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  2. ezweather

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    Found this funny clip.. All those false alarms we saw in the models. Music fits the somber mood.. No doubt this winter sucked. If the season goes out with no big bang type of a storm, it will be those miserable messy winters like 1986. Better yet, 1972. Well, we did get a few inches than that, but the lack of nice coastal storms. Then we'll turn the chapter to the severe weather season.
  3. Parsley

    Winter 2018/2019 vent/meltdown thread

    Up to a solid C! Movin’ on up.
  4. Something must be brewing 1st week of March, impressive ensemble mean this far out, one of the best of the winter
  5. "Two inches of snow in spring! It's a miracle!"
  6. tombo82685

    CFS, JMA, EURO, GGEM weeklies thread

    week 1 -4 week 2 -5 week 3 +2 week 4 +3 week 5 0 week 6 +2
  7. Let's just permanently cancel winter, but then still track all the potential snow events.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Qtown Snow

    CFS, JMA, EURO, GGEM weeklies thread

    i just looked at 2m temps, week 3,4, its spring. Need snow soon.
  10. mshaffer526

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Yup. I decided to resell my hockey tickets because it is going to be miserable at the Linc. I have no interest in going to a rescheduled game Sunday night.
  11. Qtown Snow

    Winter 2018/2019 vent/meltdown thread

  12. can you please make it a habit of looking at them more.. But yea, thats a good signal that far out
  13. I don't know prior. Might have been the first time this winter I looked at the graph beyond day 10.
  14. eastonwx

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Looks like we continue with the water-logged ground pattern with more rain Saturday night on the heels of our snow/sleet/frz. rain/plain rain event yesterday.
  15. Anyways, looking at the eps signal for something feb 27/28, then weaker signal in the march 2nd/3rd period. Big signal around march 5th
  16. I got that part, but I don't get the part where I gave up a while ago lol. I remember posting back on like Feb 2nd that I liked the pattern after the 10th with the -epo and big highs coming down as long as we can get the se ridge to settle down at times it would produce some storms.
  17. Let's just not replay March 5th, 2001....
  18. One 2.5" snowfall (Feb 16, 1993) and two Traces. The other six were Blurtarskys. I'm very interested to see what pops up tomorrow.
  19. On those 12 do they have snow prior? If not then yes that’s a pretty good signal. That’s the timeframe generally where models start diving the tpv south with a pos pna getting going
  20. I thought it ended November 17th. I don't look this far out, so I will take your word for it since 11 of these are after day 10, is it typical (or that much atypical) to see 12 of 51 EPS members with 6" or more for PHL? Looks like a centering date of around March 5th?
  21. You said to rainshadow that winter ends when you said. So i guess you gave up a while ago.
  22. Sorry, winter ended Jan 31st
  23. Hmm. The 1993 analog I can sort of see (please everyone read to the finish and not stop at the word see, I don't want to go viral tonight) because we are dealing with at least two streams (vs the three streams that day). March '60 doesn't seem to make much sense, currently the preceding 50/50 low is forecast to be way gone at this point and it was a pure Miller A. Actually come to think of it I don't know how you can put the two together as one was a triple phaser and the other a Miller A. Were there any nickel/dime events? This is actually the first beyond day 5 pattern since I don't know when that I am not rolling my eyes at. (That can go viral. )
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