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  3. 87 locally today 4th consecutive 90 day in Baltimore
  4. I know you were all wondering could East Nantmeal hit 90 today....sorry only 83.7....
  5. DP drop quite noticeable over the last couple hours
  6. 90 today at philly, but I didn't mention today for 90 sell it was only thurs/fri. So my streak against gfs continues
  7. Power finally back in East Nantmeal!! Great stretch of weather on the way! Beaches are again crowded down the shore in Sea Isle City (see video attached) although at 84 degrees and a DP at 73 too warm for me...cooler tomorrow but still a land breeze..... 2020-06-06_14-27-14.mp4
  8. yea I just saw, shocked they pushed it that far nw. still looks to me like i95 on southeast
  9. Some 3 day CNJ totals: Monmouth County Ocean Twp. - 4.12" Manasquan - 4.08" Colts Neck - 3.99" Ocean County Brick Twp. - 4.16" Point Pleasant - 3.99"
  10. 3 day CoCoRaHs totals (ending 7:00am), WED storm knocked the Ambient station out of commission for a couple of days THURS - 0.46" FRI - 0.27" SAT - 0.85" 1.58" total
  11. I'm glad to see that you're specially marking a glorious 30 days of maximum sun!
  12. A little late but below is the Climate Summary for May 2020 for Western Chester County PA along with some interesting weather factoids Average Temperature 58.6 (0.7 degrees below normal) ( Avg High 67.4 / Avg. Low 49.8) This was our 2nd consecutive below normal month following the April 49.4 avg (0.5 below normal) The 2 month average of April and May mark the 24th coldest first 2 months of Spring in the Chester County history (1894-Present) and coldest since April/May 2008 Rainfall = 2.88" (1.40" below normal) YTD Rainfall stands at 21.29" (2.02" above normal) Highest Temperature was the 81.3 on the 15th - this was our 1st 80 degree day of the year and represents the 7th latest initial 80+ day since records began in 1894. The latest was on 5/27/37 Lowest Temperature was the 31.3 reading on the 9th - our last 32 degree reading of the season occurred on the 10th - this was only our 78th sub freezing low in the 2019/20 winter season normal is 115 days The 46.5 maximum recorded on the 9th was the 6th lowest May max daily reading in the historical climate data set
  13. That’s some serious rain. Surprised we don’t have any posters in that immediate area.
  14. Sharing is caring. .56 1.21 .20 1.97” three day total
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