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  2. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    15.6° down two degrees in the last hour
  3. Euro general .1-.3 main band through south NJ. Pinpointing the narrow band of 2-4 snow will be a challenge. Should thump around rush hour.
  4. Flood gates of cold would still come after torchmas. Being further west may pay off for me eventhough Kentucky is a less snowier locale usually.
  5. Weather Station

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  6. GEMS back to a stronger SE ridge as well both ensemble sets have torchmas now.
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  8. GEFS flopping once again going back to a SE ridge around Christmas.
  9. What's a 1,000 mile shift between friends? No biggie. Loses the overrunning look, ripe for something Christmas day on
  10. This makes a lot more sense with correlation to the MJO/ Don't focus on the details, but the big players on the field.
  11. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    Howdy everyone. Been getting advanced forecasts from you guys for a while now, figured it's finally time to contribute something. Since nobody else seems to be in Center City (12th & Spruce here), I'll try to provide some obs. From the highly scientific method of dipping a ruler onto the trashcan lid in the shaded alleyway out back: Dec. 9: 5.0" flat Dec. 13: 0.9" Total: 5.9"
  12. Ch ch ch ch changes... faster ejecting energy from the west doesn't pump up the SE ridge. We'll probably deal with a cutter in the 20-22nd, interested in the period after that....
  13. I'd expect a WWA for pretty much all of us, especially given time of snow
  14. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Current cold snap bottoming out in the morning 19 just before 11:00pm
  15. Nice increase by the gfs. Will be the third snow advisory this week.
  16. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    Mount Laurel 1.1" new / 6.4" total Same format below: We already lost about 6 stations that did not report or did not report snowfall NJ-AT-4 Hammonton 1.0" / 4.0" NJ-AT-11 Estell Manor .8" /3.8" NJ-BT-3 Burlington TWP 1.0" / 5.0" NJ-BT-28 Medford Lakes 1.2" / 5.3" NJ-CN-24 Mount Ephraim 1.0" / 4.0" NJ-CN-5 Winslow .6" / 2.6" NJ-CM-7 Woodbine 1.5" / 5" NJ-GL-1 Pitman .9" / 4.0" NJ-GL-22 East Greenwich 1.0" / 5.5" NJ-GL-41 Monroe .8" / 3.6" NJ-MC-16 Robbinsville .8" / 5.7" NJ-MC-44 Princeton 1.4" / 5.6" NJ-OC-1 Brick 1.0" / 4.3" NJ-OC-56 Berkeley 1.3" / 4.6" NJ-OC-65 Toms River 1.2" / 4.8" NJ-SL-3 Pittsgrove .9" / 5.4" DE-NC-1 Newark 1.0" / 4.8" DE-NC-10 Newport 1.1" / 5.2" MD-CC-16 Elkton 1.2" / 4.6"
  17. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    00z GFS joins the party
  18. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    This is Friday afternoon's prediction:
  19. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    This was last night. It didnt hurt Montgomery County where it looks like the ratio was close to 20:1. The PHL CoCoRaHs stations averaged 12:1
  20. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    Divergence aloft ftw yet again. PM rush will be fun, could sneak up on many. Wait until that radar blossoms tomorrow!
  21. RGEM did expand the snow shield at 00z.
  22. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    That's a lot of wind up there though, might be shattering the crystals.
  23. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    Plus ground is now cold. If the road is not salted, its sticking.
  24. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    Yes, cold is one ingredient but you also need good lift in dgz to achieve it too. You can be darn cold and not align the lift in dgz and get 10-1 ratios despite it being cold.
  25. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    Question, people mention 15:1 ratios, but would that only occur if we get solid omegas VVs? I know cold is just one factor, just asking
  26. Looks similar to 18z on the Canadian site. Roughly 5mm for Philly. edit: beat me again
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