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  2. Canadian weeklies have warm confidences all weeks too, except (fwiw, probably not much) lower confidence as the weeks progress.
  3. Well (unless it changes between now and Saturday) we never had a goose egg in February.
  4. I guess on the bright side we now know the answer to "what would the 72-73 winter be like if we had the Internet back then?"
  5. We'll have teaser about April 5th that will bring everybody back and then it will fizzle. Have we had a back to back goose egg in Feb & Mar before?
  6. 3 minutes of light flakes in NW Chesco. We really can't call that a trace I hope...
  7. Flurries in Towamencin. Gonna make my kids put on their snowboots and suits for this.
  8. Can't say it wasn't a fair contest. You had a month and a half to manage 5.8"
  9. Yesterday
  10. Same theme today. 2nd half of March is pretty warm
  11. Had my first Heady Topper by Alchemist last night. Wow, was it good!
  12. Haha. I does feel like that was 3 years ago. Honestly, that storm sucked Imby. We got about 3 inches on the grass and the rest melted on contact. This will be this first year since I have been plowing snow that we didn’t get a storm to push in. Definitely the worst winter I have lived through.
  13. I guess so. Seems like that was 3 years ago, haha. I know it didn't stick right away, so maybe I'm forgetting that part of it.
  14. There is suppose to be a vote on it. I thought Tom said March 15th. BTW I never even bothered to look up a thunderstorm weenie avatar for Tom.
  15. So when does Tony's new avatar get rolled out? I think I have to switch my Snowtoro avatar to Totoro in recognition of what a travesty this winter has been.
  16. If the past two Barney performances on mins are any indication, PHL's bottom with this Barney will be 24F.
  17. I guess better late than never. Now that winter is over, the European family is getting hot with the qpf forecasts. In a narrow victory, the EPS just beat the OP EC. The GFS which was all over the place with its qpf, came in last. The OP EC had a .11" differential between wettest and driest forecasts. The OP GFS had .74". I didn't so a snow table, because it was just the NAM. It had rain changing to snow before ending (.4") on the 00z/26th run (about 30 hours before). So there is no stopping the NAM from NAMMing someone even in a snowless winter.
  18. December 3? It snowed here for about 12-13 hours.
  19. Eps continues with the torch starting around 3/8. That’s the date this disaster of a winter is most likely over. Here comes the warmth
  20. The actual time snow has been in the air for my location has to have been less than 12 hours this winter.
  21. Can a Moderator please close this thread? I say good riddance to tracking a trace of snow all winter long!
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