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  1. Today
  2. I’d take rain everyday during the week and nice weekend if it meant no 90s
  3. Thanks for the congrats guys. I’m now in Gilbertsville (mailing address). Howdy tombo! Actually, New Hanover Township...that’s where I’ll submit my new spotter location. So between Gilbertsville and Limerick off of Swamp Pike. My snow climo. improves by a few inches. Elevation roughly 375’ 🌭
  4. I wish! Although it’s cheaper living out here in PA and I enjoy the more laid back atmosphere. I actually would never want to move back to NY for that reason alone.
  5. Not impressive chances for storms. More hit or miss. That sound about right?
  6. Congrats! Stressful time for sure, but once it all is done the fun begins!
  7. Actually, maybe closer to NYC since your a giants and rangers fan
  8. This was A Basin yesterday, still open.... if only.....
  9. Congrats! I'll guess that it's still gonna be Collegeville and thus me!
  10. If we can keep it to the low-90s, I'd take that if it meant a week without precipitation.
  11. Sunrise @ 13,000' this morning at A-Basin.
  12. congrats & good luck with the new digs! my guess is you bought a mountaintop chalet above the tree line in Paul's neighborhood
  13. Low of 60 on the heels of two consecutive nights at 59. What a stellar late spring/begining of met summer!
  14. Oh yeah, hard for sure. Everyone in the area should try this place once. Having someone that has played there with you helps. Need to stay in the fairway is key. Ah yes, fresh powder in June, the dream :). If I was retired I'd be chasing
  15. Yesterday
  16. Great course, but hard!! Amazing views on both sides of it though! Would love to catch some storms rolling in on the valley!! Ps, surprised you’re not out in Colorado chasing the fresh powder!?
  17. Congrats! Moving in with @Rainshadow ?!😂
  18. Oh well 90+ have to happen sometime and I’ll run old central AC and cross my fingers. Don’t run AC all summer just on hot and humid days. One of these days it will give up the ghost, probably in the middle of a heatwave. Have not run AC yet this year.
  19. Most of my yard drains well. Red clay/shale, the Passaic formation. One exception is west side of house that does not get a lot of sun. Problem is slope of driveway means water from one of the gutters drains down to the end, years like last year took a toll. Long story short, no cheap way to redirect gutter. Would require a very expensive piece of hardscaping which I am not inclined to do.
  20. Good luck with the move, Parsley. Here’s hoping your move goes as well as possible. I understand being private, I am the same way. 😉 Ok, I will take a guess. Mt Laurel NJ, Rainshadow
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