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  2. Feb 22nd... is swallowed a gnat on the driving range today.... global warming is real 😂😂
  3. She sung the moment that gigantic black hole of a PV coupled together back in early Jan
  4. Not sure about Philly area stats (I could probably dig them up, though), but around DC, this winter is on pace to have the warmest mins on record... so far only 15 at Dulles and 22 at DCA, its never stayed that warm all winter long before. We'll see what smarch brings...
  5. How location-specific is that? Because its gonna be way above 2 above normal.
  6. New Brunswick obs are mostly done by Rutgers met students as part of the Rutgers met department. Plus the NJ state climatologist is nearby too. Both of those explain why its record is so good.
  7. 15 out of the past 20 APR's have been above average, 14 out of the past 20 May's have been above average. March has been the only close to 50 / 50 month the past 20 years so you get a warm March & it's off to the races, as you said too warm is the bigger concern.
  8. We deserve a long, enjoyable spring after this miserable winter. Hopefully summer doesn't arrive the first week of May.
  9. Going to work on the avatars this weekend. Will post them by mid March for people to vote
  10. Atleast we get a sunny weekend. I'm happy.
  11. Call it what you want, but the NAM did as poorly with this event at RDU & ORF as it does often with coastal lows up here. You could see this coming as there was a big gap (often double) between the nmb physics family and the arw physics family. The NAM is a nmb. When this split occurs, might as well kiss the nam outcome good bye. Its qpf was over the top (that didn't help). Both RDU & ORF had about half an inch and I saw NAM forecasts up to three times wetter. Now for the better, it is in the eye of the beholder. Beside being closer to the northern pcpn gradient and the ocean influence, it would seem the bigger winners for ORF were the models with greater resolutions. In Raleigh it came down to handling it better overall. These are 10:1 ratios and it is up to you what ratios you would have used, I probably would have gone something like 7:1. The winner here looks to be (I am sorry) the GFS. The UKMET & EC once they recognized a stronger wave was not bad either. The GGEM which started snowy well beyond 84hrs didn't have a good event for an upgraded model either.
  12. 😂 Get used to that up there but that’s part of the allure
  13. Actually didn't make it to Pittsburg, now that I look on map, it was Spa Restaurant in Stewartstown, right before Pittsburg. Wife had me turn around with a 'Where the h*ll are we going?'....
  14. Buck Rub Pub by any chance? My buddy’s camp is on Back Lake Road. Heck they had a lot of snow when I was up there at the end of Nov. Numbers are off from last year though
  15. Yesterday
  16. There have been (21) seasons in which Philadelphia has recorded less than 10" of snow. The bad news, (5) of those instances were followed by another pathetic season. Good news is there are some really nice hits, 2013-14 caveat being we had to endure (2) morbid seasons before reaching Valhalla. Edit: caveat to the caveat is 2012-13 wasn't terrible immediately NE of the city from Lower Bucks onward.
  17. that would be funny or even better 5.9" of hail accumulation
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