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  3. Jordan wake up
  4. I have to update my totals. Got .20" before midnight last night and .16" overnight. Apparently that Northern storms last night dipped low enough to clip us here and deposit some minor light rain.
  5. Yea the best chance would be south of ilg and west of mqs imo
  6. Looks like areas that can stay south of the boundary this afternoon have the initial shot of late-day convection, prior to the overnight slug of rain which looks to soak many. Hard to see severe weather north of that front. 12z NAM shows some good storms firing where the sun is currently out near the MD/PA border and N. DE late this afternoon.
  7. This is looking more like a heavy rain setup than severe in this area imo. Not sure we break out of the marine flow and timing looks meh
  8. Our turn between the goalposts. The models did a pretty good job of flagging the general pattern
  9. Today
  10. 0.43" yesterday and 0.21" this AM - let's bring on a bit more today and esp. tonight! Currently a muggy 72.7 here and 80.1 already down in Sea Isle City
  11. 1.78" heading into today/tonight's activity.
  12. Ouch for SE Chester/Nrn New Castle, Srn Delaware & Gloucester, Camden & Atlantic
  13. Maybe better luck today... 0.75" since yesterday, heaviest rain for us in a little over a month.
  14. Round 2 - 0.10" 1.74" total
  15. ...Ohio Valley, Great Lakes into the Middle Atlantic region... Broad and moist warm sector will reside in this region, and areas of diabatic warming will contribute to moderate instability during the day. The combination of forcing for ascent associated with vorticity maxima migrating through amplifying upper trough, residual boundaries, terrain as well as the synoptic front will all provide mechanisms for storms to develop in the weakly capped warm sector. A secondary frontal surge may accompany the primary shortwave trough the upper Great Lakes and upper Midwest region. Winds aloft will increase as upper trough amplifies with unidirectional westerly flow and 30-40 kt effective bulk shear. Mixed modes with both multicells and a few supercells are probable, and some storms evolving into clusters. Isolated damaging wind and hail will be the primary threats through early evening.
  16. NCAR ensemble members dont have the lower (current) southern Illinois convection at all. This on the hrrr looks like the overnight pcpn chance. HRRR and NCAR pointing to "in the evening" Mt. Holly CWA with wave 1.
  17. Models held serve overnight with more widespread rains than ytday's goalposts.
  18. 2.35" total today here in Sinking Spring...1.5" of it in about 25 minutes this afternoon. Wasn't home to see the deluge, but the backyard still has about 1" of water sitting on it 6 hours later.
  19. Another 0.25" with round 2 so far. 1.55" total.
  20. day 4 today 93 / 94 / 91 / 91 starting to acclimated to the heat which is a good thing since I'm heading to St. Louis Monday & the dew point heaven of coastal Carolina Saturday
  21. Got lucky for once today with the storms! I'd guess 50 MPH winds at the height of the storm, with a period where you couldn't see anything through the downpour and wind. Thunder was very loud too. I'll take it , especially considering the lack of severe this year (where I am) and that I wasn't expecting more than some broken up meh.
  22. Models showing possible another round of some heavy rain and storms tomorrow eve into the night
  23. Looks like the new gfs 102 for phl was just a tad off. High was 93. Euro had 92 eps 91
  24. Yesterday
  25. 0.72" while I was re-stocking lettuce, missed it all. Seems the only time its happening is when I'm not around to see it. Barring anything further, this would be the heaviest CoCoRahS 24hr rain total here since June 20th.
  26. Got .12" out of that cell that moved through around 7 PM. Not expecting too much more tonight.
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