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  2. Canadian weeklies below week 1, near normal week 3 and 4. Above normal week 2
  3. temps week 1 0 (i'll take the over on this) week 2 +4 week 3 -1 week 4 -3 week 5 -1 week 6 -1 precip well below normal
  4. They are coming in now, maybe it was an ecmwf issue.
  5. Going off 850s week 3 on colder than normal
  6. wxbell having issues tonight with the weeklies. Likely automated process and won't be resolved till tommorow or we might not get the output past the mean 500 mb for each week
  7. Yesterday
  8. Darn good looking pattern after these next 2 weeks starting after dec 10th. Gotta see how this progresses though, you can see some sort of hint on weeklies of that positively tilted trough back into sw. So there could be more se ridge look than shown. But what is shown now, pretty darn cold for Christmas time and leading up to it.
  9. week 1 -pna/+epo/-enao/-ao. Very zonal flow, abv normal hgts. Trough on the west coast week 2 -pna/-epo/-ao/-enao. trough in the west, se ridge, abv normal hgts week 3 -enao/-ao/+pna/-enao. Very meridonal flow, trough in the east. Way below normal hgts week 4 -enao/-ao/+pna/-enao. Very meridonal flow, trough in the east. Way below normal hgts week 5 neutral nao/-ao/-epo/+pna. Meridonal flow, normal hgts. Trough in the east, but not as amplified pattern as previous 2 weeks. week 6 neutral nao and epo/ -ao/. Meridonal flow, normal hgts. Trough centered over Detroit.
  10. Zonal flow pretty much the average in the 8-10 day means;
  11. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Tiger will return next week. Tiger Woods returns to competitive golf next week at the Hero World Challenge i Too many body issues. But I will still watch.
  12. Sunset pictures

    Thanksgiving, 2017.
  13. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Didn't even get to 40 in gilly today, beautiful
  14. Almost guarantee week 1 and 2 will be warmer than Monday weeklies
  15. Makes sense with mjo progression for around or after 10th. Be key as to where mjo dies. The base state of mjo right now kills this before phase 8 and re emerge around 1/2. Be nice to get into phase 8 then croak into COD.
  16. All of them do improve toward the end of the runs today.
  17. Pretty solid agreement between ens right now of -pna dominating our pattern despite high lat blocking. As I said yesterday the depth of that trough fighting against the high lat blocking will determine if we get a couple days of warmth turning into a colder arrival or we avg mostly above normal with cold being delayed. Things start to get better towards DEC 10th for the region. Warmer outlook makes sense with where MJO is right now and positioning of -epo ridge for cold to go into the west first. We will have to see if the cold comes east as the mjo progresses towards colder phases, though it's forcing gets weaker. Also, nina as of now working away from east base and more towards central base. nino 1+2 are now positive with coldest anomalies in 3-3.4 zone for a central base nina. This would argue for more cold to be in plains as we march on.
  18. Potential winter storm threats

    Maybe a 50/50 low gets going around the 1st to act as a block to send the next system further south aka EC 12z.
  19. Fall Banter Thread

    Looks great Mitch, God bless you and the mt holly staff and their family
  20. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    You may be right Tom the latest Wxsim now has 55.6 on Tuesday and 50.4 on Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving to all and your families!! Paul
  21. Fall Banter Thread

    From our table at NWS Mount Holly to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!
  22. Fall Banter Thread

    Ground zero for that band, 3" in one hour & 4" in an hour & 15 mins. Happy thanksgiving to all!
  23. Potential winter storm threats

    It's weenie range and won't verify but we need something in this thread
  24. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I'd say you have a good chance Wednesday too
  25. Fall Banter Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving!!
  26. Fall Banter Thread

    Happy thanksgiving everyone
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