved too vs the other two ensemble means:
  4. With Maria still moving slowly northwest, the GFS & HWRF is now developing a right of track bias. The Euro remains pretty tight and close while the Outer Banks loving GGEM does have a recent left of track bias as has the Nogaps. Tom's option 3 seems to be the non ggem consensus model solution this morning, Maria is slowing so much that the approaching front/trof middle of next week is predicted to erode the h5 ridge over the Mid Atlantic and kick Maria stage right.
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  6. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    No sir it's not, several days of yuck coming.
  7. Problem with the tweet above is the current state won't hold for the winter.
  8. Talk about feast vs famine in snowfall with those two seasons. Party in Wennieville to the heatmizer's biggest birthday bash ever . I heard the mizer likes fruit cake
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  10. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Todays' 80.6/62.9 was 7.6 degrees above normal for the date here in Chester County. Today marks the 8th straight day of above normal temps following 21 of the previous 22 days being below normal...just nature's way of evening it out. Month to date we are still running 1.7 degrees below normal for the month.
  11. week 1 +5 week 2 -2 week 3 0 week 4 -1 week 5 +1 week 6 +2 precip DROUGHT!
  12. The Enso predictions stink for us but if we can get that warm pool in goa that would certainly help
  13. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Gotta love possible heat waves in late September, bunch of bs
  14. Samething as ukmet little bugger Jose hangs around to long and splits the ridges
  15. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

  16. GEFs has a couple of loopy members near the North Carolina coast, but the rest are close to the OP.
  17. Punt on the ukmet as Jose just sitssouth of New England and prevents the ridges from connecting
  18. Yeah not a good day to golf in Williamsburg.
  19. I think Jose has a better shot of bringing rain
  20. Well I am holding off shore point tee time for middle of next week to make sure the punter gets a good snap.
  21. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    You would have to find TomL for that, he hasnt gone to any outings of late.
  22. On the eps, still comes down to Jose's track. If Jose sits and stall Maria just goes way out to sea. If Jose hooks back to delmarva or nj we get somne rain and it draws Maria closer, but in general still a sweep out to sea. Really think a full on hit is rather low, like 25%
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