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  1. Today
  2. Even 0.50" thru 8:00pm 53 / 41 split today
  3. Rain still coming down. 0.77" and counting.
  4. Yesterday
  5. We can take care of that and find out. I'm sure with the crew on this site, we can even make it scientific.🍺
  6. Today's high of only 51.9 is the 2nd coldest max temp for this date since 1894...only eclipsed by the 49.0 on this date in 1996!
  7. lol, I'm not even sure what kind of a drunk I am anymore. Haven't been drunk since college.
  8. Not too shabby a call with the Wxsim forecast from this AM....thru 6pm 0.69" of rain in the coco bucket - forecast as you see from this AM 0.69"
  9. .58" and some spotty drizzle. Got more up here than I thought we would.
  10. Hey guys, it was so great to meet you all yesterday! Glad I could finally make it to the 19th hole after wanting to do so for the last few years. It’s amazing how an online community develops its own distinct culture and Philly Wx has always been a great, welcoming place thanks to its moderators and contributing members. I expected to meet a great bunch of guys and I was right! So cool to meet everyone and put faces with (screen) names. Yeah we should definitely get together for a lunch or dinner, it’s great to be around like-minded people. Personally weekday evenings are best but I get what Tony said about travel so would be up for a weekend lunch. It would be great to have something twice a year, keep the golf tradition for fall and then some other social in between, maybe April when we no longer have to worry (hope?) that a snowstorm messes up our plans. Anyway for me as a non-golfer it was a short but fun 19th hole and I appreciate everyone being so welcoming. Wish I had an opportunity to talk with some of you guys longer. Sorry for taking so long to post the pics. Cheers guys!
  11. Sandy was no joke. Ran the generator for seven days til power came back and I'm 60 miles inland. Over two million households in the state lost power in the storm, 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed,[2] and 37 people were killed. Storm surge and flooding affected a large swath of the state. Governor Chris Christie said the losses caused by Sandy were "going to be almost incalculable...The devastation on the Jersey Shore is probably going to be the worst we've ever seen."[3] I would rather have the blizzard of 96 than Sandy.
  12. Special guest appearance by Tom Lamaine? Maybe we could get his thoughts on Hurricane Sandy?
  13. Light rain and 49.9 here in Western Chesco - WXSIM paints 0.69" for out here with today's event....we shall see
  14. 55 and a steady light rain here in Lewes. Hoping for an inch plus down here today
  15. Yea still don’t think .7 will happen in philly but .1 looks to light. Maybe .25-.5 type thing in the metro area. Would of been a nice snow track in January
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