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  2. 20/20 hindsight is always great. Our daughter sent me an article about New Zealand (don't jinx it Tony), only 1 death and daily cases dropping. Australia is also doing relatively well (even adjusting for population) as their case number is dropping too. It sure looks like a quicker, hard(er) lockdown would have worked better.
  3. I just went on his page and didn't realize his work(?) forced him to make trips into NYC. I thought he worked from home. I hope he gets better soon. The impact of this illness seems so random.
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  5. Lower Makefield already announced the township pool isn't opening this season, I would suspect our association follows suit with the community pool. Pool Party at Franks!!!!
  6. On 3/30 Dr. Birx indicated that modeling projections were weighted with the NY / NJ data therefore a possibility that we could come in on the lower end of the forecasts.
  7. Post-pandemic pool party at Frank’s! BYOB.
  8. Nice! Any issues with insects (lantern fly) yet?
  9. They have to work on their dew points. Decent squall line for early April.
  10. Ok now, April 8th. Yes it was convective. The 0.37" at PHL did not stand out as an aberration, but models always suffer a skill drop when thunder is involved. The OP GFS came in first place. I thought the SREF was going to as I wrote it down, but the overly convective ARWs did it in. The OP EC which has become more bullish with convection, but not this time came in last.
  11. Had pea-sized hail here like most of you with winds probably up to 40 mph. Here being Collegeville since I've been working from home for 3 or 4 weeks now.
  12. Just read a post on Facebook from met Steve DiMartino that he tested positive. He said he is feeling well so far.
  13. You might miss this one, because I will be entering the 8th's data shortly. I thought we were safe with the CFP the night of April 5th as some of the GFS/NAM/EC/EPS output I looked all consistently had <.1". Lo and behold when I started looking at April 8th data, there was our old friend, the WEFS with its 0.10" for PHL on a couple of sounding runs. PHL Traced out. So subjectively the WEFS probably came in last place, another lesson learned for me to not underestimate its ability to turn a simple cold frontal passage into a Cherrapunji event.
  14. Agreed, outside of some pea size hail, wake me up when November comes
  15. Monday depends on timing - slower like ukie/euro is more threatening. Ukie sounding below (thx pivotal!)
  16. My station recorded a 40 mph gust. We had 1 loud thunder and I saw one lightening. .08" of rain.
  17. We put in a bunch the past 2 years. The back corner of that pic, we planted the weeping cherry. Then in front of that spot where there is a pine missing in the back we put in a yellow magnolia. In the back right a corkscrew willow. In the front and the two sides, we put in two thundercloud plums, one white dogwood, one white pear, 2 snow fountain weeping cherry, and one other that is escaping me, maybe a yoshino cherry? I had to replace the yellow magnolia because deer ate it. I fenced it in now. They are supposed to be "deer resistant" but that wasn't true, haha. The shrubs we were pretty good with from the prior owners planting well. We put in a few different kinds of bulbs, butterfly bushes and azalea's, that is about it.
  18. Hey guys, I decided to record an example of how the WXSIM forecast program works. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if any questions. Thanks! Paul WXSIM Forecast Example.mp4
  19. Victory Brewing Co is doing $3.33 crowlers on Thursday-Saturday. Just curbside p/u 11 for $45 including tip at Parkesburg 👍🏼
  20. I know (some) people who never payed much attention to a model output were ragging on the UWA output as if initial conditions on March 15th are the same every day later would have a field day with this model. The UWA site has had the NJ need for ventilators within its SD range (granted verifying toward low end thankfully).
  21. storm/wind reports so far - 59 - phl 64 - Ocean cty airport 63 - Salem cty - njwxnet
  22. .09" of rain with some briefly heavy hail with the front. No lighting - high wind gust was 23mph here in East Nantmeal with a high gust of 36 mph in Sea Isle City NJ
  23. 0.15", just some brief heavy rain. Wind afterwards the highlight.
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